50 Best Turkish Online Shopping Sites & Apps in 2023

A Grand List of Turkish Shopping websites & Apps to buy products online from Turkey 

Are you looking for the best Turkish online shopping sites and Mobile Apps? We know which shopping websites and apps Turkish people prefer and why. 

So we prepared this huge list of online stores and provided useful facts and information for you to be able to shop confidently and affordably. In the list we grouped the online shopping websites and apps under the categories such as; General, Clothing, Shoes, Cosmetics, Electronics, Second Hand, Grocery & Supermarkets, and more…

Dacă vrei să afli mai multe site-uri de cumpărături pentru îmbrăcăminte în Turcia următorul articol este grozav pentru tine.

Top Turkish Online Shopping Sites & Shopping Apps (General)

Trendyol (Trendyol.com)

Trendyol, cel mai bun site de cumpărături din Turcia

Trendyol este cel mai mare și mai popular site turc de cumpărături online din punct de vedere al cotei de piață. De fapt, este o piață mare.

  • Trendyol are mii de vânzători independenți pe platforma sa.
  • Trendyol is in Turkish language for all categories except for clothing. You need to use Google translate or other tool to translate into your language or English. 
  • Trendyol ships to almost 30 countries in fashion category on its English website trendyol.com/en (You will need to pick your country and then redirected to the country specific site)
  • Cel mai bun pentru cumpărături de modă în Turcia.
  • Trendyol has millions of products in all shopping categories.
  • Trendyol Android App has around 50 Million downloads on google play store.
  • Number one Turkish Shopping App on Google Play.
  • Number 3 Turkish shopping app on Apple App Store.
trendyol android app

Hepsiburada (Hepsiburada.com)

Hepsiburada is Turkey’s number 2 shopping website and app in general category. It is the oldest one and one of the most preferred shopping apps on both Play Store and App Store.

  • Millions of Products from independent sellers on the platform.
  • Buy Turkish Products in almost all categories from grocery, clothing, electronics to cosmetics and more..
  • In third place of Google Play’s Shopping Apps category.
  • In 8th place of Apple’s App Store Shopping category.
hepsibarada turkish shopping app

I nxnumx.co

N11.com is one of the oldest and popular online shopping websites and marketplaces in Turkey. It had lost many users especially after the fast growth of Trendyol in recent years. However, it is starting to gain more users and now one of the 3 popular marketplaces in Turkey along with trendyol and hepsiburada. You should check it definitely when looking for any product in Turkey with best possible price. 

Now offers better shopping experience.

Cele mai bune site-uri de cumpărături online turcești acum 15

Amazon Turcia

No need to say much! Amazon is the World’s number one online shopping website. But it is not even in the top 3 in Turkey. 

Amazon Turcia

Online Turkish Grocery Stores, Supermarkets & Delivery Services

Getir Online Grocery Delivery Service


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