Fakir Kaave Mono Turkish Coffee Machine

Fakir Kaave Mono is a single pot automatic Turkish coffee maker to cook 4 cups of Turkish coffee safely with ease.


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Fakir Kaave Mono is a Single Pot Automatic Turkish Coffee machine made in Turkey.

Fakir Kaave Turkish Coffee Machine

The Fakir Kaave Mono Turkish coffee machine appeals to all Turkish coffee lovers with its dimensions suitable for home and office use.
The machine that provides the opportunity to prepare traditional Turkish coffee with a consistency suitable for your taste and with plenty of foam,it makes your coffee ready for service in a shorter time compared to classical methods.

Fakir Kaave Mono Turkish coffee machine automatic
The product makes coffee making quite effortless, which allows you to quickly serve delicious Turkish coffee to your guests.

Classical Turkish Coffee Enjoyment in Homes and Offices

  • The coffee machine can be controlled with a single button, it is appreciated for its easy use.
  • The audible warning system allows you to be aware of the situation when your coffee is ready.
    In this way, you do not have to wait by the machine during the cooking process.
  • With its 4-cup coffee capacity, it can prepare as much coffee as you need.
  • The product, which has the safety of working without water and overheating, provides the opportunity to use it safely.
  • The coffee measuring spoon makes it possible to prepare Turkish coffee with the appropriate consistency at all times.
  • The illuminated cooking slot adds a stylish look to the machine during operation.

Turkish Coffee Maker Kaave Mono Specifications

  • Power: 535W
  • Capacity: Max 4 Turkish coffee cups (70 ml medium size)
  • Easy one-click control
  • Light warning
  • Audible alert
  • Protection that prevents it from working without water
  • Luminasense Technology to prevent overflow
  • Gradual lighting system during operation
  • Water level window
  • Cable length: 80 cm
  • Coffee measuring spoon


Additional information

Weight 2 kg


Rose Gold, White, Black, Red, Purple