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Automation Lines
ACT Automotive is specialized in the development of high technology industrial automation systems. ACT Automotive has extensive know-how and ability to innovate solutions to make your company fit for the future.

Our electrical and software engineers develop and design all control packages in-house using the latest available technology, from sensors to detect difficult parts to the latest in PLC technology.

Our references about Automation Lines:

Parking Brake Cable Assembly Line
Headlight – Rearlight Assembly Line
Air Vent (side, center inlet) Assembly Line
Washing Machine Base Frame Welding Line

ACT Automotive manufacturing facility is located in BURSA/TURKEY. Meantime ACT Automotive R&D office is located at Uludağ University Campus ULUTEK in BURSA.

ACT Automotive is optimally equipped for developing, engineering, producing and installing production of checking fixtures, welding fixtures, special machines, automation lines, welding machines.

Engineering is entirely in 3D so that the manufacturability and cost price of the product can be pre-assessed, even during the design phase. In our organization, knowhow of design, engineering and manufacturing of machines is all-in. We can also execute redesign projects aimed at lowering your integral cost price. In our engineering department we utilize i.e. the following engineering solutions;

solid works
solid simulation
esprit CAM

In our production organization we have a modern machine park for machining. ACT Automotive also has a wide range of automated machines for drilling, cutting, sanding and sawing. The production facilities of ACT Automotive consist of a part production hall and the assembly hall in which the construction and assembly takes place. This modern hall has all technical resources and a flexible team of mechanics and technicians to provide a large variety of products and systems.

ACT Automotive has already manufactured more than;

400 assembly lines,
350 welding fixtures,
2000 checking fixtures,
250 welding machines.

Checking Fixtures

Checking fixtures are designed for accuracy, repeatability and reliability with a strong focus on operator ergonomics.

We offer assembly and checking fixtures for vehicle frames and body sub-assemblies, single component fixtures for all metal and plastic parts, flush and gap checking, mating part simulation and three axis true position probing.

Fixtures and gauges available for a large variety of plastic and metal parts such as: Instrument panels, Interior trim, Seating, HVAC, Chassis components, White Body panels, Door seals, bumper, headlight, rear light and other trim parts.
Welding Fixtures

Welding fixtures are designed as a holding device that holds, supports and locates the work piece for a specific operation meantime welding fixtures ensure the interchangeability and accuracy of parts manufactured, minimize the possibility of human errors, reduce the manufacturing time and improves the safety at work.

We offer welding fixtures for any type of welding operations for any type of metal components.
Special Purpose Machines

One of the strenght point of ACT is well understood customer requirements and providing customized dedicated products as tailor-made products.

ACT is providing innovate solutions to solve your problem in process, improve quality and created robust systems with reasonable cost by extensive know-how and experienced team.

Our references about “Special Machines”;

Front suspension assembly bench,
Parking Brake Lever Assembly Turntable Hydraulic Press,
Leakage Test Bench (oil filler pipe leake test),
Inner roof pannel assembly machine,
IP panel preperation bench,
RR knuckle assembly conveyor,
Servo fitting press,
Schock absorber rod assembly.

Riveting Machines

Servo Orbital Riveting Machine
Pneumatic Orbital Riveting Machine

Welding Machines

Mactera Resistance Welding Machines,

Spot Welding Machines,
Spot – Projection Welding Machines,
Projection Welding Machines,
Seam Welding Machines,
Butt Welding Machines.


Rated Power,

from 26 up to 400 kVA (AC)
from 40 up to 600 kVA (MFDC)

Electrode force from 20 up to 3000 daN (pneumatic or servo),
Maximum welding current up to 90 kA,
Modular design,
Special design possibilities for individual applications,
Robust construction,
Wide range of options and accessories,
High quality components of well-known brands manufacturer.

Refrigerator Compressor Cover Welding Assembly Line

3 copper pipes, fuse connector , 4 bushes and 3 steel brackets are welded to main cover body.
Full automatic line.
Cycle time: 7 sec.
9 stations

Gear Shifter Assembly Line

Gear Shifter assembly stations and end of line test station
Semi automatic line
7 stations

Parking Brake Lever Assembly Line

PKB Lever assembly stations and end of line test station
Semi automatic line
6 stations

Parking Brake Cable Assembly Line

PKB Cable assembly stations and end of line test station
Semi automatic line
6 stations

Side Mirror Assembly Line

Mirror assembly stations and end of line test station
Semi automatic line
9 stations

Door Latch, Door Hinge, Door Check, Sliding Door Mechanism Assembly Line

Assembly stations and end of line test station
Semi automatic line
10 stations

Headlight – Rearlight Assembly Line

Headlight – rearlight assembly stations and end of line test station
Semi automatic line
28 stations

Air Vent (side, center inlet) Assembly Line

Side and Center inlet assembly stations
Semi automatic line
5 stations conveyor line

Washing Machine Base Frame Welding Line

Full automatic line.
Cycle time: 12 sec.
8 stations
3 different model producing

Leakage Test Bench

Leak test by Ateq, OK/NOK part separation, laser marking
Full automatic

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Manufacturer, Exporter
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+90 (224) 241 2631
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