Top Shotgun Manufacturers & Brands in Turkey

List of Shotgun manufacturers in Turkey, Websites of leading Turkish shotgun makers and short profiles of manufacturing companies

Turkish shotgun manufacturers export various types of shotguns with a total yearly value of more than 120 Million USD. USA being the biggest importer of Turkish Export Shotguns, paid around 70 Million USD in 2018 to Turkish manufacturers.

The top shotgun manufacturers in Turkey are:

  1. Huglu
  2. Ataarms
  3. Armsan
  4. Hatsan
  5. Yildiz Arms
  6. Sarsilmaz
  7. Stoeger
  8. Istanbul Silah
  9. Husan Arms
  10. Akus Arms

The complete list and details of Turkish shotgun makers is below…

Top Turkish shotgun manufacturers brands
Best Turkish Shotgun Brands

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1. Huglu Shotguns

Huglu shotguns have been manufactured since the first World War. Huglu is maybe the most well-known Turkish shotgun brand in the World. Operates in Turkey's shotgun manufacturing center Huglu town of Beysehir Konya.

Products of Huglu Firearms

  • Over & Under Shotguns
  • Side By Side
  • Trap / Skeet
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Magazine Fed
  • Pump Action
  • Single Barrel
  • Bold Action Rifle
  • Luxury Firearms
  • Limited Collections
Huglu Firearms, Turkish shotguns

Starting during the 1st World War, our story crossed the oceans and made Huglu a real brand. Our brand which is recognized across the world with our craftsmanship has currently being used by hundred of thousands people with reliability and loyalty. Craftsmanship is not a simple concept of skill for us; more than 100 years of knowledge, skill, growth and experience underlie this term.

Ata Arms Shotgun manufacturer Turkey

2. Ata Arms

Ata Firearms, the shotguns manufacturer company is one of the leading exporters of shotguns in Turkey. Manufacturing around 60.000 shotguns a year and of this 90% is being exported to more than 70 countries. Production is in Duzce province of Turkey and headquarters are in Istanbul. Duzce is another important shotgun manufacturing city like Huglu.

Products of Ata Arms Turkey

  • Bolt Action Rifles
  • Over & Under Shotguns
  • Gas Operated
  • Tactical Firearms
  • Magazine Fed
  • Pump Action
  • Long Range Rifles
  • Multi Caliber Long Range Rifle


Ata Pump action shotguns

ATA’s NEO model Shotguns  is available in 12 gauge, 20 gauge and increasingly popular 28 gauge. NEO is an inertia operated semi-automatic shotgun designed using the latest technology, which combined with ATA’s considerable experience, results in a gun whose performance is as good as it’s appearance is pleasing to the eye. The Neo inertia system is simple and comprises of only three primary parts: the bolt body, the inertia spring and the rotating bolt head.

Simple is better.

With a greatly reduced mass of parts the inertia system can cycle faster. Gas, burnt powder and other residues remain in the barrel where they belong, rather than being channelled into the gun’s mechanism, as they are in gas system.
The strong steel locking lugs of the inertia system’s rotating bolt head ensure the tightest possible lock up between the bolt and the barrel. The bolt head’s rotating lugs not only lock steel to steel into the gun’s barrel but the lugs lock in even tighter during firing. With the inertia system being much cleaner in operation, cleaning the NEO takes only a fraction of the time it can take to clean a gas operated gun. 

Not only is the inertia system incredibly simple, it’s also light in weight; this allows NEO shotguns to be some of the lightest semi-automatic shotguns ever produced. With no springs, action bar linkage or heavy under barrel gas cylinder inside the forend, inertia system shotguns balance like a fine game gun should.

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armsan firearms manufacturer

3. Armsan Firearms

Armsan, established in 2006, is celebrating 10th year in its state-of-the-art new facility, where it has 7500m² closed area, with its 150 experienced & skilled & dedicated personnel. By moving in to its new facility, Armsan reached a monthly production capacity of 5000pcs, and strengtened its mission statement of “supplying firearms worldwide with the highest quality/price ratio”

Products of Armsan

  • Tactical Firearms
  •  Almost all kind of shotguns, like semi-automatic , pump action, gas system…
armtac tactical shotguns

