Inpal Palletizing Systems Inka Makina

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Inpal Palletizing Systems Inka Makina
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İstanbul Endüstri ve Ticaret Serbest Bölgesi Orjin Cad. No:2 Tuzla
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Inka Makina is a Turkish manufacturer and exporter of Palletizing systems and machines. Founded in Istanbul Turkey in 1987.
Products & Solutions:
Palletizing Systems
Palletizing is the process of automatically aligning the products on a palette issued serially from a production line.

Benefits for the Manufacturer

Ensuring the production line operating in full capacity,
General expenses being decreased,
Occupational diseases being prevented,
Working conditions being improved,
Preventing the products being damaged during palletizing process,
Achivement in systematic and regular working,
Ensuring standardization in product shipment and stocking,
Uniform aligning of the pallets.

Depalletizing Systems
Depalletizing is the process of unloading cases or packs and from a pallet and placing them onto a conveyor to be sent mainly to the filling lines for the packaging process.

Empty / Full Pallet Handling
Particularly in the case the number of lines are multiple, it is quite significant for transfer of empty and full pallets in the palletizing system using convenient methods, efficiency of the system, optimum use of the production space, operation facilities and costs. 2 types of products are used in terms of the material which the pallet contacts with.
Product Handling

For product handling conveyors are used with in palletizing systems and also in another areas. Different types, such as rollers, flat chain, modular., PVC belts, etc.   can be used considering the product type.
They are the conveyor groups and convenient equipment which provides the products issued from the production lines and conveying the same to the palletizing machine.
During this transport, certain specific processes can be performed as well in addition to conveying, Optimum combinations of conveyor types on project basis, such as rollers, modular belts, chains, belts etc., can be used, considering the pack type in contact with the carriers.


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Manufacturer, Exporter
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+90 216 394 17 10
  • Inpal Palletizing Systems Inka Makina
  • Inpal Palletizing Systems Inka Makina
  • Inpal Palletizing Systems Inka Makina
  • Inpal Palletizing Systems Inka Makina
  • Inpal Palletizing Systems Inka Makina
  • Inpal Palletizing Systems Inka Makina

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