Top Turkish Ceramic Tiles Brands & Manufacturers (Sanitaryware Suppliers included)

Do you know why Turkish ceramic tiles are so famous in the World? Mainly because they are actually of highest quality, and yet affordable and it is a fact thet there are many Turkish ceramic tiles brands who are reliable in international markets.

Turkey is the third biggest manufacturer and exporter of ceramics and tiles in Europe after Italy and Spain.

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You will see the best ceramic tiles and ceramics sanitaryware manufacturers and brands in Turkey in this post and you will be able to visit their wesites for business opportunities. The top Turkish ceramics tiles brands & manufacturers in Turkey are:
  1. Kütahya Ceramics
  2. Kale Seramik / Çanakkale Seramik
  3. Vitra
  4. Bien Ceramics
  5. Ege Ceramics
Now let us see the full list.
Turkish ceramic tiles manufacturers brands in Turkey

1. NG Kutahya Ceramics

NG Kutahya Seramik is one of the biggest and well-known ceramics manufacturers and brands in Turkey. The company has been active in ceramics industry since 1960s.

NG Kütahya Seramik has been operating with “ sectoral leadership in quality, service and innovation” aim. Principle elements of sense of rule and manufacturing of NG Kütahya Seramik are, following technological developments closely, evaluating team work efficiently, providing created modern, unique design and services to its customers. The production ranges 10cmx20cm to 120cmx240cm dimensions, as floor-wall tiles, glazed porcelain and glass mosaics.

The Origitile Collection which is produced with digital technology and hand-made glass mosaics named Brezza are the brands of NG Kütahya Seramik.

NG Kutahya Seramic has the biggest ceramics factory in Turkey and claims they have produced the biggest ceramic tile in the World.

Turkish Ceramics Tiles Brands & Manufacturers 1

2. Kale Ceramic Tiles

Laying its foundation with Canakkale Ceramic Factories Corporation in 1957, Kale Group pioneered the formation of the ceramics industry in Turkey, and has become an industry giant internationally with its investments. It has grown over the course of time with investments in machinery and equipment manufacturing, defense, chemistry, electrical appliances, energy, IT, transportation, tourism and food industries. Kale Group is currently comprised of 17 companies, and is regarded as one of the most important industrial enterprises of Turkey with over 5,000 employees, spanning over a geography across Canakkale to several locations in Turkey to Italy and Russia. Kale Group is Europe’s 3rd and the world’s 12th largest ceramics manufacturer and in construction chemical sector, it is ranked first in Turkey and the region and 5th in Europe in terms of production and sales volume. Moreover, as a 100% private Turkish company, it is taking on a leading and influential role in defense and aviation sectors. Kale Group provides its products to consumers in over 100 countries via more than 400 sales points.

Kale Group, adopting the principles and beliefs of its founder Ibrahim Bodur, has always made contributions to communities for over 50 years through its industrial identity, in education, health, culture, arts, science and sports. Dr. Ibrahim Bodur established the Kaleseramik Education, Health and Social Welfare Foundation to achieve continuity in these contributions.

Kale Group Has the following Brands:

  • Canakkale Ceramics – offers ceramic tiles
  • Kale Banyo (Banyo Means Bathroom) – offers ceramic sanitaryware, Faucets, Bathroom furniture and more…
  • Kalebodur – offers ceramic tiles, Pool side accessories

3. Vitra ( By Eczacibasi Group)

VitrA has been the first Turkish company to produce ceramic sanitaryware in 1958.

As part of its strategy to become a global brand, VitrA continued to grow by expanding its portfolio with global giants. In 2006, it incorporated Engers Keramik, a famous ceramics business from the German market, marking the first overseas acquisition by a Turkish ceramics business. It acquired majority shares of the Tiles Department of Villeroy & Boch AG, the world’s most reputable and well-known ceramics brand, in 2007, and of Burgbad, one of Europe’s leading luxury bathroom furniture producers, in 2008. Earning approximately three quarters of its revenues from foreign markets and boasting numerous achievements crowned with international design awards, today VitrA is a global brand recognised by world-famous designers and architects.


Vitra is a top manufacturer and brand of ceramic tiles and sanitaryware in Turkey.

