Turkish Apple Tea: Is it a Scam or a Marketing Success?

Last Updated on September 10, 2023 by gungorkaya

Is there really such a thing as traditional Turkish apple tea? The answer may disappoint you!

This post is aimed to clarify some facts about the product known as Turkish Apple Tea.

We believe that Turkish Apple Tea can be a topic of Marketing courses. Because there are many producers and sellers of Turkish apple tea, mostly in powder form, and there is  a perception that apple tea is a traditional Turkish drink.

is turkish apple tea a scam or marketing success?

Before detailing our ideas, check below 2 answers from ChatGPT to 2 related questions. You will easily realize the contradiction in the answers.

Question 1: is there a product as Traditional Turkish apple tea?

Answer of ChatGPT:

Yes, there is a traditional Turkish apple tea known as “elma çayı” in Turkish. It is a popular beverage in Turkey and is often served in restaurants, cafes, and homes. Turkish apple tea is typically made from dried apple pieces or apple-flavored tea blends. It has a sweet and fruity flavor, and it is often enjoyed hot, especially during the colder months.

Question 2: Is Turkish apple tea consumed by turks?

Answer of ChatGPT:

Turkish apple tea, while it exists and is available, is not a traditional or widely consumed beverage among Turks in the same way that traditional Turkish black tea or Turkish coffee are. Turkish black tea, known as “çay,” is the most popular and commonly consumed hot beverage in Turkey. It’s a strong, black tea typically served in small glasses without milk.

Turks also enjoy a variety of herbal teas and fruit teas, but the traditional apple tea you might find marketed to tourists is not a daily staple in Turkish households. Instead, it is often served in tourist areas and hotels to cater to international visitors who may be looking for a unique Turkish tea experience.


The interesting thing is that if you ask people on the street in Turkey (except in tourist centres), you will find that the vast majority are ignorant about it.

Does this mean that there is no such thing as Turkish apple tea? Of course not.

Actually, what we want to say is that there is such a thing as apple tea. But it is not correct to say it is traditional, or even it is Turkish. Because almost 95% of Turks may not be aware of the existence of such a traditional apple tea!

Germans, Americans and citizens of many other countries are aware of it, and so are Turkish apple tea producers. That is because apple tea is served and sold mostly in tourist areas in Turkey and exported to many countries.

Facts about Turkish Apple Tea:

  • Apple tea is not a traditional Turkish drink.
  • Most Turks don’t drink apple tea and most of them don’t even know that it exists.
  • We can say that it is a purely touristic drink.

There is no shame in drinking and liking Turkish apple tea!

Just know that it is not a traditional beverage.

Traditionally, drinks such as black tea, Turkish coffee are common in Turkey.

Whether in the form of a powdered drink or in the form of herbal tea, you can enjoy drinking apple tea.

How did Turkish apple tea become popular?

There is no clear information on this subject in any source. But what is certain is that traditional Turkish apple tea is a marketing success.

Probably, if we find out who first produced this drink in powdered form, we will find the answer to our question.


  • Apple tea is not a drink specific to Turkey.
  • Apple tea is not traditional.
  • Apple tea is not drunk by majority of Turks, and most Turks do not even know it exists.