Top 10 Automatic Carpet Washing Machine Manufacturers ( A verified list of trusted companies)

Carpet washing machine suppliers for commercial laundries and carpet washing shops. We have selected the top 10 companies engaged in manufacturing and export of automatic and semi-automatic carpet washing machines. This type of machines for carpet cleaning are made ususally in Turkey since washing carpets is a popular business in Turkey. Here in our list companies from Greece and Spain are also available.

carpet washing machine suppliers
Hayikama is one of the leading manufacturers of automatic carpet washing machines in Turkey

The demand for carpet washing machines were high in the previous years and were going up. From many countries people were looking to starting up new business for offering carpet cleaning services. The main equipment is usually automatic carpet washing machine. Along with it centrifuge wringers and dusters are used for a complete service.

Now let us look the top companies who supply carpet washing machines and other related equipment & machinery.

One of the leading companies from Turkey which makes automatic carpet washing machines, carpet wringing centrifuges, fluff receiving and packaging machines, carpet dusting machines.

Hayikama is a manufacturer and exporter having customers in many countries.

Tektem Makina as owner of the brand Cleanvac manufactures carpet cleaning equipment, automatic carpet washing machines, centrifuge wringers and duster along with many other products. Active since 1994 and exporting its products to more than 50 countries.

Hanta Systems Company, a professional rug washing machines manufacturer with sales and exports all over the world supplying 4 continents, North America, Oceania, Asia, Europe.

Hanta Systems Company was established 12 years ago celebrating the first decade on 2015. 12 successful years of machine constructions growing from domestic machine sales on a serious machine exporter to the whole world.


Hanta systems Greek carpet washing machine supplier

Catinet is a manufacturer from Spain who supplies carpet treatment systems for more than 20 years. Professional carpet washing machines, combi machines and more solutions on carpet cleaning available in their range.

carpet washing machine for hand made carpets from Catinet Spain

Carpet washing machine manufacturer from Turkey. Carpet washing machines, Carpet dusters, centrifuge wringers and more on carpet cleaning available.

Carpet washing machine manufacturer from Poland. 

PROTIMA Inc. is a Polish manufacturer of top quality machinery, equipment, accessories, and detergents used in full immersion rug cleaning services.

More Automatic Carpet Washing Machine Manufacturers in Turkey

Our company started its production activities in 1998 with the manufacture of parquet wiping machines. Over time, the variety of products has increased according to the wishes and conditions of our customers.

In the 2000s, our company took great steps in both manufacturing and hardware sector with the production of drill and iron cutting line, and produced the olive drawing machine with the patent. Our company has increased its production considerably and continued to serve its customers in different sectors.

In the 2000s in Turkey by producing the first cleaning, carpet extraction machine and he has taken the first steps in the carpet cleaning industry process and has been one of the leaders of this sector. Thus, carpet washing, carpet squeezing, carpet pile (packaging) machines have added to the production track production. After the innovation works, the company develops its floor polishing and polishing machine and exports it to European Union countries.

Ergin Machinery has been in industrial carpet cleaning machines manufacturing sector for over half a century and also became the leader of its sector with understanding of quality, reliability and innovation. Ergin Machinery’s factory is located in Pancar Organised Industrial Zone, built on a 4.000 m2 work space. Manifactured products are: carpet washing machines, carpet wringing machines, carpet preparation machines, carpet dusting machines, carpet packing machines, industrial washing machines, hydroextractors, also other machines for cleaning clothes, designed especially for military establishments and hotels. Also, for aquaculture: fishing net washing machines, fish feeding machines, ice breaking machines.


  • Full Automatic Carpet Washing Machines

  • Carpet Spin Dryers (Centrifuge Wringers)

  • Carpet Dusting Machines


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