4. Bien Ceramics / Turkish Ceramic Tiles manufacturer

Bien, a part of Ercan Group of Companies, is a key player in the building materials industry in Turkey and the world. As a brand that stands out with its pioneering design identity, Bien adopts an environment-friendly approach and respects nature.


Bien Seramik (Bien Yapı Ürünleri Sanayi Turizm ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi) is part of Ercan Group of Companies, which operates in the energy, tourism, insurance, and building materials sectors.

Bien Seramik, manufacturing at its Bilecik and Bozüyük plants, operates with over 130 authorized sellers and more than 3,500 sale points across the country. Bien Seramik has grown to become a global brand, currently exporting 35 percent of its production to nearly 70 countries on six continents. With award-winning designs and a range of more than 100 product lines, the company has an annual production capacity exceeding 40 million square meters. The manufacturing sites hold TS EN 14411 and TSE YILDIZ/ÇİFT YILDIZ certification, confirming that production meets Turkish standards. Bien Seramik has also established an Integrated Management System and obtained ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications. The company has furthermore received Authorized Economic Operator designation as part of the regulation on facilitating customs procedures. Bien Seramik, utilizing state-of-the-art production technologies, is the first manufacturer in Turkey to use digital technology to produce wall tiles and 20mm technical porcelain tiles.

Bien Banyo (Bathroom) (Bien Banyo Ürünleri Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi) is part of Ercan Group of Companies, which operates in the energy, tourism, insurance, and building materials sectors.

After deciding to focus on each category individually, Bien began to invest in ceramic sanitaryware (CSW) in 2011 and established Bien Banyo Ürünleri Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ in 2017. Bien Banyo, focused on specializing in its specific product range and increasing its capacity, launched its sales and marketing activities in January 2018. Bien Banyo applies the latest technological innovations in its production and offers a broad product range, which includes ceramic sanitaryware, faucets, concealed cisterns, and bathroom accessories.

Turkish ceramic tiles by Bien Seramik
ceramic tiles made in Turkey

5. Ege Seramik Tiles

Ege Seramik Turkey / Ceramic Tiles Manufacturer

Ege Seramik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., was founded in Izmir in 1972 by İbrahim Polat, started production in 1975.

Ege Seramik has approximately 24 million 300 thousand m²/year  production capacity in the production plants in an area of 416.752 m2,  26 km. far from Izmir Port in Kemalpaşa, Izmir.

Shares of the company open to public have been dealt in Stock Market İstanbul since 1992. Shares of the company were traded on Yıldız Market in 2016.

Ege Seramik, which bears a number of the first in the sector, contributed to development of the sector by introducing digital printing technology to Turkish Ceramic Sector with the mark “Digital Tile by Ege Seramik” in 2009. Ege Seramik is maintaining the goal of producing products as real as the real ones which it connects them with this important technology with the slogan “Perfect Nature, Perfect Beauty”.

6. Seranit

Turkish ceramic tiles manufacturers Seranit Brand

Following the innovations in the modern production technologies and
adapting these into its existing technopark promptly, and as a result,
continuously developing its strong infrastructure, Seranit draws attention as the leader of the firsts in the porcelain tile sector:

• The first factory of Turkey producing technical porcelain,

• Seranit generates inovative products like Super White with sustainable product developments
and improvements in R&D.

• The first company putting on the market, the technical porcelain series in the sizes of 60×60 cm and 60×120 cm and,
by breaking new grounds in 2007, the technical porcelain in the sizes of 90x90cm and 90x135cm, in addition
to the standard sizes, together with different color and finish alternatives,

• The company bringing into the sector the innovations and facilities
with the application techniques developed in the exterior façade applications,

• The brand preferred with priority in the projects, thanks to its product range outstanding with
its rich color and size alternatives, trend-setting designs.

As one of the top brands and manufacturers in Turkey, Seranit produces Porcelain Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, and sanitarywares in its factories in Eskisehir and Bileck cities.

