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Since 1997 Beta-Pak is dealing in the packing machines sector.
Beta-Pak is manufacturing high standards thermoforming and special packing machines.
Beta-Pak is using today’s latest technologies in the machines manufactured by it.
Beta-Pak is manufacturing its highest quality machines thanks to its expert personnel and broad machine park.
Beta-Pak is exporting the machines manufactured by it to 35 countries.
Beta-Pak is presenting its machines -all advanced technology products- by its professional elements along with its speedy, dependable service and spare part stock.
Beta-Pak, is also manufacturing special type customized machines to meet its clients’ need.

Types and usage areas of Beta-Pak machines:

For packing honey, jam, butter, chocolate, margarine, ketchup, yoghurt, water, fruit juice, liquid soap, various pharmaceuticals, etc.

For packing bar chocolate,( chocolate + toy ), (chocolate + biscuit ), honey, jam, butter, chocolate , margarine, ketchup, yoghurt, water, fruit juice, liquid soap, various pharmaceuticals, etc.

Food industry: For packing cheese varieties, olive, salami, sausage, savory sausage, poultry, fish products, shrimp, squid, meatball, pastry, pizza, kadayif (sweet pastry), thin dough layer, manti (pasty), helva (sweetmeat prepared by sesame oil), various pharmaceuticals, etc.

Other industries: For packing spare parts, stationary products, toys, cleaning materials, etc.

For packing buttermilk, yoghurt, water, fruit juice, chocolate, etc.


Since 1997 BETA-PAK; is operating in the Thermoformed packing industry with its 18 years of experience with adoption of high-quality, advanced technology and holding Professional teamwork in the foreground with contionuously developing and impoving the sector in the world.
BETA-PAK is a machinery manufacturer with an idealistic nature following the improvements and immediately applies the innovations that have been brought by improvements. İt is not satisfied with what has performed and is going to perform, open to new advancements, insistent in technology and daily raising its targets.


In today’s circumstances the techniques and Technologies continually advance and change, of course these advancements and changes burden the persons and institutions compliance and implementation of the mentioned points. Perceiving this principle we keep the customer and consumer satistaction foreground and produce for them friend machineries with acception of as it is our duty so we are glad to munufacture and offer you our valued customers the best and perfect machineries by using the intire systems of technology.

We are delicate to choose the right materials, keep the safety – security and human health foreground and manufacture goods appropriate to certificated standarts.


In principle we are in a manufacturer institution but yet individually we are comsumers and use the goods of the machaniries we produce so we pay attention to our production with this manner, at the same time we intended to manufacture machines which we can discover our consumers issues, find solutions to their problems,know their desires, hopes, offer them sutiable prices with the experience of production of the Technologies advances promt implementation.
One other of our aims is; We have to get our well-deserved place in the World conjector after exterminating our country technology backwardness, reduce external dependencies, outdo technologically advanced countries and create the convenient environment for determine world standards of the sector.


We are aware, obligated and responsible of the sector we are in that directly have influence upon human healt, for this reason we believe to always stand out of negative commercial concerns and willingly obey the rules and feel liable.

The Machineries we manufacture contain;
– appropriate to Hygiene concept
– Fast and serial production
– 304L CrNi stainless steel chassis
– Product touch points contains Cr Ni stainless steel 316L
– All parts conformity to Standard norms
– Machines have CE Certificates
– High level of safety systems
– Operators providing ease of dominance
– Simple and understanable user guide
– avoiding wasting raw materials
– Homogeneity in production
– Full integration of the system with each other
– quiet and noiseless
– remote assistance system in any case of problem
– High class of technology etc.

We manufacture machineries with consideration of above and more factors especially human factor which we utmost pay attention to and already have mentioned above about.

We as BETA-PAK are deservedly proud for being prosperous in the sector.

Our company professionally consummate its production and sale organization and Works with its great effort in order to keep you out of any problem may accour.

Spare Parts
Cleaning Supplies

BPT 26/37 AQUA

Full Automatic Thermoform Packaging Machine

(Water, Fruit Juice and Airan )

BPT 26/37 Aqua is the biggest machine in the water sector. It has the capacity to form, fill and carton up to 18,000 cups, 3600 litres of water, in just one hour with only two operators. Maximum film saving can be reached thanks to the advanced improvements made on its cutting systems. This machine is a high quality and esthetic packaging line designed for those who are looking for high capacity production and maximum cup depth. It is able to process all kinds of thermoplastic materials with thicknesses of up to 1200 microns in order to obtain packages as deep as 95mm. It is possible to see every detail of the latest technology applied to the BPT 26/37 Aqua. The film advancement on the machine is operated with a servo motor. It is equipped with a touch screen display which is supported with graphical and statistical data. The robot system which is used to carton the packaged cups is just another visible feature of this machine. The usage areas of the BPT 26/37 Aqua include all types of drinkable liquids as well as yoghurt, airan and dairy products.

Being very functional, this highly versatile machine is able to support different moulds. Stainless steel is used on all parts of the BPT 26/37 Aqua, making it possible to run the machine under wet and acidic conditions.

All materials and parts used during the manufacturing process of the machine have CE certification. The machine is user friendly and can support different moulds.

BPT 20/30-BPT 20/40 – BPT 20/50

Full Automatic Thermoform Packaging Machines

(Water, Fruit Juice and Airan ,Honey, Jam and Butter )

BPT 20/30-BPT 20/40 – BPT 20/50

BPT economic packaging machines are the small giants of the family. They are an indispensable solution for customers looking to package products in small portions and all types of liquids accuretly. Owing to the wide range of areas that they cover and their sensitivity to accuracy of filling, these machines have become the most sought-after machines of their class. The machines can be operated by a single operator, require minimal maintenance and work without noise and failure. Thanks to the fact that all their mechanisms, including main chasis and feet, are made of 304 quality stainless steel and metal profiles, they are long lived, even in the most difficult working conditions. The best quality materials are used in every stage of their pneumatic lines in order to apply the latest technology.

BPT economic packaging machines offer you a more comfortable working environment with a servo motor for digital advancement, a state of the art PLC which enables the monitoring of paremeters and adjustments to be made easily, a control system and a touch screen operator panel with protection against external influences.


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