Armsan Silah Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ, is the leading Turkish manufacturer and exporter of firearms, currently focused on production of smoothbore shotguns, having the necessary infrastructure and the know-how to produce various kinds of fireams. At the moment, Armsan has active distributors in more than 40 countries on 6 continents, such as; United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Sweden, England, Germany, France, Italy, New Zealand, Russia, Pakistan, Thailand, Mali, Cameroon, South Africa, …

Hatsan Firearms Turkey

4. Hatsan Shotguns

Hatsan manufactures shotguns,rifles and airguns in their 35.000 sqm factory wşth 650 staff. Was established in 1976,operates in Izmir Province of Turkey. HATSAN became very famous in the world with its high quality products and very competitive prices. HATSAN is an export oriented factory and exports 95% of its products to more than 90 countries around the world. HATSAN products with their very good quality and competitive prices receive a very well acceptance all around the world. Hatsan has enough capability and background to produce any type gun in house. Escort law enforcement shotguns are used by law enforcement forces of many countries. Many well known brands of the world are produced by HATSAN.

Products of Hatsan Firearms


  • Gas Operated
  • Semi-automatic
  • Magazine Fed
  • Pump Action
  • Tactical Shotguns
  • Rifles
  • Law Enforcement Shotguns
  • Airguns

HATSAN is one of the self adequate factories of the world in firearms industry. The production within the border of HATSAN includes, machining of wood, machining of metal parts, heat treatment, coiling, finishing like honing, different types of chemical plating & bluing, injection molding, metal injection, mold making, welding, engraving, barrel drilling & barrel manufacturing, laser marking, laser engraving on wood & metal parts, camouflage coating, assembly, quality assurance testing, test shooting, etc.

HATSAN is the only authorized processor of Mossy Oak to camouflage Mossy Oak patterns in Turkey. Only raw material comes to HATSAN and the end product is the high quality & durable product. Raw materials that are used in HATSAN are of very high quality, like Turkish walnut and very high quality steel.

HATSAN has a very well established 35000 m² production area, 650 workers and a machine park of total 500 machinery including high-tech Computer Numerical Controlled Machines. HATSAN is the unique air gun manufacturer and the best known shotgun manufacturer of Turkey since 1976.

Yildiz Shotguns Turkey

5. Yildiz Shotguns

YILDIZ Shotguns is one of the top manufacturers of shotguns in Turkey, well-known for its high quality products. Situated in Burdur Province of Turkey. Burdur is an important manufacturer city for shotguns.

Products of Yildiz

  • Over & Under
  • Side by Side
  • Semi Automatic Shotguns
  • Pump Action Shotguns
  • Single Barrel Shotguns

Yildiz Shotgun tries to make each customer feel special. We have recently added new products into our range for collectors. Yildiz Shotgun has started producing custom made guns which have colored stocks with dark grains, hand engraved and presented in special packages. Maximal customer satisfaction is our unique principle for after sales service. Our support starts where the delivery ends. So every customer is well informed about the warranty, technical support and spare parts of our products.
Consequently, Yildiz Shotgun is the leading manufacturer in its field in Turkey in terms of quality, aesthetics and trustworthiness and one of the best in the world.

Sarsilmaz Shotguns & Handguns Manufacturer Turkey

6. Sarsilmaz Shotguns & Handguns

Started its activities in 1880 in a small workshop. Turkey's only Privately owned law enforcement pistols (Handguns) manufacturer Sarsilmaz exporting its shotguns and pistols to 78 countries. Mostly known for its pistols, Sarsilmaz also manufactures shotguns.Oprerates in a 36.400 sqm cloased area factory in Duzce province of Turkey.

Products of Sarsilmaz

  • Semi-automatic Shotguns
  • Pump-action
  • Over & Under Shotguns
  • Submachine Guns
  • Machine Guns
  • Assault Rifles
  • Pump-action Guns
  • Polymer Body Pistols
  • Metallic Body Pistols
  • Revolvers
Stoeger Firearms Turkey

7. Stoeger

Was Established in 1989 as Vuralsan. Stoeger has been the first company to produce Semi-automatic shotguns in Turkey. Stoeger`s great reputation in international markets held the attention of international investors. Since the beginning of 2002, Stoeger is owned by Beretta Holding.Starting with constructing a new plant, Stoeger became more powerful company with its most modern factory and machine park in Turkish firearms industry.

