Add Your Company Free of Charge to Manufacturers Directory ( For Machines & Industrial Goods)

Our free business directory is open for registrations for all companies engaged in manufacturing machinery & equipment and industrial supplies from all over the World.

Today, specialized and human edited quality web directories are important as a part of digital marketing strategy for many companies. 

Especially if you have a small or medium sized company that is manufacturing and exporting machines, equipment and industrial goods our directory offers a good opportunity to you.

Adding your company is free for a basic ( and sufficient for many) listing where you get many benefits.

It is even for lifetime.

We have made this directory very easy to use and effective to promote your company.

Also you will have a backlink to your company website for free.

The very best feature is your company will be evaluated and manually verified within very short time. ( Mostly 24 hours)

Check below and see how to submit your company and what advantages you may get:

Add your company free to our machine industrial goods manufacturer directory

All Machinery & Industrial Goods Manufacturers from all over the World are welcome to submit their companies. 

Features of Our Business Directory

It is fast and free to add your company

You can submit your company witihin a few minutes. Add company details and images very easily. All basic features are free.

Directory is a specialized one.

So only industrial supplies and mostly machinery manufacturers and exporters are available.

We keep it Reliable by manually verifying..

We manually review all submissions. Only we select to publish genuine manufacturing companies. So we try to keep it as a reliable source for buyers.

Only Manufactures are Accepted.

If any company is not a manufacturer but a reseller we do not publish here.

We help you present your company at its best... Just ask us!

If you need help for a better listing to be more visible on Google and on our site, you may just ask us for our assistance..

Companies from all countries are accepted

Not only from Turkey, your company from any country can submit and get published here.

Main Benefits you get when you submit your company

a company listing published in the directory

Your logo and a product picture is published in your listing along with below listed details:

  1. Your company name
  2. Full Address
  3. Phone / Fax Numbers
  4. Website URL ( With Anchor Text)
  5. Company Details ( You can put here  a list of your products as well) and you can format your details in a SEO friendly way.
  6. We can help you for further improvements.
  7. Easy to choose categories
  8. Free for a lifetime
  9. Visibility on search engines
  10. and even more…

How to Add Your Company to our Free Manufacturers Directory

First Check if Your Company Satisfies the Following:

Choose Your Industry/Category

Choose your industry category

Choosing the right industry category is very vital. Please check and make sure you have selected the correct category which best fits to your company.

There are many main machinery & Equipment categories and some main industrial supplies categories. If you did not find the appropriate category choose other.

Input your Company Name

Add company address and contact details URL website

Your company name must be entered here. You can prefer a more appropriate form of your business name to better explain your business. Not to be so long. Keep short but Descriptive. You can check examples on our directory.

Enter your company website URL and Anchor Text.

Add company address and contact details URL website

Enter your company website URL such as:

And if you like you can enter a text to the next of URL like: “ABC Company” a descriptive phrase.

Choose your Country, Enter Province or State, and Official Address Info

When entering Country, and address details please make sure they match with the ones available on your website.


Enter As Much Information As Possible About Your Company & Products

Add company and products details

In this part there is a wysiwyg editor to enter company and product details.

So you can enter details, format them by using many features like:

  1. Headings like H2, H3.. to separate parts like about us, products, services.. etc.
  2. You can make ordered or unordered lists of features, products, services..
  3. You can use Text colors, and formats like Bold, and Italic.

This way you can make a better visual company page.

In case you use as much information as possbile and use as many formats you can create an SEO friendly listing.

If you need more features and help from us, feel free to contact us.

Business Type, Phone & Fax Number and Email Address

Business type and contact

Enter here your business type.

You may be both a manufacturer and exporter so select both of them.

Then very importantly, enter your business email address.

This is for potential buyers to contact you and we will use it for system communication.

It will not be published on the site. So you will be free from any unwanted emails in your inbox.

Then provide phone number and Fax if available.

Add Country Dialing Code please.

Add Your Company Logo and one Product or Factory Image

Add Your Company Free of Charge to Manufacturers Directory ( For Machines & Industrial Goods) 1

You can add 2 free images.

One must be your company logo.

Please note that we use logo for main listings. So your logo must be provided.

The images must be minimum 250 pixels wide and maximum 1200 pixels and cannot exceed 500 kB each.

Accept Terms & Conditions and Then Submit

Accept terms and conditions and then submit your company listing

If all information provided, it is now the time for last tasks.

Just accept Terms & Conditions and then Submit your listing.

You are done!

It is that easy.