Best Turkish Brands (Top Brands in Turkey from Main Industries)

Turkish brands from various industries are presented in this post. From many industries like airlines, white goods, foods & beverages, clothing, petrol & gas, and banking the top Turkish brands and companies can be found here.

Top Turkish Brands List

We added top 20 from Brand Finance research and added more. Brand finance list covers the most valuable brands in Turkey.

  1. Turkish Airlines
  2. Ziraat Bank
  3. Garanti BBVA
  4. Turkcell
  5. Arçelik
  6. Turk Telekom
  7. Akbank
  8. Is Bank
  9. Yapi Kredi Bank
  10. Ford Otosan Automotive
  11. LC Waikiki Apparel
  12. BSH White Goods Home Appliances
  13. Bim Retail Stores
  14. Opet Petroleum
  15. Ülker Foods
  16. Vestel Home Appliances
  17. Vakıfbank
  18. Anadolu Efes, Beer
  19. Halkbank
  20. Denizbank

However, the list with brand and manufacturer details below will give you more insight on Turkish brands which are the most favored ones in Turkey.

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These car brands have manufacturing facilities in Turkey. The top car brands in Turkey are:

  1. Ford Otosan
  2. Oyak Renault
  3. Tofas Fiat
  4. Toyota Turkey
  5. Hyundai Turkey


Ford otosan Cars Turkey

Ford Otosan (Ford Otomotiv Sanayi A.Ş.), is a publicly traded (18%) company, where Ford Motor Company* (41%) and Koç Holding A.Ş.(41%) have equal shares.

Ford Otosan, being one of the top 3 exporting companies of Turkey since 2004, has achieved 9 consecutive years automotive industry championship and is Turkey’s export champion for 5 years in a row. The leadership also continued in 2019 by the export of vehicles and spare parts to 96 countries in 5 continents worth 5.9 billion USD.

Ford Otosan, operating in 3 main centers with its Gölcük and Yeniköy Plants in Kocaeli, Eskişehir Plant in Eskişehir, Sancaktape R&D Center and Spare Parts Warehouse in İstanbul, employs almost 11,000 people. Ford Otosan is the most valuable automotive company in Borsa İstanbul.

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Renault Turkey

Established in 1969. The car manufacturing company’s shareholders are Renault France and Oyak Group of Turkey.

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Tofas Fiat Tuırkish car brand

Turkey’s only automotive manufacturer that produces both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles
Founded in 1968, Tofaş is the only company in Turkey that manufactures both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

Tofaş is a Koç Holding and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) partnership in which each controls an equal stake. With 24.3% of its capital publicly-traded, Tofaş’s shares are included in both the Borsa İstanbul BIST 30 and the BIST 100 indexes as well as in that exchange’s Corporate Governance Index and Sustainability indexes.

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Turkish confectionery chocolate and biscuits brands are many. Turkey is a big manufacturer and exporter of chocolates and biscuits. The Top 3 brands are:

  1. Ulker
  2. Eti
  3. Solen


Ulker confectionery Turkey

Ülker: a brand name not limited by time and space

Ülker, whose history goes back to 1944, is one of the best loved brand names in Turkey. Founded and built in the 20th century, the Ülker brand, riding on its phenomenal momentum, was carried into the 21st century, seemingly unlimited by time and space. With its roots in tradition but reaching toward the future, Ülker is a name that continues to focus on the sociological and economic wellbeing of the community, but in parallel with that side of its existence, the organization is gaining new meaning. For the timeless Ülker brand, there seems to be no end in sight.

During the early years of the company, the Ülker brand manufactured more and more products with the functional benefits of qualities of taste, safety and nutrition. In the years that followed, the name Ülker became synonymous with happy memories and the intrinsic values of trust, honesty and affinity. Ülker became part of the daily lives of many Turkish families and slowly but surely became entwined in the lives of consumers.

Surveys conducted in conjunction with the 65th anniversary of Ülker discovered that people of all ages and backgrounds have a memory or anecdote associated with an Ülker product.

Some of them have are still enjoying happy moments with the Ülker brand; some are just discovering the new tastes and significance of the brand. Ülker is associated with “happy moments and memories” experienced by people of all ages.

The love that consumers and communities have for the Ülker brand is a unique phenomenon. Research shows that the Ülker brand is the second most recognized brand in Turkey, in all categories.

In its own category, Ülker is the most beloved brand name of all.

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Turkish brand Eti

A factory producing small happinesses was a dream of Firuz Kanatlı and drawn by himself in 1961. Eti’s journey of taste began with the sense of courage, devotion and innovativeness of a handful of people working with ambition. Eti grew, developed with quality and effort and has become the first brand coming to mind in Turkey ‘when it comes to happiness.

