Dried Turkish Figs Producers & Exporters & Benefits of Turkish Figs

Dried Fig Exporters Turkey

Turkish Figs are very popular around the World because of its quality and health benefits. The most convenient way of buying Turkish figs and benefiting from it is the form of Dried Figs.

Turkey is the leading producer and exporter country of dried figs accross the World.

About 50 % of the World’s Dried figs production takes place in Turkey and almost 2/3 of dried figs exports in the World realized by Turkish dried fig exporters.

Turkish Dried Fig is very famous in the World mainly because of  dried fruit quality of highly delicious Sarılop (also known as Calimyrna) variety.

Turkey's Turkish Figs Production and Varieties

Fig production areas in Turkey map
Source: tarimorman.gov.tr

Turkish figs are mainly produced in Western Turkey in Cities Aydin and Izmir. Almost 75% of figs are produced in this area. So the dried figs production mostly takes place in this region as well.

Above table shows top Figs producing provinces of Turkey by years. 

Most Popular Varieties of Dried Turkish Figs

Sarilop and Sari Zeybek are the most popular fig fruits for drying in Turkey. They are mainly used for exports.They are mainly produced in Aydin province.

Sarilop Figs:

Sarilop Fig Turkey

Sari Zeybek Figs:

Sari zeybek fig Turkey

Health Benefits of Dried Turkish Figs

  1. Good for Constipation and Digestive Disorder
  2. Good for Blood Pressure Patients
  3. Helps Diabetes Patients
  4. It is the Enemy of Cardiovascular Diseases
  5. Good for the skin


Dried figs cure is at least as healthy as dried figs. Dried figs cure is prepared as follows:

Eight to nine dried figs are added to boiling half chlorine-free water. After it is boiled for seven minutes with its mouth closed, it is left to warm by covering it. After the boiled cure is warmed, it is filtered. After filtering it is divided into three or two. This cure is taken on an empty stomach 10-15 minutes before meals.


Top Dried Turkish Figs Exporter Companies

Aktuna - Duma Gida

About Company

Our Company has been established to process, pack and trade dried fruits, processed foods, and produce food ingredients, from Turkey to world markets. After about two decades of experience in agricultural commodity trade and food industry in different places and selected companies, we are now consolidating our knowledge and experience under AKTUNA LTD name, to serve our valued customers all around the world, with out best quality products from out state-of-the-art production facilities
In accordance to our business concept, we work closely with customers’ development departments to meet their particuler needs. We targeted to be a leading supplier for our customers, for their requirements from the commodities to the final products, in our range.

Isik Organic - Altintac Gida

About Company

With over 30 years of experience in growing, processing and exporting Organic / Natural Products, we are a leading processor, packer and exporter of Organic / Natural dried fruits & nuts and frozen fruits in Turkey. ISIK Tarim A.S. exports +16,000 MT (35 million lbs) of products to over 30 countries each and every year.

We are proud to be the ‘First Turkish Company’ to start it’s own organic project called ‘Happy Village’. We are holding DEMETER (Bio-dynamic), BIO SUISSE (Switzerland), JAS (Japan), NOP (USA), EU Organic and BRC Grade A Food Safety certifications.

Cevik Dried Figs

About Company

A Turkish dried figs exporter company from Aydin Turkey.

Fama Food Dried Figs

About Company

FAMA Gıda started its activities in 2004 as a company with two shareholders in parallel with the past experience. At the beginning it acted as a distributor of assertive National Companies in food sector with the aim of developing sale and marketing strategies. In 2006 the head office of the company was moved to Aydın and the projects of production of dry figs were developed for the first time and a processing and packing plant was established for handling the famous dry figs of Aydın on an area covering 130 m2.

Gunaydinlar Organic

About Company

Established by Kazım Günaydın in 1989, Günaydınlar Co. Ltd. is an enterprising and innovative company which carries on business in the dried fruit export which takes an important place in Turkey’s economy. Günaydınlar Co. Ltd. plays a fundamental role in Dried Fig, Dried Apricot, Pine Nut, Seedless Dried Grape and Dried Mulberry export. We carry on our works in every field from production to customer relations professionally with our experience and knowledge from our past and the principle of 100% customer satisfaction. Attaching importance to quality, hygiene and technology in the production, Günaydınlar Co. Ltd. has primarily ISO -22000 and BRC but also many other international quality certificates. Günaydınlar Co. Ltd. offers service with its 300 employees in the packaging facilities founded on a 12.000 square meter covered area which has been located nearby Aydın-Incirliova County as of 2007. Günaydınlar Co. Ltd. is a constantly developing institution which is open to new technology and new ideas and seeks after the state-of-the-art technology and information.

