Top 15 Turkish Delight Producers in Turkey: The Best Turkish Delight Brands Revealed

Turkish Delight is probably one of the most well-known products from Turkey accross the World. It is called “Lokum” in Turkish language. Lokum is one of the best Turkish Souvenirs to bring home from Turkey. Turkish delight is the most popular Turkish Candy in the World.

Turkish delight brands & manufacturers may be spreaded in many countries but Turkey should be the number one place to buy Turkish delight. You will find Turkish delight everywhere but the shops of the best ones can be found in Istanbul. There are many great places to shop Turkish delight in Istanbul. 

“Turkish Delight” Lokum had started to be known in Europe in the 18th Century with this name by means of an English traveller.

Here are the top Turkish Delight manufacturers and brands:

  1. Hacibekir – Istanbul
  2. Sekerci Ali Galip – Izmir
  3. Cemilzade Turkish Delights
  4. Safranbolu Lokumcusu
  5. Hazerbaba Turkish Delight…

are some type of cable products manufactured in Turkey.

Let us see the top Turkish Delight Producers & Brands:

The list has no specific order…

Top 15 Turkish Delight Manufacturers in Turkey: Best Brands Reliable Suppliers 1

What Turkish products come into your mind first?

For most of you, I am sure, they are Turkish Coffee, and Turkish Delight! 

Did you know that these two products also accompany each other very well.

In Turkey, usually Turkish Delight served along with Turkish Coffee.

1) Hacibekir Turkish Delight Brand Istanbul

Turkish delight manufacturer hacibekir
Turkish delight manufacturer hacibekir

Turkish delight manufacturer

Hacı Bekir, the best confectioner in the world since the time of the Ottomans, and the creator of the most delicious tastes that never change. Hacibekir operates since 1777 in Istanbul and exports its products to all over the World. Hacı Bekir Effendi, earning the title Hacı after his pilgrimage to Mecca between 1817 – 1820, had come to İstanbul from Araç, Kastamonu in 1777, opening a small shop in Bahçekapı and selling confections such as lokums and hard candies which he personally produced. Hacı Bekir today has a proud past of four centuries with delicacies relished in five continents. In confectionery production which started in the 16th century in Turkey, honey and molasses were used as sweeteners, and flour was used for binding water and attaining the desired texture. By the 19th century, sugar refineries were set up in Europe and their produce began to come to Turkey under the name "loaf sugar". Confectioner Hacı Bekir would bray and melt this sugar, and then add rose petals, cinnamon, gum mastic, orange or lemon to produce hard candies of various flavors and colors. Hacı Bekir Effendi also introduced the use of starch, which was being experimented by German scientist Constantin Kirchhoff, instead of flour; and using the combination of sugar and starch, he created and improved lokum, which is an irreplaceable delicacy of our cuisine and still inimitable by the rest of the world.

“Lokum”, the Turkish Delight, is a masterpiece of Hacı Bekir Effendi, introduced first to the Ottoman Palace and then to world cuisines along with hard candies and almond paste. Although dating back to the traditional Turkish Cuisine of the 15th century, the composition of lokum as we know today was attained by Hacı Bekir Effendi in the 19th century through his use of starch and refined sugar.

The Haci Bekir Company today is the culmination of generations of experience in and knowledge of the world and art of confectionery. It is currently under the management of the fourth and fifth generations, brought up as those before them to be completely and professionally involved in the company.
This management oversees all operations carried out in the company’s factory, two production facilities and four retail outlets. In addition, the company has a worldwide export market stretching from New Zealand to Malaysia, the Middle East, Norway , England and the US .

The company’s products emerge from facilities equipped with the latest technology and are produced in optimum conditions certified as world standard by ISO 9001-2008 The Quality Management System ,ISO 22000:2005 The Food Safety Management System and ISO 14001:2004 The Environmental Management System

2) Sekerci Ali Galip

Top 15 Turkish Delight Manufacturers in Turkey: Best Brands Reliable Suppliers 2

Turkish delights since 1901

Came into world in 1860, Bursa as the second child of İnkayalı Hacı Süleyman Efendi and Samiye Hanım. Ali Galip Efendi who came to İzmir in 1884 started to be interested in confectionary art and trade under the monopoly of Greek and Armenian Chefs. In 1901 thanks to his experience gained 17 years from many chefs especially French, Italian, Greek and Armenian chefs in cooperation with him, he laid the foundations of “Şekerci Ali Galip” to render service to the habitants of İzmir in Kemeraltı known as the heart of İzmir for more than hundred years.

