4 Manufacturers who make ball joints assembly machines

What is a ball joint? How is it assembled? How assembly machine work? Which companies manufacture and supply ball joints assembly machines?

what is a ball joint

Ball joints are critical parts in automobile steering and suspension systems. More precisely, it is a component of front suspesion of any car. (Actually different type of ball joints may be used in many areas, but our focus here is on automotive) The ball joint includes a body which houses the other main part, the stud. It is lubricated so it can move, rotate in the housing easily. It is really a very much critical part that connects many other links in the front suspension system allowing a safe and appropriate motion. 

More information on what is a ball joint you can visit a top manufacturer website here: FM Motorparts

How is ball joint assembled?

A ball joint is made by assembling previously manufactured components; housing, washer, backing bearing, stud, exit bearing, dust boot and cover plate.

Automatic custom-made machines are required to carry out all operations in a correct way to quickly assemble all the components which form a ball joint.

The machine required to feed all the components at the right time and speed and this process is usually realized automatically by bowl feeders or partially by hand.

All components brought together one by one in separate stations and processes like lubrication and spin-closing are made in the machine.

All the processes must be carried out fast enough, since the production capacities are really high in automotive sector.

The machine which does this job are called Ball Joint Assembly Machine.

Mostly, these assembly machines or lines may accommodate a test unit integrated into the system, so the machine can decide if a part is OK or NOK and performs the appropriate task.

ball joint assembly machine 1

Top 4 Suppliers/Manufacturers of Automatic Ball Joint Assembly Machines

LANBI is a company from Spain expertised in custom-made assembly machines.


Founded in 1969 in Elgoibar (Basque Country), LANBI is a company which places great value in its human capital and boasts a wealth of experience in machining and assembly processes. Our team of dynamic, young, and highly qualified professionals work tirelessly to come up with new and innovative ideas to satisfy our customer’s needs.


MT Zanetti Describes itself as: 

M.T. ZANETTI is a leader in the design and manufacture of industrial automation system for assembling, testing, machining and loading.

All our machines are manufactured and assembled in-house to guarantee to our customers superior quality at competitive prices.

The production of M.T. ZANETTI is articulated in automatic or semiautomatic machines with rotary table or in-line with flexible pallet, systems with loading and unloading by industrial robots and automation system in general.

M.T. ZANETTI is specialized in the assembly of taps, valves and fittings expanding its range of products during the years to the automotive and electronics industry to cover almost all areas of mechanics.

IRON FT Automation is a manufacturer from Turkey. They describe themselves as a manufacturer of automatic assembly machines for many industries, bening mainly automotive industry. They have good references posted on their site. 

Iron FT Automation is the ultimate partner for companies looking for specific automation & assembly machine solutions

Agme is another Spanish company who manufactures and supplies automatic ball joint assembly machines. They are described on their website:

AGME Automated Assembly Solutions design and manufacture special purpose machines that best meet the automatic assembly needs of different industries. Our extensive experience, outstanding engineering capability and an excellent technical service has enabled us to develop high value added turnkey projects for highly demanding industries such as global automotive components manufacturers.


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