IRON FT MEKATRONIK Assembly Lines Manufacturer

IronFT Automation
IRON FT MEKATRONIK Assembly Lines Manufacturer
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Country: Turkey
State/Province: Istanbul
Company Address: Orhanli Tepeoren Yolu Aktepe Sanayi Sitesi No:10 Tuzla
ZIP Code: 34955


Iron FT Automation is the ultimate partner for companies looking for specific automation & assembly machine solutions

IronFT Automation Turkey Assembly Lines


Iron FT was established in 1994 as a manufacturer company to design and supply special purpose machines, automated assembly lines, assembly machines for industries such as:

  • Automotive Parts
  • White Goods & Home appliances
  • Furniture fittings
  • Electric Supplies

One station assembly machines or multi-station automated assembly lines which may integrate other processes, tooling, and testing units as well. Semi-automatic or full automatic applications all custom-made to fit to customer’s specific production needs

What We do for our customers / Our services

  • Designing & Manufacturing special purpose machinery, and assembly lines, systems for many industry sectors.
  • Manufacturing Feeding Bowls & Feeding Lines.
  • Delivering automation services to Automotive , Household Appliances, Electrical Supplies and other sectors,  to develop optimized, efficient production systems for specific needs.
  • We efficiently integrate robotic systems, rotary index tables and specific tools into the automated machines and lines.

We Developed More than 200 Automatic Assembly Lines & Assembly Machines

Assembly machine line projects

Especially in the last 5 years we have focused in assembly & Test machines and lines for auto parts industry, and electric supplies industry. Some of Multi-national leading corporations are our customers, and trust us for their automated assembly line needs.


Tie Rod End Assembly Line

We have accomplished many assembly lines and machines for Tie Rod Ends.

Ball Joints Assembly Machines & Lines

Ball joints assembly lines for auto parts industry is another expertise of Iron FT Automation.

tie rod end ball joint assembly line

Stabilizer Link / Sway bar Link Assembly Machine & Line

We have finished and delivered special assembly and test lines for stabilizer link (sway bar links).

Stabilizer link assembly line


Our expertise on manufacturing assembly machines and lines for automotive parts industry makes us a preferable supplier for many industry leader companies. Tie Rod Ends, Ball Joints, Link Stabilizers and brake calipers are among the solutions we mainly provide.

Tie Rod End Assembly, Ball Joint assembly, Link stabilizer assembly machines, and test units as well, designed and manufactured by us in quantities so far.

Electric Switch and Wall Sockets Assembly Machines

Electric switch & socket assembly machines

Feeding Systems / Vibratory Bowl Feeders

Automation starts with feeding the parts as required. Any assembly machine-system and machines to process parts need exactly at least one feeder (Vibratory Bowl Feeder) or many that must correctly sort, orient and feed the parts on time with desired speed.

Vibratory Bowl Feeders Turkey - Design and Manufacturing

Two main types of feeders are made by us with various specifications with regard to the specific application. They are bowl feeders and linear feeders of many sizes and features.


some of our customers for assembly lines



Business Type: Manufacturer
Phone Number: +90 216 304 02 00 (131)
Fax Number: +90 216 304 01 17
  • IRON FT MEKATRONIK Assembly Lines Manufacturer
  • IRON FT MEKATRONIK Assembly Lines Manufacturer
  • IRON FT MEKATRONIK Assembly Lines Manufacturer
  • IRON FT MEKATRONIK Assembly Lines Manufacturer
  • IRON FT MEKATRONIK Assembly Lines Manufacturer
  • IRON FT MEKATRONIK Assembly Lines Manufacturer
  • IRON FT MEKATRONIK Assembly Lines Manufacturer
  • IRON FT MEKATRONIK Assembly Lines Manufacturer
  • Rail assembly machine
  • IRON FT MEKATRONIK Assembly Lines Manufacturer
  • Assembly machines
  • Brake caliper assembly and test line
  • Assembly machine

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