Products :

  • Plain Turkish Delight
  • Turkish Delight with Rose
  • Turkish Delight with Mastic
  • Mini Turkish Delight with Fruits
  • Turkish Delight with Satsuma
  • and more….
ali galip efendi turkish delight products
turkish delight served with turkish coffee

The Turkish delight aka "lokum" in Turkish, is a confection made out of a gel of a starch and sugar. There are various types of lokum but the main shape is a cube usually covered with coconut flakes, pistachio, rose petals, icing sugar and many more. The word lokum comes from Arabic rāḥat al-ḥulqūm, which means "comfort for the throat".

3) Cemilzade Turkish Delight in Istanbul


Manufacturing since 1883

Cemilzade is one of the most well-known and oldest makers of Turkish delights in Istanbul Turkey. Company now is operated by third generation. They have 4 shops in Istanbul.

4) Safranbolu Lokumcusu Turkish Delight

meshur safranbolu turkish delight

Manufacturing since 1977

Meşhur Safranbolu Lokumcusu has never changed its quality of production, continued to manufacture the Turkish delight in Safranbolu style and became a boutique brand in the process. All its products are manufactured with natural nuts, dried fruits, and extracts and for the products that require dying, only organic food dyes are used. There are absolutely no chemical or synthetic thickeners, preservatives, flavor increasing aromas, glucose/corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, and food coloring substances in any of its products. The daily production capacity of the company is 2,000 kg and the production facility realizes with a closed area of 1000 m2.

Lokum has known in Anatolia since the 15th century and spread within the borders of the Ottoman Empire, especially in the 17th century. In the Ottoman Empire, Turkish delight, called as “rahat-ül hulkum” (throat relaxing), began to be recognized in Europe in the 19th century under the name ‘Turkish Delight’ through a British traveler. Earlier, which was known as ‘Kelle sugar’ in the 19th century, has has been made with honey or molasses and flour mixture. Thanks to the fact that refined sugar, especially starch, is found and brought to the country, it has reached today’s taste and formula.      


Top 15 Turkish Delight Manufacturers in Turkey: Best Brands Reliable Suppliers 4

Turkish Delight & Confectionery since 1807

Started its operations in 1807 in Istanbul. Their central office is: Şekerci Cafer Erol Şekerleme San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. Osmanağa Mah. Yasa Cad. No:19 Kadıköy/İstanbul

6) Ikbal Confectionery

ikbal brand turkish delight

Manufacturing since 1922

While our tale that started as a humble restaurant in Afyon at the beginning of the 1900s is about to reach its 100th year, we are leading the sectors we are in and continuing our work for a better future. We are active in four main sectors as food, tourism, catering and real estate. At the base of the current success of the İkbal group that is in conformity to the international standards and improvement in all its activities, there is a management system that is customer oriented and targets the customer satisfaction.

The founder of İkbal, Chef Salim enters into the art of food at the beginning of 1900s. Later on he works in İstanbul Yıldız Palace as assistant cook. Leaving the palace as a chef, Chef Salim starts his own business via opening a small restaurant in Afyon, his hometown, together with his elder and small brothers. When the news of Atatürk visiting Afyon arrive in 1934, how to host was discussed. The governor of the time, Ahmet Evrendilek, opens the issue to the province chief clerk Bekir Evrenkaya. Evrenkaya says that he may call Chef Salim, son of Kabaklı Quarter Representative Mustafa Pancar for the preparation of the food. Chef Salim starts the preparation of the Atatürk’s meals with extraordinary care and creates a glorious menu, prepared with great attention. Atatürk, enjoying the meal and the table greatly, calls for Chef Salim and listens to his story and asks for the name of his restaurant. Then says “If you continue like this your luck will be great. So the name of your restaurant shall be İKBAL meaning fortunate.” Before the general lefts Afyon the İKBAL name board is already hanged at its place.

