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ROTA Turkey manufacturer of steering and suspension parts
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Tavsanli Mah. 412.Sok. No:1-4, 16700, Karacabey
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The company has been established in 1950’s and manufacturing steering and suspension parts since 1982 under the brand of ROTA. ROTA manufacture over 10.800 OEM references product such as tie rod end, ball joint, centre rod, axial joint, triangular torque rod, torque rod and repair kit for commercial vehicles, agricultural tractors, construction machines and special vehicles.

Specialized in producing low volume, wide variety, customer oriented solutions products and holding ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certificates, ROTA makes a difference in its sector as an original equipment manufacturer with original product warranty, product liability and after-sales service support.
Integrated Factory
ROTA produce the products in integrated factory with its molding, hot forging, rubber metal, R&D, engineering, production planning, production, quality, assembling, packaging, logistics departmants. Manufactured products are served to business partners by sales and marketing team.

Exporting 85% of its production and supplying 20% to OEM-OES industry customers, ROTA adds value to environment with its technology and an innovative, environment friendly production understanding of high standards.
We Export to More Than 100 Countries Across 5 Continents
ROTA exports products manufactured under the complete production supervision to more than 100 countries across 5 continents at the best quality, competitive prices and on time.

NSK Automotive, NSK Hot Metal Forging factories produce ROTA branded products and RAN Industrial Products operating sales and marketing activities all around the world. Also Kazangil Autopeças operating sales and marketing activities in Brazil. All the companies consist of NSK Group.

Foundations of NSK Automotive and NSK Hot Metal Forging are laid with a workshop for the lathe, repair and welding works. 1950
Started producing equipment and
parts of agricultural vehicles.1958
Increased its capacity with the building of first campus,
currently being the Forging Factory.1968
Started producing steering
and suspension parts.1982
Received its first Turkish Standards Institute certificate.1993
First export in its history delivered to Greece.1995
Certified with ISO-9002 quality certificate.1997
Established RAN Industrial Products company to carry out sales and marketing of ROTA brand.1998
Received ISO 9001 and
TS 16949 quality certificates.2009
In October, started the construction of the campus, which is currently NSK Automotive Factory.2011
In August, started the production in the factory, which is currently NSK Automotive Factory. ROTA brand is listed in Tecdoc2012
Received ISO 14001 and
OHSAS 18001 quality certificates.2013
The number of export countries has reached up to 100.
NSK Do Brazil started to introduce ROTA branded products in Brazilian market..2014
Rubber-Metal facility started to production.
ROTA entered Among Top 1000 Exporter of Turkey list.2016


Long Tie-Rod
Long tie-rod transmits the actions transmitted by short tie-rod to the axle located on the other side. Long tie-road connected to selector lever and right/left rods transmits the action of selector level to the rods. It is used for transmission of steering actions to the front wheels and for optimum handling. Long tie-rod provides a precise direction and secure driving. A centrally located part allows for optimal adjustment of both wheels.

Short tie rod
Short tie-rod directs the steering action initiated in the steering gearbox, finally transmitting action of steering arm to the wheel. Short tie rot connects the joint to the gooseneck. It acts like a joint which transmits left or right action of selector lever backwards and forwards.
Tie rod end

Tie rod ends are the parts which transmit the movement occurring when you turn the steering to the wheels. Tie rod end is composed of a joint and a body. It transmits the action of steering tie-rod to the slant neck. The resulting push force enables wheel to turn vertically to the road axis. Length of tie-rod-end can be changed and adjusted during the assembly.

Tie-rod-ends located on the short tie-rods and short tie-rods transmits the force to fittings and enables movement on both axes. Tie-rod-ends are produced with state-of-art technology with the use of special housings or rubber parts. Subjected to continuous optimization, the structure of the tie-rod-end plays a significant role in safe driving, making it a safety part.
Ball Joint

Ball joint is a part used for connecting the king pin to wishbones. Ball joint is used for connecting upper and lower wishbones arms to pitman rod. The part connecting king pin to upper wishbone is called as upper ball joint and the part connecting it to lower wishbone as lower ball joint. Ball joints are lubricated to make them ready-to-assembly during the production and cannot be lubricated later.
Axial Joint

Axial joint is used for connection between the hydraulic cylinder and the tie rod end fixed to the wheel. It is the fitting which transmits the action of steering wheel to the tie rod end, enabling wheels to rotate horizontally. Axial joint must have a swinging angle which enables maximum rotational motion of the wheels.
Torque Rod

Uncontrolled movements, which occurred on the wheels depending on the form of the road as a result of motion of the vehicle, are transmitted to axle body. In commercial vehicles, torque rod used for connecting the axes to the chassis dampens on the wheels a part of such uncontrolled movements and vibrations, while large parts of them are transmitted to axle.
Rod / Strut, Link Stabilizer

For driving comfort purposes, Rod / Strut, Stabiliser is a coupling element of suspension system that control the horizontal and vertical swaying motions of vehicle body. Depending on the design, one end of the stabilizing tie rod is connected to balance rod, the other end is to wishbones arms, vehicle body and coil spring. Thanks to this connection, control on the steering wheel in sharp turns increases, preventing vehicle from drift, skid and wobbling.

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Manufacturer, Exporter
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+90 224 676 12 19
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+90 224 662 12 40
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  • Rota Steering & Suspension Parts
  • Rota Steering & Suspension Parts
  • Rota Steering & Suspension Parts
  • Rota Steering & Suspension Parts
  • Rota Steering & Suspension Parts
  • Rota Steering & Suspension Parts

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