Kalkan Organic Agricultural Products

About Company

Our firm engaged with food industry business activities has established in İstanbul in 1989 with first generations.İn the same year our firm started trading of fresh fruit and packing and export the fresh fruits. With second generations has established KALKAN ORGANIC AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS in Aydın in 2009. After year of 2009 the company started to engage with organic and conventional dried fruit processing activities,dried figs ,dried apricots hazelnut.chesnut, dried raisins ,poppy seeds and conventional fruits. Our firm is one of the export leading companies based on 30 years experience and we serve in our 8000 m2 factory.

Kirlioglu Dried Figs

About Company

KIRLIOĞLU FIGS was founded in 1990 as a family company in Nazilli which is the biggest fig growing and production centre in Turkey. Till the establishment of the company KIRLIOĞLU family was growing figs in their orchards. The family founded KIRLIĞLU FIGS ‘in 1990 thanks to its experience in this sector and started dried fig production and marketing in its own plant. Since its foundation, the company has expanded rapidly thans to the business experience as a grower and a couple of years later totaly renewed. the initial factory and machine park in compliance with modern food production standards and constantly expanded.

Today the company has become one of the best dried fig producers of Turkey. In the beginning KIRLIOĞLU FIG was only producing for the domestic market. After obtaining a strong base in the domestic market, in the years 2000’s the company opened to the world markets by producing for the exporters in domestic market and for the firms outside Turkey under their brands. Today KIRLIOĞLU FİG is making its production in modern production processes at European standarts and hygienic conditions in 20000 m2 closed area with a modern production plant and skilled and experienced staff in fig production. Now the company is presenting and marketing its own quality dried figs under its own brands, FIGGY, KIRDAĞ AND KIRLIOĞLU for the domestic and world markets.The long term target of the company is to have a strong base in the world markets among the best producers worldwide in the area of dried fig production.

Soleil Agricultural Products

About Company

Turkish dried figs are considered the highest quality in all fig growing countries with its sugar content, light yellow skin and its amber colored inside.

SOLEIL’s plant is settled in the center of worldwide famous fig orchards. In this matter we are actively involved in all stages of the process, to assure superior quality for our customers.

We understand the demands of increasingly stringent standards of food safety ;

  • A comprehensive quality management system, BRC Food
  • Multi-stage quality tests during processing to assure food safety
  • Field to fork traceability
  • A strong focus on R&D + i, the drive for continuous improvement


Since it was founded, SOLEIL name has stood for high quality dried figs. As a family-run company, it is our concern and duty to continue along the path of uncompromising business ethics.

Yavuz Dried Turkish Figs

About Company

More than 20 years experience in Dried figs processing, production and exports.

Akasya Tarim

About Company

Akasya Ltd. is a leading international trade company;

Creator and owner of Greenfield Brand and Greenfield Organic Project.
Akasya Ltd. Head Office located in Ýzmir in the heart of Turkish agricultural trade and organic production.
Produce, pack and export both organic and conventional products.
Organize ecologicfarming in fourbig cities of Aegean region Ýzmir, Denizli, Aydýn and Manisa with more than 300farmers and 2000ha fields.
Exports all its driedfruit products to EU and USA.
Serves organic raw cotton to a wide range of countries includingEU, Far East, USA, besides Turkish textile industry.
100% of production is made by contracted farmers and ginners of Akasya Greenfield Project under controlling and certification of Control Union World Group.