7) Marmara Lokum

Marmara turkish delight manufacturer and exporter

In 1930, by moving to Istanbul the founder of Marmara Lokum ;Ali GUNERI had chance to meet with the masters of its time.He had learnt the special recipes, hints of making the real traditional Lokum working with different palace cooks for 15 years and contrary to his young age, he proved himself quickly among them with his bright talent and hardwork.

While working here, his son Ahmet GUNERI was his first apprentice helping his father while his father was teaching him all his secrets.These products that the father and son created with their love and passion for years have been one of the most elite and famous Lokum known for years. The most precious heritage that the father left to his son is the secret notions that he gathered from the masters to make it as in the days of the Ottoman Empire.

After that time, the son Ahmet GUNERI decided to carry this heritage further and spread this unique traditional taste throughout the world .For this reason, he moved his mill to Istanbul and opened a store in the 400 year old Misir Carsisi(Spice Bazaar) which is one of the most visited and known places by tourists in Istanbul.Today Marmara Lokum is exporting these traditionally made taste to more than 30 countries with its capacity of 180 tons per month.

8) Ari Lokum

Top 15 Turkish Delight Manufacturers in Turkey: Best Brands Reliable Suppliers 5

Arı Delight, which was founded in 1978 by Hüseyin Karaoğlan, has improved its products considering all our customers and friends’ enjoys and has reached its original formula today. We have never given up hygiene, health and taste for 38 years and gone on working as a professional institution. It has also started to work for being a world company.

Arı Delight has been doing some laboratory works in order to get some new kinds of delights and also improve the taste of the delight. We have combined qualified raw material, well- qualified work performance, special production Formula and modern technology together with computer control system and we have reached only one point, which is ‘Turkish Delight, there is no other’.

9) Koska

Koska Turkey turkish delight lokum

The history of Koska dates back to the ‘helvacı’ (halva store) run by Hacı Emin Bey in Denizli in early 1900s. Continuing the family tradition, Halil İbrahim Adil Dindar and his sons arrived in Istanbul in 1931 and opened a store in the neighborhood called ‘Koska’. In time, they earned a reputation for their delicious halva and desserts. Due to their neighborhood, they came to be known as the halva store in Koska and later they officially registered this name as their brand. At the factory built in 1974 in Topkapı, they started manufacturing Turkish delight, preserves and nougat as well as halva. In 1983, brothers Mümtaz and Nevzat Dindar separated from their younger brothers and moved to the modern facilities they built in Merter, deciding to continue operations in this location. Still managed by the fourth generation, Koska continues manufacturing in its new facilities on the Avcılar-Ambarlı Junction stretching over 11 thousand square meters, with 22 thousand square meters of indoor space.

Always adhering to its tradition of quality since its inception, Koska is the recipient of ISO 22.000, ISO 9001, TSE, BRC and FDA quality certifications, as well as kosher and halal certifications to assure its customers that the products do not contain any ingredients against religious food laws. In addition to quality and taste, meeting hygienic conditions during all the phases of production is one of the most important principles of Koska. With over 700 employees, Koska believes quality production is achieved with quality personnel and as such applies the same attention and consideration for employee selection to training; all Koska employees undergo intense training until they become professionals.

10) Ozdilek Lokum

Top 15 Turkish Delight Manufacturers in Turkey: Best Brands Reliable Suppliers 6

Özdilek Lokum, produced daily with its traditional hand-work method and hard-line hygiene understanding, aims to meet the dessert needs with natural and healthy methods and to offer new tastes as well as traditional flavours. Özdilek Lokum, which hosts nostalgic and modern tastes, brings new tastes peculiar to the store with Turkish delight lovers in Özdilek Lokum stores opened in Özdilek Bursa and ÖzdilekPark Istanbul with a modern design and special concept.

“Our traditional dessert Turkish delight, which dates back to the 15th century, has been produced in Turkish delight production facilities within the body of Afyonkarahisar Shopping Center since April 20, 1996, with Özdilek quality and assurance.

