Top Exports of United States (Including Data in 2019)

Top exports of USA in 2019

Top Exports of United States (2019) USA is the second largest exporter of the World just after China. Following USA is Germany. Top export products of USA have been in 2019: Refined Petroleum Products Crude Oil Motor Vehicles Electronic Integrated Circuits Petroleum gas and other gaseous hydrocarbons Telephone sets, Mobile Phones and Parts Parts for Tractors & Transport Vehicles Medical, Surgical Instruments & Equipment Top 10 Importing Countries from USA in 2019 are: Canada Mexico China Japan United Kingdom Germany Korea Netherlands Brazil France CONTENTS: List of Top Importing Countries from USA List of Top Export Products of USA in …

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Turkey’s Top 10 Companies By Revenue

Turkey's top 10 companies by revenue

Turkey’s Top 10 Companies By Revenue The 10 largest companies operating in Turkey by Revenue in 2018 (Production based sales) has been as follows: Tupras Ford Otomotiv Toyota Turkey Oyak Renault  Tofas Turk Otomobil Arcelik Iskenderun Demir Celik Eregli Demir Celik Icdas Celik Hyundai Assan Otomotiv Top 10 Companies are from Petroleum, Automotive, ,steel and Home Appliances sectors.    1) Tupras Refineries Tupras is the largest company in Turkey by Revenue. Operating Petroleum refineries, Izmit Refinery, Izmir Refinery, Kirikkale Refinery, and Batman Refinery in Turkey with around 30 million Tons capacity. Tupras Headquartes is in Kocaeli Province of Turkey.  Net …

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Leading Turkish Shotgun Manufacturers & Brands ( List of 27 Companies)

Top Turkish shotgun manufacturers brands

Leading Shotgun Manufacturers in Turkey Turkish shotgun manufacturers export various types of shotguns with a total yearly value of more than 120 Million USD. USA being the biggest importer of Turkish Shotguns, paid around 70 Million USD in 2018 to Turkish manufacturers. The top shotgun manufacturers in Turkey are: Huglu Ataarms Armsan Hatsan Yildiz Arms Sarsilmaz Stoeger Istanbul Silah Husan Arms Akus Arms The complete list and details of shotgun manufacturers is below… 1. Huglu Shotguns Huglu shotguns have been manufactured since the first World War. Huglu is maybe the most well-known shotgun brand in the World. Operates in Turkey’s …

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Vibratory Bowl Feeder Manufacturers

Top vibratory bowl feeder manufacturers list

Vibratory Bowl Feeder Manufacturers Vibratory bowl feeders are used to sort, orient and feed the parts, components to the assembly and packaging machines and lines. Leading Vibratory Bowl Feeder Manufacturers are: RNA Automation Vibromatic Moorfeed TAD Bowl Feeders Elscint Automation Brescon Vibcon  They are used almost in every industries. Vibratory bowl feeders manufactured in many countries. Our list of vibratory bowl feeder manufacturers presents you company names, websites, countries, and a short profile of the manufacturer companies. 1) RNA Automation / UK With five subsidiaries and six manufacturing facilities across Europe and a network of sales and service outlets across …

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Top 10 Air Compressor Manufacturers in Turkey (in 2020)

Top 10 air compressor manufacturers in Turkey

Top 10 Air Compressor Manufacturers in Turkey In Turkey there are many air compressor manufacturers. Most of these companies export their products to many countries worldwide. The top air compressor manufacturers in Turkey are: Dalgakiran Lupamat Yigitsan Alkin Vortex Puma Compressor Bekomsan Ekomak Escomp Ozen Compressor See the list with company names/brand Names, Logos and short descriptions below: More Air Compressor Manufacturers in Turkey 1. Dalgakiran Dalgakiran Compressor is one of the biggest manufacturer and exporter of industrial air compressor manufacturers of Turkey. It was established in 1965 in Istanbul and now have a production site of 27.000 sqm. Dalgakiran …

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