Osman Akca Dried Fruits Exporter

About Company

Dried Fruit At Its Best Since 1955
Osman Akca, established in 1955 by Mr. Osman Akca, is one of the group companies of AKCA Holding .
AKCA Holding has been one of the biggest companies in Turkey with 7000employees and USD 500 million turnover.
Through continuous innovations and developments, AKÇA HOLDING Group company OSMAN AKÇA has become one of the world market leaders in dried fruits sector. The company has reached an important volume in dried sultanas/raisins, figs & fig paste and apricots.
Osman Akca SA is one of the biggest producer, processor and exporter of dried fruits in Turkey. The company is the supplier of world leading brand retailers, muesli makers and bakeries.
The company has the largest area allocated for dried fruit process in Aydin and Manisa with 150.000 square meter open and covered area.
As the pioneer company in dried fruit sector, we pack the most natural & healthy fruits in highest technology equipped lines with unique craftmanship.


About Company

  • Bizeks was established in 2002 by two professionals who have gained many years of experience in the food industry.
  • Invested with the European Union supported government grant new production facility is in İTOB organized industry region which is one the most developed industrial zone of the country.
  • The company has a good possibility to select the best quality raw materials thanks to the factory location in the center of the cultivation areas for traditional Turkish export products like figs, raisins, etc.
  • Producer and exporter of retail and bulk packaged products for both retail chains and food industries.
  • Besides its high capacity, it is flexible with product and packaging types tailored to the demand in customer’s markets.
  • Bizeks with its dynamic structure open to innovations and developments aims to long term business partnerships based on honest, transparent, creative and close collaboration instead of ordinary seller-buyer relationships with all its business partners in many different geographies of the world.

Gabay Turkish Figs

About Company

Gabay Dış Ticaret has been trading and exporting dried fruits for the last four generations. Our main products are dried fig and dried apricot.

Our company combines the experience achieved over generations with today’s technologies and is growing with our values.

More than 100 years of experience, the plant in the production area, and our vision, makes us a worldwide company.

Our factory received the highest scores through hygiene and product quality audits from the different organizations. Currently our production capacity is 6000 tons in dried fig and 2500 tons in dried apricot. We aim to increase this numbers every year.

KFC Dried Fruits

About Company

  • K.F.C. Gıda A.Ş has been established in 1993 and processing dried fruits and pepper pickles for industries, retailers and foodservices.
  • The company carries a philosophy of a long-term approach to investment and relationship with a firm commitment to quality, safety, and reliability.
  • Our products are processed in our modern factories in which BRC, Kosher, Halal, Vegan, NON-GMO, GLOBALGAP, Fair For Life certifications & EU, NOP, JAS, KRAV, NOPCOR organic certifications are in place. We are also a member of SEDEX system.
  • We established our own subsidiary company in New Jersey where now we distribute our goods from 6 warehouses located in different regions of the USA.
  • Our products list all available both in different retail and bulk pack solutions; Turkish Sultanas, Raisins, Dried Apricots, Dried Figs, Dried Mulberries, Dried Dates, Fruit Mixtures, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Pepperoncini Pickles, Jalapeno Pepper Pickles, Banana Pepper Pickles.
  • Our fruits range can be packed also as organic & pasteurized.

Musco Brand

About Company

  • Since 1988, we have been processing and exporting dried figs and dried apricots in our family company, Musco Brand which is our registered trademark since 2001, in Aydın, Turkey – the homeland of dried figs-under the management of Mr. Mustafa Çoban.
  • Today with 1.500 tonnes of yearly production capacity, our company holds a good ranking among dried fruit exporters of Turkey and expands its customer portfolio every day with its quality products and services.
  • In addition to our registered “Musco Brand”, we are also able to supply with any other private label in hygienic conditions and with technological equipment.
  • Being one of the biggest and oldest dried fig exporters in Aydın region, Musco Brand has supplied its products to many countries in Europe, The United States, the Far East, and the Middle East.
  • Aydın is located approximately 150 km southeast of İzmir, in the center of a fertile plain at the Menderes River. Thanks to its very favorable climate, the best Turkish figs can be found in this area. The remoteness of the area and the lack of conventionally cultivated neighboring fields in an area of 350 hectares ensure that the Aydın figs can be grown and harvested in a totally unpolluted environment.
  • Figs belong to the crops that have been cultivated since early on in human history. For thousands of years, figs have been grown in the Mediterranean region and were highly esteemed by the ancient Greeks and the Romans. The ancient Egyptians put figs in the pharaoh burial chambers as provisions for the so-called true fig (ficus carica).
  • Fig trees can grow up to 8 meters high. A fig tree can be harvested for the first time after five years but may carry fruit up to so years. The fruit color ranges from yellowish-green to dark purple. The granular fruit pulp may vary from pink to red.

