Toros Filtrasyon

Toros Filtrasyon
Toros Filtrasyon
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Country: Turkey
State/Province: Istanbul

A 21 year old fluid management expert establishment.

Our advanced and technological laboratories makes us proud in the matters of over 100 diesel and oil measuring and analyses and especially oil contamination, viscosity, (water) saturation level analyses (for oil).

Pickling and Flushing procedures are the best ways to increase factory and facility productivity.

“Productivity” is the most convenient definition for our company’s perception and our initial goal is to increase your productivity.


·         Oil Filtration (filtering particles and water in oil)

·         Water Filtration

·         Fuel Filtration

·         Chemical Liquid Filtration

Decontamination of fluids on-site on the industrial facility without deactivation upon request; or on Toros facility with the requested micronages, in fast, secure and productive ways

·         Filtering Flow-rate (variable to fluid type and conditions): 1~2.000 litre/min (0,06~120 ton/hrs)

·         Operation is held with the proper filter component that is determined with the results of technique tests between 0,02~500 µm

·         Filtration on industrial facilities with 1~30 ton-capacity mobile tankers

·         In convenient systems; filtration without deactivation. Decontamination for not only the oil but also the system with filtration on the operating system.

·         Measuring for particle, water saturation, etc. are held online on-site during oil filtration, and reported with device printouts.


Hydraulics and Lubrication System Flushing Service

·         Hydraulics and Lubrication Pipe Lines Flushing Service

·         Gearbox Flushing Service

·         Hose Flushing Service

·         Hydraulics Block Flushing Service

·         Construction Machineries’ Flushing Service

Decontamination of lines and systems are detected on-site in 4 different standards (ISO 4406:99, ISO 4406:87, NAS 1638 ve SAE AS 4059) with laser and diaphram measuring & analysing technicians; and reported with device print-outs.

Flushing procedure in both newly-set systems (before activation) and operating systems are performed at required cleanness levels.

We provide our clients in this field with the fastest and accurate solutions based on our 20-year experience. While providing advantages of time and expense with our unique and high-tech techniques;


we supply;

·         Flushing Equipments (For rent or Sale)

·         Tanks

·         Measuring Devices

·         Electric motor driven Pumps

·         Filter Housings (Filter Elements)

·         Heaters

Also, serve for

·         Flushing Consultation

·         Flushing Training

·         Flushing Project

·         Consultation

·         Control

·         Turn-key Flushing Services



Advantages of measurements carried out in the facility:

·         Operating machines can be checked without stopping them.

·         Oil samples can be kept free from such risks and factors which can influence measurement such as getting polluted while taking them in the sample container (exposure to air), dirty sample container, problems experienced in the entry and exit of the laboratory, etc.

·         While a machine operates, values from each point of the machine can be reached by making connections not only from the tank line but also the from the return line, pressure line, and the entries and exits of critical equipment (equipment which are wearing out and filters not functioning well can easily be identified).

·         Measurements up to 420 bars can be carried out while the system operates.

Details of measurements carried out in the facility:

·         Oil purity classification (ISO 4406:99, ISO 4406:87, NAS 1638 and SAE AS 4059 standards)

·         Amount of water in oil (theoretical ppm)

·         Oil point of water saturation (0~100%)

·         Dynamic viscosity  (18~700 mPas)

·         Dielectric coefficient (1-10)

·         Temperature (0~70°C)

·         TAN value (0~100%)


Analyses performed in the laboratory or numerous and they provide the opportunity of analyzing samples from many aspects.

1.    Oil (all types of oil) Analysis

2.    Fuel Analysis

3.    Filter Element Analysis

Filter Element Analysis:

It is a test which is carried out in order to obtain retrospective information and to examine the history of the system.

It reveals the foreign substances kept on the filter.

Laboratory analysis details:

·         ICP Spectrometry (23 elements reported) [ASTM D5185]

·         Kinematic Viscosity @ 40oC and 100oC [ASTM D445]

·         Water Contamination (qualitative) [Crackle test]

·         % Water Contamination (Karl Fischer) [ASTM D6304]

·         Oxidation / Nitration [by FTIR Perkin Elmer]

·         ISO Particle Count [ISO 4406:99]

·         Total Acid Number (TAN) [ASTM D664]

·         Total Base Number (TBN) [ASTM D2896]

·         Demulsibility [ASTM D1401]

·         Foam Test (Sequence 1,2, 3) [ASTM D892]

·         Flash Point (Open Cup) [ASTM D92]

·         Flash Point (Closed Cup) [ASTM D93]

·         Density @ 15oC [ASTM D4052]

·         RPVOT Oxidation Stability [ASTM D 2272]

·         Pentane Insolubles [ASTM D893]

·         Visual Assessment [Fluid Life method]

·         Fuel Dilution by GC [Perkin Elmer]

·         Glycol Contamination by GC [Perkin Elmer]

·         Dielectric Strength [ASTM D1816]

·         X-Ray (semi-quantitative) [Fluid Life method]

·         Penetration Test [ASTM D217]

·         Rust Test [ASTM D665]

·         NAS Particle Count (Oil Cleanliness) [NAS 1638]

·         Analytical Ferrography [Fluid Life Method]

·         Filter Debris Analysis [Fluid Life Method]

·         Optical Particle Classification [Laser Net Fines]

·         Varnish Potential [Fluid Life Method]

·         Copper Corrosion [ASTM D130]

Test Packages:

T1 Test Package (Basic Package) [All industrial sectors]

·         Spectrometry

·         Viscosity @ 40oC and 100oC

·         Fuel Contamination (Diesel & Gas Engines)

·         Glycol Contamination (Glycol Cooled Components)

·         Water Contamination (Crackle Test)

·         Oxidation/Nitration (Natural Gas Engines)

·         Soot (Diesel Engines)

T2 Test Package [Hydraulic, Compressors, Transmission]

·         T1 test package

·         ISO Particle Count/No Photo

T3 Test Package [Hydraulic, Compressors, Natural Gas Engines]

·         T1 test package

·         Total Acid Number (TAN)

T4 Test Package [Hydraulic, Compressors, Gas Turbines, Beddings, Transmission]

·         T1 test package

·         ISO Particle Count/No Photo

·         Total Acid Number (TAN)

T5 Test Package [Hydraulic, Compressors, Gas and Vapor Turbines, Beddings]

·         T1 test package

·         ISO Particle Count/No Photo

·         Total Acid Number (TAN)

·         Karl Fischer Titration

T6 Test Package [Diesel Engines, Natural Gas Engines]

·         T1 test package

·         Total Base Number (TBN)

T7 Test Package [Hydraulic, Compressors, Gas and Vapor Turbines, Beddings, Paper Machinery]

·         T1 test package

·         ISO Particle Count/No Photo

·         Karl Fischer Titration

T8 Test Package [Gearboxes, Aviation, Drive Systems]

·         T1 test package

·         Sediment

T9 Test Package [Hydraulic, Compressors, Gas and Vapor Turbines, Lubrication Systems]

·         T5 test package

·         Varnish Potential MPC

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