Luxury Chess & Backgammon Set – Wooden Handmade Chess Set

An elegant luxury Chess Set & Backgammon Board together. Playing Chess with this Large size 21″ board is a real joy. Backgammon Board & Chess Board with Zinc Chess Pieces. Made to Order…


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Luxury Cappadocia Chess & Backgammon Set – Wooden Handmade Chess Set

You will get a luxury special game set for playing Chess & Backgammon in the same set.

Large size 21″ Board. Handcarved. A Real Piece of Art to showcase as a part of home or office decoration.

  • 21 Inches Chess set greatly carved and shaped chess board made from Beech wood and Mother of Pearl.
  • It has space in board box for chess figures.
  • Chess board is overlaid with wooden mosaic which are obtained from various woods around it and squares are overlaid with veneer and mother of pearl.
  • All colors seen on the chess board box are natural colors of various woods.
  • Classy metal chess figures will make your chess game experience even better.

Special wooden handmade chess board and Backgammon with Drawers.

Handcarved luxury chess & backgammon set Rosewood

This elegant handmade chess set with metal figures will be the most beautiful gift for chess and backgammon lovers. Get ready for ultimate chess game experience!

Package Includes;
1 Chess Board with drawers/ It is a backgammon board as well.
16+16 Zinc Chessmen
in Fabric Bag.

Size of the Game Set:

Size : 21″x19″x4″ / (53,7×48,5×10 cm)
Weight : 10 kg
Squares Size : 1.69 inch (4.3 cm)

Backgammon checkers are 31mm diameter wooden pieces.



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Weight 12 kg