Selcuk Gida

About Company

  • Selçuk Food is a family company founded in 1932 and now operated by the 3rd generation in the dried fruit business.
  •  Today, the company whose major product is dried fruits and is traded in the İstanbul Stock Exchange as a public company since 1998.
  •  In its facility of 5000 tonnes capacity, located in the motherland of figs, Aydın, Ortaklar, Selçuk Food has been offering the best quality dried fruits produced according to customer’s specifications and national and international legislations.
  •  Every stage from the field, plant, process, storage to shipment is strictly kept under control of its trained and qualified personnel. Therefore, Selçuk Food has been accredited by IFS, BRC, Kosher and Ecocert Certificates due to its successfully working system of traceability from the consumer to the farmer.
  •  Providing the best price/quality balance with product reliability, Selçuk Food has been exporting its products in bulk, foodservice and in retail packages under its own brand Eagle Brand and private labels to more than 30 countries including Germany, UK, Italy, France, USA, Canada, China, and Japan.
  •  Its sensitivity for quality enabled Selçuk Food to achieve its good reputation worldwide and to work both under Eagle Brand and private labels with the biggest hyper-supermarket and discount chains, having the strictest quality criteria.
  •  In order to satisfy international customers’ expectations and market requirements, Selçuk Food has been continuously investing in equipment such as washing machines, packing machines, metal detectors and differentiating its products with new packaging designs.
  •  Selçuk Food’s goal is to keep the sustainable growth of the company with its delicious natural sundried fruits and to reach the furthest corners of the world with its 87 years of experience in exporting.

Sentas Dried Fruits

About Company

SENTAS was established by our founder Çakır Ali in the town of Beydağ of Ödemiş district in İzmir at the beginning of 1900s.

At that time, our founder was one of the producers of that region’s unique and delicious figs. He was trading own raised figs and the ones he gathered from other producers together to various places in Turkey.

In 1925, After the death of his father, Mehmet Şen took the responsibility in the company. He fostered the company with the attitude he took on from his dad. He also raised his children Kadir,Orhan and Turan at the same time.

Mehmet Şen and his sons aimed to expand the company to the world and to reach bigger markets. In accordance with their aim, they created a brand called HODJA BRAND and started exporting dry fruit.

Timtas Dried Fruits

About Company

  • From the 1940s to the present day, Timtaş A.Ş. had a place in the trading world. We believe business is a matter of trust, and we care about being a reliable supplier of such ingredients as apricot, fig, date and raisin pastes. We believe, we owe our existence to our strict quality control standards approved by our customers worldwide for over seventy years. Fields are places where quality control begins. All our products are checked at every stage to meet HACCP principles. Thanks to systematic and critical checks, risks are eliminated and high-quality end products are guaranteed.
  •  We are committed to perfection and to maintaining the same high standards, with respect to guaranteed deliveries, and to fulfilling the particular customer demands in meeting specifications thanks to a wealth of experience, expertise, and facilities.

Vesta Dried Fruits

About Company

  • Vesta is a privately-owned company established in 2000. Today with a total 30.000 m2 closed area of 4 factories and 250 employees, we combine our local expertise and tradition with the highest global standards of trading and food processing technology.
  • Our first factory was built in Malatya on a 5000 m2 closed area for dried apricot operations.
  • Our second factory was built in 2011 for dried fig and dried tomato production in İzmir. Then followed our sultana and raisin processing plant in İzmir in 2015.
  • Our latest acquisition is a retail packing plant in Aegean Free Zone, İzmir for packing local as well as imported dried fruits and nuts from all around the globe.
  • Believing the highest quality could start only from the orchard, we designed and built our processing plants in the midst of growing valleys and fields. Without any exceptions, all our factories are BRC certified and are SEDEX and/or BSCI audited. We combine the most advanced technology and highest standards we meet the requirements of global trends and most demanding customers.
  • Our products are dried apricots, dried figs, sultanas and raisins, dates, sun-dried tomatoes, prunes, tropical dried fruits, dried fruit and nut bars, pastes, pulses packed in different fashions – apart from bulk products in cardboard boxes – such as doy bags, quattro seal bags, pillow bags, MAP trays, jars and different kinds of trays & tubs.