Top Sunflower Oil Manufacturers in Turkey

Turkish sunflower oil manufacturers have exported a total amount of USD 731 Million USD in 2021, only 7 Million USD more than what Ukrainian manufacturers exported. 

Top importing countries of Turkish made sunflower oil have been; Djibouti, Yemen, Syria,Iraq, Libya, Israel, Lebanon and United States.

We can claim that buying, importing Sunflower Oil from Turkey is a good business to do. Turkey is also one of the 5 biggest olive oil manufacturers in the World. Check our post for top Turkish Flour Mills in case you are interested to buy flour from Turkey.

Top sunflower seed oil manufacturers in Turkey

There are many manufacturing companies in Turkey, from which we selected some top brands and reliable sunflower oil manufacturers. There is no specific order..

Top Sunflower Oil Manufacturers in Turkey are:

  1. Safya Sunflower Oil
  2. Yudum
  3. Zade Sunflower Oil
  4. Biryag
  5. Aymar
  6. Orkide
  7. Orucoglu Sunflower Oil
  8. Turna Oil
  9. Unat Oil

Turkish Sunflower Oil Manufacturers

Here are the top Sunflower Oil Manufacturers in Turkey. The list covers short information about companies and their website links. These are reliable companies that you can get best prices and quality sunflower oil from Turkey. In order to get a quotation from the top manufacturers you can use the form here..

1. Aves - One of Top Turkish Sunflower Oil Manufacturers

Safya sunflower oil by Aves Turkey

Aves Oil (Safya Sunflower Oil) is among the Turkey’s largest 250 corporations. Safya sunflower oil is one of the top sunflower oil brands and manufacturers in Turkey, curently exporting their products to many countries Worldwide.

Safya sunflower oil is a reliable choice when looking to import from Turkey.

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2. Savola Gida (Yudum Sunflower Oil)

Top Sunflower Oil Manufacturers in Turkey 1

Savola Foods Turkey is the leader producer and exporter of edible oils in Turkey. Its company share in export markets continues to increase every year. Awarded as number one packaged olive oil exporter of Turkey since 2013.We produce Egemden, Brillo, Cielo and Afia branded extra virgin, virgin and organic olive oil, as well as Yudum and Sırma branded sunflower seed oil, corn oil, omega3 and frying oil.

With its expanding export volume since 2005 and its Afia, Cielo, Brillo, Yudum, Egemden and Sırma brands, Savola Foods Turkey exports to more than 20 countries including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Iraq, Iran, China, Japan, USA, Canada, Spain, Nigeria, Togo, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Azerbaijan,Turkmenistan, Cyprus, USA, Germany, France, Belgium, The Netherland, Switzerland, UK and various European countries.

Having become synonimus with lightness, Yudum Sunflower Seed Oil has been the leader in Turkish market for many years as the most preferred product in its category. Yudum Sunflower Seed Oil is offered to consumers in various sizes.

sunflower seed oil manufacturers

3. Zade Yag - Sunflower Oil

Zade sunflower oil

Zade is a brand of edible oils in Turkey, including sunflower oil. A brand belongs to Helvacızade Group, Zade is one of the top sunflower oil manufacturers in Turkey.

Helvacızade Group of Companies, which has its headquarters in Istanbul and Zade & Zade Vital Production and R&D centers operating in Konya, produces vegetable oil and natural nutritional food supplements; With 7 facilities and 300 employees, it is among Turkey’s largest 500 industrial establishments. Exporting to 5 continents and more than 85 countries today, Helvacızade is the first and only company that produces with 19 quality and system certification certificates.

4. Biryag - Trakya Birlik Sunflower Oil

Biryag Trakyabirlik manufacturer of sunflower oil in Turkey

Trakya Birlik is a corporation forming from 40.000 co-operative shareholders, a very large edible oil manufacturer in Turkey.

Trakya Birlik has brands of sunflower oil like Biryag and Biroz. They buy around 30-50% of Turkey’s all sunflower seeds from the farmers.

We can claim Trakya Birlik might be the biggest sunflower oil manufacturer in Turkey.

Top Sunflower Oil Manufacturers in Turkey 2

5. Aymar


Aymar is a famous brand and manufacturer of sunflower oils in Turkey, headquarters located in Istanbul and the factory in Corlu/Tekirdag.

Aymar has sunflower oils in PET bottles between 0.5 and 10 Liters, and Tin Containers between 5 and 18 Liters.

Aymar Turkey Sunflower oil manufacturer

6. Orkide Oil - Kucukbay A.S.

Top Sunflower Oil Manufacturers in Turkey 3

Orkide is a top sunflower oil brand by Kucukbay A.S. which was founded in 1979, and started its factory for sunflower oil production. Later they became a top player in oyther edible oils too.

The company is located in Izmir.

The tale begins in the sunflower fields growing over fertile plains, in 1979. Since then, with health and safety, we’ve been supplying your kitchens and adding joy to your meals with many modern margarines and vegetable oils, from the sunflower oil coming from the fields of Marmara to the olive oil coming from the groves of the Aegean and of Marmara.

orkide sunflower seed oil

7. Orucoglu Sunflower Oil Manufacturer

Top Sunflower Oil Manufacturers in Turkey 4

Orucoglu Oil, started facilities in the vegetable oil manufacturing industry with a capacity of 6 tons/day in 1968 under the name of Oruc family, has reached the capacity of 1000 tons/day oilseed processing, 300 tons/day refined oil manufacturing, 600 tons/day bagasse manufacturing and has become a leading and integrated organization of the sector now.


8. Turna Oil - Sayinlar Food

turna sunflower oil by sayinlar food Turkey

Turna Oil was founded in 1983 and now it is one of the pioneering sunflower oil and vegetable oils manufacturers in Turkey.

The factory is located in Gaziantep. In their modern factory they have a production capacity of 300 Tons per day.

9. Unat Oil

Unat yag sunflower oil manufacturer turkey

Unat oil company has Inci brand for its sunflower oil production. The company is ıne of the biggest manufacturers of vegetabele oils in Turkey and has been one of the Turkey’s Top 500 companies with its revenue.

UNAT OIL , which occupies an area of 60,000 m2, has a daily production capacity of 500 tons of liquid oil, and 200 tons of margarine processing, with an expertized team in their fields.

The company offers sunflower oil, corn oil, olive oil, cottonseed oil, canola oil, margarine varieties with the highest quality in the most reliable and economic way respect to the food safety principle.

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