30+ Die Casting Machine Suppliers that You should know

Here we will show you top suppliers for die casting machines. We will cover about 30+ top suppliers of die casting machines.

This will be a guide to top manufacturers, so you can use this page when you need the list of top manufacturers anytime.


Die casting is one of the main processes of making metal products. It is vital and very common. 

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Bühler Group is one of the top suppliers of machinery within a range of fields. They offer die casting machines as well.

Bühler is global partner for all die casting needs. Independent of the industry you are active in – automotive, electronics or other technical applications – Bühler is your reliable partner for efficient production solutions.Bühler is a specialist in die casting technology for various light metal alloys. Customized and effective solutions are provided for aluminum and magnesium. Production plants using technology that has been refined over decades and in-depth knowledge of process structures in die castings form the foundation for the efficient production of the most demanding and complex components. Bühler provides optimized casting cells and aligned process controls, and gives advice on die design and the selection of metal alloys. Bühler supports its customers in all phases of a project – from planning to start-up and beyond. This allows for fast and reliable completion of extensive projects.

Practical training programs and an extensive range of services ensure a trouble-free and profitable production over the lifetime of a system. Bühler is active in over 140 countries around the world and operates its own technology centers in Europe, Asia and North America that provide advice to the customers on all matters regarding die casting technology.


“The World of Die Casting Technology”

This what they say on their homepage.

A german manufacturer of die casting machines. One of the top and well known brands worldwide.

They make both hot chamber die casting machines and cold chamber die casting machines.

Your Die Casting Industry Experts

Our passion for high-pressure die casting was the driving force behind our company’s evolution from a local tool-manufacturingoperation into a world-leading supplier of die casting technology. We offer vendors of zincmagnesium and aluminium castings tailor-made solutions for the manufacturing of different castings – from very small up to engine blocks or body parts.

30+ Die Casting Machine Suppliers You Should Know 1
30+ Die Casting Machine Suppliers You Should Know 2

Toshiba Machinery is a leading manufacturer of machines from Japan. They have been made more than 10000 die casting machines since thay had made the first one in 1953. 

The Toshiba Machine Group respects human values.  The Group’s mission is to contribute towards building the foundation for industry through creating an abundance of wealth and helping to improve people’s lives and cultural development. 
These pages provide an overview of the corporate profile of Toshiba Machine.

Idra Group supplies die casting machines and complete cells from 250 to 5000 tons, for aluminum and magnesium.

With 50 years’ experience and engineering, Idra is well aware that its customers require a complete and integrated system that can meet all the needs of any production line.

For this reason Idra has developed the necessary competence and structures to give each partner the best solutions, and in the course of the time it has acquired leading die producing companies in order to supply complete and tailor made turn key plants for each specific demand.

An example of installation, besides the diecasting machine and the integrated supervision and control system, includes:

– holding or dosing furnace
– metal ladle
– die lubricator
– device for insert loading and cast unloading
– Cast quality controller
– Cooling tank
– trimming press (“C”or with tie bars)
– Conveyor belts and cast ejection devices
– Thermoregulation devices
– Dies

From small machines to bigger cells, Idra always has the right answer to any customer’s need.

German manufacxturer of die casting machines and foundry equipment.

Under the motto “From Foundryman for Foundrymen” Kurtz manufactures low-pressure casting machines providing the perfect solution for all kind of applications.

Albertini is an Italian manufacturer and exporter of die casting machines and equipment.

They make hot chamber and cold chamber die casting machines.

We are a young and dinamic business company carrying on was consolidated over a long period of time in the field of die casting by the Albertini family, with the aim of becoming a new market reference point.

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30+ Die Casting Machine Suppliers You Should Know 6

A leading Japanese manufacturer of die casting machinery

Responding to evolving requirements with rich experience and advanced technology: Improvements in energy efficiency, productivity and compactness

Die casting machines produce metal products by filling metal molds with melted light alloy. The resulting products are utilized in a broad spectrum of areas, including high-strength suspension and engine components for automobiles, vehicle bodywork, and components for large, lightweight household appliances. Since creating the first machine in 1962, UBE Machinery has always aimed for technological innovation and tackled machine development in anticipation of the needs of the future.

Producer Ltd. Taiwan

Colosio Srl

Botticino Sera, near Brescia, Colosio Srl produces die-casting machines and accessories since 1970.
In a short time, Colosio srl has established itself in the world of die-casting and has become one of the leaders in the sector, focusing its attention on the production of technologically advanced machines, with solid and modern design, supported by a technical assistance service particularly fast and efficient.