11) Haci Serif Turkish Delight

Haci serif turkish delight turkey

Haci Serif was founded in 1938 in Babadag Turkey. It has around 200 employee in 41 stores across Turkey.

12) Tafe Sweets

Top 15 Turkish Delight Manufacturers in Turkey: Best Brands Reliable Suppliers 7

Our story begins in 1926 when TAHINCIOGLU family entered the food sector with the production of Tahini in the historical city of Mardin, Turkey. From 1949 to 1956 the family continued the business in the city of Diyarbakir with the participation of son Fehmi Tahincioglu. Later KENT CONFECTIONERY was established in ISTANBUL in 1956 and this time all 7 brothers joined. Through the years, many famous brands were created and KENT COMPANY received much acclaim in Turkey and Abroad. In 2014, Fehmi Tahincioglu went on the establish TAFE SWEETS in Kocaeli Turkey. Nebil Tahincioglu, a third generation member, joined his uncle In 2019 to carry the family flag into the future. All the accumulated knowledge of several generations and the sense of quality the family is known for are now within the delicious TAFE products.

13) Kevser Sekerleme

Top 15 Turkish Delight Manufacturers in Turkey: Best Brands Reliable Suppliers 9

KEVSER was established by HÜSEYİN ÇEÇEN in a small workplace of 150 square meters for the production of Turkish delight and jewelery a quarter of century ago. He began to take his place in the market from 1980 with his experience and determination. From time to time, HÜSEYİN ÇEÇEN has transformed a 150-square-meter workplace into a 300-square-meter workplace.

14) Hacizade Turkish Delight Producer Istanbul


Hacizade started its activities in 1974. They are a Turkish delight producer and exporter in Istanbul Turkey.

15) Hazerbaba Turkish Delights Manufacturer

Hazerbaba Turkish Delights

The roots of Hazer Baba dates back to 1888. It all started as a family business primarily focused on manufacture and trade of victuals in an Eastern Province of Turkey, called Elazig. Almost a century later, the company was relocated to Istanbul and restructured itself to establish a plant to handle large-scale Turkish delight production. Indeed, it was the first company which used modern equipment and manufacturing processes, while strictly being loyal to time-honored Turkish delight recipes. As expected, this brought rapid commercial success to Hazer Baba, since the company was able to preserve the original taste of Turkish delight without compromising today’s high standards of food safety.

For centuries, Turkish delight had been sold in loose form, packed in bulk. This was creating major shipping problems for importers. Not to mention the mess it created for retailers while handling and repackaging for individual customers. By innovative packaging starting from weights as little as 125 grams up to 454 grams and with the support of very appealing designs, Hazer Baba was able to revolutionize the global marketing and distribution of Turkish delight. Nowadays, Hazer Baba Turkish delight varieties are sought after products which can be found and effortlessly sold in supermarkets all around the world. Because of their unmatched shelf-life and long lasting qualities, our products sustain a stable all-year demand, as well.

Over the years, Hazer Baba has become the most well-known Turkish brand in more than 40 countries, single-handedly producing the majority of all Turkish delight exports in the world.

In addition to Turkish delight, Hazer Baba is also a reputable producer and exporter of instant fruit teas (in powder form). Cotton Candy Delight, Halva assortments in fancy gift boxes, high-end Turkish Coffee and Turkish Black Tea blends, luxury Candied Chestnuts are among our other exports.

From production to packaging and from storage to distribution, Hazer Baba has championed elevating its food safety standards to an unmatched level over the last 25 years. Consequently, it has become one the few companies in Turkey, which acquired both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 quality certifications.

In 2005, as a result of its rigorous efforts, Hazer Baba was collectively awarded by United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and Turkish Ministry of Agriculture with a medal: Among all traditional food producers in Turkey, Hazer Baba was acknowledged as the top company which paid utmost attention to food safety and its award was presented in Turkish Grand National Assembly with a special ceremony.

With its expert staff, Hazer Baba offers its international customers an excellent service by flawlessly addressing all their technical and commercial needs. As long as our minimum order quantities are met, groupage shipment requests are also welcome.