Products of Stoeger

  • Over & Under
  • Side by Side
  • Semi Automatic Shotguns
  • Pump Action Shotguns
  • Lefthand Semiautomatics
  • Airguns
  • Rifles
  • Pistols
Stoeger Turkey shotguns and pistols

Stoeger is located in Istanbul. Today Stoeger is exporting its own products worldwide over 40 countries with a steady business relationship and increasing numbers. Stoeger will continue investing in quality to serve the hunters, shooters, defense and law enforcement authorities.

8. Istanbul Arms

Istanbul Silah and Savunma A.S., is an industrial Corporation established in Istanbul – Umraniye for manufacturing of hunting and sporting firearms in 2003. Since its establishment in 2003, ıstanbul Silah moved to it’s third factory building in Dudullu Organized Industrial Zone. 230 staff members continues their production and R&D activities in 18,000 m2 indoor production area.

Products of Istanbul Arms

  • Semi-automatic Shotguns
  • Bolt Action Rifle


• Impala Plus
• Monza
• CZ Turka
• Mikado
• Admiral
• Forester
• Cengaver


Istanbul silah, can easily fulfill the demands of local and international market demands using only a part of it’s potential with it’s young and dynamic structure, 18.000 square meter smart factory building, latest technology, high precision production lines with qualified and professional staff that makes a difference in firearms sector.


Husan arms shotgun manufacturer

9. Husan Arms

Husan was establşshed in 1988 as a spare parts manufacturer for arms industry. The company situated in Beysehir Konya and has many awards for their designs and quality.

Products of Husan Arms

  • M71 .410 Cal
  • Defense Industry
  • Match
  • Match Telescopic
  • Match Pro
  • Metal Force
  • Skull
  • Rapid

MKA1919  of Husan became the first Turkish brand to be awarded the Golden Bullseye Awards – Shooting Illustrated Shotgun, among the best products for shooting sports by NRA (National Rifle Association) in the United States, which constitutes a major proportion of our export activities in 2016.

10. Akus

Akus was established in 2003 by a group of professional shotgun manufacturers in Huglu Town of Beysehir Konya.

Products of Akus Arms

  • Side by Side Shotguns
  • Over & Under
  • Accessories


over and under shotguns Akus Huglu Turkey
Akdas Shotguns Turkish manufacturer

11. Akdas Silah

With a gun-making experience of more than half a century, Akdaş Arms has been manufacturing some of the best shotguns in Turkey, employing a team of more than 100 gun-making enthusiasts. In addition to the production for the domestic market, Akdaş has been the preferred supplier for some of the famed international companies. The goal for Akdaş Arms is “blending tradition and technology”, always employing the cutting-edge technologies, while preserving the traditional grace and beauty of a firearm. By combining these with the expertise of the gifted hands of our gunsmiths, we are able to craft the beloved Akdas shotguns, used by many hunters/shooters. Being aware that a hunter/shooter likes a gun that gives her/him satisfaction while shooting, Akdaş prides itself in uniquely being able to provide its customers smart, high quality, well-balanced and reasonable shotguns.

Products of Akdas

  • Semi-automatic
  • Over & Under
  • Single Barrel
  • Target Shotguns
  • Tactical Shotguns

Akdas Tactic / AK 212-T5

Dynamic shooting…

Designed for dynamic shooting and specific purposes, the Tactic series AK 212-T5 is able to shoot any load from lighter 28 gr. (1 oz.) up to 50 gr. (1 ¾ oz.) heavy magnum loads by means of the inertia operated system they own along with the confort of tactical pistol grip. Thanks to their thick wall and cylinder barrel configuration, high performance and accuracy are guaranteed while shooting slugs.

Uzkon Turkish Shotgun Brand

12. Uzkon Shotguns Manufacturer in Konya Turkey

As Uzkon Arms Defense, we have been producing a very wide range of shotguns in different calibers, pump actions, single barrels, magazine-fed, bullpups, over&under and side by side shotguns. And since we are into the conviction that quality makes the difference we do place it as first priority, The raw materials along with spare parts used in the production are the cutting edge of firearms industry (4140 and 8620 hardened steel as well as 7075 aliminium) with a miticulous respect of the international norms such as Turkish

Uzkon Semi-automatic Shotguns

Uzkon Over and Under Shotguns

Utas firearms

13. Utas Arms

UTAS is a Turkish company specializing in firearms design, engineering and OEM manufacturing. Arguably, UTAS is one of the top sporting firearms design companies with their designs being voted "Gun of the Year" by the NRA's American Rifleman Magazine in 2006 and again in 2007. Although UTAS continues to win awards for beautiful designs, the heart of the company is innovation.