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solen chocolate brand in Turkey

Şölen, one of the brave and innovative companies of Turkey, is taking firm steps towards the future with the power it has obtained from its brands.

Şölen, which started each work in its 30-year history full of firsts with the aim of being a global player of the region and the world, has gained significant success in international markets with its brands such as Biscolata, Ozmo, Milango, Boombastic, Luppo, Lokkum and Nutymax.

Şölen, which puts person at the center of its work, exports its more than 200 products in snacks, children’s products, gifts and treats categories to approximately 120 countries from the United States to Belgium and the Maldives.

Having established its own organization in order to be able to exist strongly in the target markets, Şölen currently has regional offices in Dubai, Algeria, Azerbaijan, USA and Saudi Arabia, and regional directorates in Levant Region, Canada, China and Latin America.

It recently established its offices in Germany and England.

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Top Turkish clothing brands are as follows:

  1. LCW
  2. Koton
  3. Mavi

Turkey is one of the top manufacturers and exporters of Clothing in the World.


LCW logo

Founded by three partners of French origin in 1988, LC Waikiki started its commercial life as a wholesale brand.

Established and registered in Paris, LC Waikiki attracted attention with its t-shirt and sweatshirt designs in the first place.

With the separation of the two founding partners of the brand in time, LC Waikiki was passed to George Amouyal as the sole shareholder.

Tema Tekstil, which is connected to Taha Group and is the producer as well as licensor of LC Waikiki in Turkey, bought the worldwide rights of the LC Waikiki brand in 1997.

After the purchase of all the rights of the brand, the name of Tema Tekstil, belonging to Taha Group, was changed to “LC Waikiki Retailing Services”.

The 7 percent share of the group was transferred to George Amouyal, from whom LC Waikiki’s royalties were purchased. Although George Amouyal, of French origin, has not been actively involved in the management of LC Waikiki after the brand name transfer, he still holds 7 percent of our company.

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Koton apparel brand

Koton, which has 480 stores, including 290 in Turkey and 190 abroad, in addition to more than 800 sales points, aims to become the fast fashion brand with the richest and most popular collections across 5 continents in 2023.

With its creative, innovative, customer- and technology- oriented approach, Koton adopts the policy of bringing seasonal trends together with authentic designs and offering them for sale at convenient locations and at attractive prices.

With its design team, consisting of more than 220 young and experienced staff, and more than 10,000 employees, Koton offers approximately 30,000 different models in more than 50 collections to its customers every year.

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Mavi Jeans Turkey

Incorporated in Istanbul in 1991, today Mavi is recognized as a highly successful, global lifestyle brand.

With presence in 35 countries including Turkey, USA, Canada, Germany, Russia and Australia Mavi sells its products via 440 mono-brand stores and c. 5,500 points of sale.

The Perfect Fit philosophy guides Mavi in designing the jeans that perfectly fit the lifestyles, body types and quality expectations of its customers.

With 9.7 million pairs of jeans sold in 2019, Mavi ranks among the world’s leading premium denim brands. Denim category accounts for 44% of Mavi’s global sales and lifestyle apparel for 56%.

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Turkish home apliances & white goods manufacturers are among the Turkey’s top exporting companies. There are many brands for lectrical home appliances, however, a few of them are very big and well known.

Top Turkish Home Appliances Brands and Manufacturers are:

  1. Arcelik / Beko
  2. Vestel
  3. Profilo


arcelik durable goods, home appliances

Inspired by technology…

The journey started in 1955. Today, Arcelik is operating in more than 146 countries with 12 brands.

Arcelik specializes in consumer durables and consumer electronics, offering production, marketing, and after-sales support services in these sectors. As Europe’s fourth-biggest white goods company in total sales, Arcelik is also the market leader with their Arctic brand in Romania,

Defy in South Africa, and Dawlance in Pakistan. 2019 consolidated revenue reached TRY 31.942 Million.

The Brands: Arcelik, Beko, Grundig, Defy…

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Vestel brand white goods Turkey

Comprised of 24 companies, the Vestel Group is a multi-industry manufacturer, which operates in electronics, household appliances, mobile technologies, LED lighting and defence.

Testimony to the global importance of Zorlu Holding across multiple technology sectors, Vestel is not only thriving at home in Turkey with its 12 companies, but also through a further 14 businesses that have been set up in various other parts of the world.

Originally founded in 1984, Vestel has grown from strength to strength, realizing its global potential after joining the Zorlu Group in 1994.

Having rapidly accumulated market share, Vestel has attained global significance thanks to its flourishing export activity and enormous production capacity.

In 2014 alone, Vestel received more than 66 of the most prestigious design awards.

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Profilo BSH

Profilo is a top brand of home appliances in Turkey, is a part of BSH since 1995.

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