7. Creavit Ceramics

Turkish Ceramics Tiles Brands & Manufacturers 3

In the way that The Çanakcılar Corporate Group which is one of the most respected companies of our country to nature and natural things start with producing squatting pans in a small workshop in 1960’s, Creavit is continuing its path as an innovative brand that showing up in 5 continents and 60 countries and designing aesthetic, healthy, quality and nature-friendly products for you with 50 year-experience and workers more than 1000 of the industry with many firsts.

Creavit ceramics sanitaryware factory in Turkey

Factory in Gokcebey Zonguldak

Vitrified Ceramic Sanitary Ware 200.000 sqm

Creavit bathroom and faucet factory

Factory in Devrek Zonguldak

Bath Furniture - Faucet Internal Mechanism - Toilet Seat Covers Concealed Cistern 80.000 sqm

Creavit, squat pan and individual sinks are on their way to expand the product range every day, the total bathroom concept is moving towards the goal of the sure steps. 2 production sites in Zonguldak; technology, quality and capacity are among the important centers of the sector. Turkey is an important port city of Zonguldak, Turkey’s Black Sea maritime trade between the neighbors has a privileged place with other countries.

8. Seramiksan

Turkish ceramic tiles and sanitaryware manufacturer brand seramiksan

Founded in 1990 by the partners of Bloksan A.Ş., one of the leading companies of Manisa Turgutlu industry, Seramiksan started production of ceramics with 1.5 million m2 in 1994.

Having started the business on the vision of being a world brand, Seramiksan’sfactory is located in Turgutlu Organized Industry Zone, which is established on 500.000 m2 open area and 150.000 m2 closed area.

Combining the technology required for quality living with aesthetic designs, Seramiksanoffers a wide range of products for all life and public spaces.

Seramiksan, which has taken its place among the producers in Turkey and the world with its high production capacity, produces flooring tiles, wall tiles, glazed granite, technical granite, exterior cladding, Sanitary ware, tile products and building chemical products.

ceramic tiles by seramiksan

Seramiksan started its production in 1994 with flooring tiles,  and in 2005, it established Dekosan serve the domestic and foreign ceramic producers in design, product development and decoration. 

Seramiksan, which invested in the sanitary ware plant which is matchless in the world in terms of technical level, technological optimization and energy saving, added its vitrified products to its product range in 2013.

Seramiksan, which has the most modern sanitary ware production facility in  the world, can produce sanitary ware products untouched by human hands.

Seramiksan Sanitary Ware Plant will reach an annual capacity of 2,000,000 pieces when the investment is completely finished.

In 2016, Seramiksan launched Turkey’s most modern and one of the world’s few porcelain tile production facilities with 5.5 million m2 capacity and put it into operation.

9. Yurtbay Ceramic

Yurtbay Ceramic

The founder of Yurtbay Group of Companies, Mr. Zeki Yurtbay, acquired his first experiences in trading at the dry goods shop owned by his father. 

As the first steps in his long-term experience in brick production started, he took over the brick production initiative merely at the age of 14 and successfully continued to manage the task he inherited in 1951 from his father. Although he lost the brick factory several times which was founded in 1955 and in Zonguldak, he did not give up.

In 1970, he set up new and modern facilities. The investments by Mr. Zeki Yurtbay were not limited to Çaycuma, and he first became the partner and then the owner of Delta Brick Factory.

The following process started with the recognition of Yurtbay Family in the global economy with its well-established industrial history, and its initial step into the ceramics industry. In 1995, Yurtbay Seramik Eskişehir Plant was established with 700 thousand square meters outdoors and 100 thousand square meters indoors production capacity.

10. Usak Ceramic

Usak Ceramic Turkey

Usak Seramik is founded in 1972 as an aggregate corporation and strarted its test production in 1974. In the following year, 1975, Usak Seramik raised its capacity to 28.000 m2 and in 1978, it prevailed to produce the best quality ceramics in its time, then in 1991 it launched ceramic wall tile production.

Usak Seramik raised its capacity to 32.000 m2 in 2002 and then it was incorporated to Tanislar Group in 2004. Thus, 30 years of experience has come together with Tanislar Group’s innovative vision.

Tanislar Group’s new and technological investments on indoor and outdoor facilities has soared Usak Seramik among the biggest 600 industrial enterprise.

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