Best 12 Online Turkish Shops for Clothing with Worldwide Shipping

Where you can buy Turkish Clothes, Leather Bags, Shoes and Underwear online.  These shopping sites from Turkey offer international shipping…

As a top textile, clothing, and shoes manufacturing country, Turkey is a place where you can find online shops selling clothes, shoes, bags, underwear, and other fashion items. Also you can find cosmetics brands on some online shops.These are all stores for retail but some may offer wholesale clothing. If you are a boutique owner this list of wholesale clothing vendors in USA will be very useful for you.

However, finding online Turkish clothing stores which offers shopping in English language, and international shipping is really not an easy task.

online turkish clothing stores with international shipping

In this post we have gathered some very popular and realiable Turkish online stores. The list of shopping websites may be enhanced and new websites may be added later. If you also want to know which Italian Clothing Shops online are best check here..

In this list of Turkish online clothing shops you will find products like:

There is no specific order in the list..

Markapia is one of Turkey’s top online stores for clothing with Worldwide shipping. Markapia was established in 2019 and quickly became of the top names in online shopping.

Markapia is a Istanbul Turkey based fashion retailer selling to around 140 countries, having around 10.000 products from 50 brands.

Markapia is a Turkish online shop for buying clothing and fashion items directly from Turkey.

The Tuekish shopping site serves in following languages: Turkish, English, Russian, & Arabic.

You can buy both Men’s and Women’s clothes, accessories, and some other Turkish products on markapia online shop. 

    • BIG SIZE
    • Clothing

On the outlet division of the website you can find even cheaper clothes.

Markapia can also help clothing wholesale buyers for their requirements. is an online Turkish clothing website for buyers around the World. The company is located in Gaziantep city in Turkey.

The clothes shopping website has entered into our list for 2023 and we think it deserves a chance. 

Shop Clothes From Turkey Online

clothes shopping from Turkey whether for women outfits in general or buying Turkish outfits for covered ladies or even buying clothes for kids is your best choice for a profitable trade or for following latest trends and having an attractive look as well as the cloth high quality that lasts longer compared to its low price.

LingerieVendor is a Turkish online store offering sexy Lingerie, Women’s Pajama Sets, Shapewear and Plus Size Lingerie & Pajamas with international shipping.

The company is located in Istanbul. Their products are from Turkey’s famous brands and all items are presented at wholesale prices.

Founded in 2016, ISTANBUL LALE is active in various branches of the textile sector. The need for overseas apparel, garments in the field of apparel, upper and lower group of products are manufactured in various groups. ISTANBUL LALE, which is generally focused on sales abroad, has started its activities in 2016 years with  brand in Turkey, especially in the field of clothing

Hijabclothes is an online shop from Turkey with a focus on all styles of hijab clothing, abaya dresses, dresses, sportswear and more..

They offer Free International Shipping for orders over 100 USD.

ModaNisa / Online Turkish Clothing & Hijab Clothes Shop

Modanisa is one of the most popular online clothing shops in Turkey that ships Worldwide. Their main focus is Hijab Clothes. However, you can find something for you with very affordable prices.

The shopping site of Modanisa has an English version.

It all started with a dream, a vision, a purpose: to meet modest women’s desire to wear the clothes that fit the life and times they live in. launched on Mother’s Day, 2011.We were the first Turkish fashion platform to deliver online clothes shopping to our target audience in such variety. Born in Istanbul, we now have customers in 140 countries. 

We offer contents in 6 languages: Turkish, Arabic, English, French, German and Bahasa. We speak our customers’ language, we recognize their needs, and we know their preferences. Each month, we reach 20 million visitors from all over the world via our app and desktop platforms. 

We sell over 650 brands and 70 thousand products, shipping thousands of packages a day to five continents. We employ confident and youthful staff from different nationalities and cultures whose average age is 28.

We are the co-creator of the Modest Fashion Week concept, which made its debut in Istanbul in 2016 and has gone on to be staged in London (2017), Dubai (2017) and Jakarta (2018).

The passion and dedication towards our work has rewarded us with our customer’s love and trust beyond imagination. In 2016, Reuters selected us as the world’s most popular Islamic apparel website.In November of 2017, we won the prestigious “Islamic Economy Award” in the Islamic Arts category. Then in March of 2018 we earned the “International Business Excellence” award for elevating local vendors onto a global platform and making them global retailers.

LOS BANDITOS / Online Clothing Store

Los Banditos is a quality online clothing shop from Turkey with a focus on Bohemain style clothes.

They are also one of the leading Boho Clothing Wholesalers and manufacturers from Turkey.

We have been partying at night, running around all over the place during the day in Istanbul, so that we could design and manufacture these clothes.