Products of Utas Arms Turkey

  • Pump Action Shotguns
  • Semi Auto Shotguns
  • Submachine Guns
  • Assault Rifles
  • Silencers


Utas semi-auto shotguns

14. Akkar Shotguns

Founded in Istanbul in 1985. Akkar’s shotgun collection includes a well-balanced offering of sporting, hunting and tactical designs that are produced in different gauges and calibers under 14 registered trademarks including Mammut®, Churchill®, Altay®, Karatay®, Maxi-Mag®, M-2000®, Armstrong®, Apache®, Komanchi®, Poseidon® and Polaris®.

Products of Akkar

  • Semi-automatic
  • Over & Under
  • Triple Barrel Shotguns
  • Side by Side
  • Pump Action
Akkar triple barrel shotguns

Akkar’s production ethic proudly follows The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) standards and also tested and recognized by CIP (International Proof Commission) standards for being compatible with steel shots as environmental awareness is rapidly rising against lead pellets polluting the nature.

15. Aral Arms

Aral Arms is a family owned company from Istanbul Turkey. First started as an arms exporter and then in 2012 started manufacturing Shotguns.

Products of Aral Arms Turkey

  • Pump Action Shotguns
  • Semi Auto Shotguns
  • Over & Under
  • Single Barrel
  • Air Rifles
  • Blank Pistols


Aral Arms Turkey Pump Action Shotgun
Aral Arms Turkey Pump Action Shotgun
Ozbay Arms Turkey

16. Ozbay Arms

Ozbay Arms is a manufacturer of shotguns in Turkey, situated in Beysehir Uzumlu District of Konya province which is a famous area for arms manufacturing.

Products of Ozbay Arms


  • Pump Action
  • Automatic Shotguns
  • Single Barrel
  • Mag-fed Shotguns
Semi-automatic shotgun Ozbay

17. Delta Silah

Delta is the trademark of Shotgun manufacturer company Baris Av Tufekleri Ltd. They started activities first in 1960s. Situated in one of Turkey's top guns manufacturing Towns Uzumlu Beysehir in Konya province of Turkey.

Products of Delta Arms

  • Pump Action Shotguns
  • Semi Auto Shotguns
  • Over & Under
  • Single Barrel
  • Side by Side
  • Mag-fed Shotguns
  • Air Rifles


Delta Shotguns Turkey
Derya Arms

18. Derya Arms

Derya Arms was established in the year 1998 in the Turkish Province of Konya. Derya Arms is confirmed to be one of the best Turkish manufacturers of shotguns, by importers, wholesalers and end users from all around the world. Derya Arms manufactures Shotguns only according to TSE, SAAMI and CIP standards.

Products of Derya Arms


  • Pump Action
  • Semi Automatic Shotguns
  • Single Barrel
  • Over & Under
Derya pump action shotguns
Derya arms Beysehir Konya
asil arms

19. Asil Arms

Asil Arms is established in 2000 as a family company and family has experience over than 35 years about Firearms in Konya City. Asil Arms has Pump Action Guns, Semi-Automatic Guns, Air Rifles in their inventory. Asil Arms is located in Beysehir Industrial Zone in Beysehir - Konya City in Turkey.

asil shotguns

20. Aksa Arms

The Aksa Gun Company, which aims to establish the biggest shotgun and blank firing gun sales network in the world, Began operations in 2013. The facility is built on a closed area of 1,500 square meters and with more than 40 experienced specialist personnel, CNC is produced in high quality. Aksa located in Uzumlu Beysehir Turkey.

Aksa shotguns in Uzumlu Konya Turkey

21. Celik Silah

Founded in Huglu Town of Konya Province in 2005 to manufacture shotguns. The main products are: Pump Action Shotguns, Automatic Shotguns, Over & Under... Celik Arms is exporting its products mainly to USA.

Girsan Firearms shotguns

Girsan Firearms / Shotguns

Girsan Firearms was founded in Giresun Turkey in 1993.It has been a leading and reputable company for manufacturing of firearms. They are well-konwn for their handguns especially and offers very good shotguns as well.

Turkish shotgun brand Girsan