We wanted to keep everything natural

Bandito Giyim Tekstil Ltd.Şti.
Galipdede Caddesi No:34 Beyoğlu / İstanbul
Phone: 0212 249 70 50

Worldwide Shipping

Country DHL 25 USD

TOZLU / Online Turkish Clothing Store is one of the top Turkish clothes online shops in Turkey, offers a wide range of fashion items from Women’s dresses, pants, underwear, homewear, hijab clothing to men’s and kids clothes and leather fashion items like shoes and bags.

It is offering worldwide shipping and refunds.

Tozlu started its activities in 2001 and now a clothes shopping site having customers accross the World. Their main focus was women’s clothing, but quickly started to offer men’s and kid’s fashion as well.

Wessi men's Clothing / Online Shop

Wessi is an online shop for men’s clothing with international shipping. They are an established brand and can be also contacted for buying wholesale men’s clothes.

Wessi Menswear established in 2008 and it combines all menswear details such as suits, tuxedos, blazers, coats, knitwears, shirts, t-shirts, trousers, shoes and accessories.

Wessi takes steps with principle of accuracy, inspects the entire process from production to presentation, provides natural and quality items. Wessi has ranked among the fast-growing companies whose strategy is built upon excellence, quality and reasonable prices.

Wessi whose ideal is becoming a family since its foundation aimed at providing a service manner of a domestic affection and respect. It is a company formed on demand and sincerity, and aware of the importance of your satisfaction.

As a brand for men who are open to new experiences and aware of their own value, not their casual formations influenced by fashion trend but their style and line, brave and peculiar designs,we are working for men who do not compromise on their collections that they like to wear in their lives., and we add practical touches to your lives.

Combining traditional attitude with modern workmanship, Wessi offers you its unique attitude with its production and accessible price which embraces the development and production. We invite you to the Wss Wessi family where you will find the style the right and the impeccable that you are inspired by ownself. The practices that translate the circumstances into favor, and as your home that you will feel comfortable and confident in every situation.

VAKKO / Fashion brand online clothes store

Vakko is a large fashion group and brand in Turkey. Their high quality luxury clothing items and shoes and bags can be shopped through their website.

They also offer wedding dresses Bridal Gowns, accessories, shoes & Bags and cosmetics besides usual types of clothing.

YARGICI / Turkish fashion brand and designer online store

Founded by Emir Yargıcı in 1978. Yargıcı is a retail, wholesale and online fashion company based in Istanbul, Turkey. For over 39 years, Yargıcı has secured its position as one of the major apparel and accessories retailer in Turkish market with 52 stores in total (1 is franchisee in Bodrum) and 4 stores in Germany. In addition, Yargıcı has 1 store in Cyprus and serves numerous wholesale customers worldwide; in Japan, Switzerland, Austria, Russia and the Middle East.

Products include:

  • Homewear
  • Women’s Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Bags

Mavi Jeans / Online Shop of Turkey's number one Jeanswear brand

Incorporated in Istanbul in 1991, today Mavi is recognized as a highly successful, global lifestyle brand.

With presence in 35 countries including Turkey, USA, Canada, Germany, Russia and Australia Mavi sells its products via 440 mono-brand stores and c. 5,500 points of sale.

The Perfect Fit philosophy guides Mavi in designing the jeans that perfectly fit the lifestyles, body types and quality expectations of its customers. With 9.7 million pairs of jeans sold in 2019, Mavi ranks among the world’s leading premium denim brands. Denim category accounts for 44% of Mavi’s global sales and lifestyle apparel for 56%.

SefaMerve / Online Hijab Clothing Store Turkey is a trusted and very popular online clothing store in Turkey. They ship internationally.

Sefamerve focuses in hijab clothing. You can find thousands of fashion items on the online shop like:

ModaSelvim / Online Hijab Clothing Shop

E-Tesettur / Online Hijab Women's Clothing

Gizce / Online Women's Clothing

Mizalle / Online Women's Clothing

Mizalle is a women’s clothing brand established in June 2018 by Kandilli Tekstil to make a difference in the fashion sector. Mizalle co-founder is Mr. Muhammed Eymen Saraç, a young entrepreneur.

Mizalle aims to grow in domestic and international markets with its experienced staff and innovative structure in both virtual and physical stores and to represent modern elegant lines in the modest clothing sector.

With the most beautiful colors, artistic touches, natural materials, and eco-friendly products, unique designs with suitable prices have come together under the umbrella of Mizalle.

Mizalle’s greatest passion is to create collections that have been sought by modern women. collections that will combine between both modern and modest lines together.

Mizalle is a brand that believes in success. It is innovative, inspiring, making differences with big goals, growing with teamwork, elegant, dynamic, with stylish collections, which contribute to the new fashion concept with effective steps.

Sahinler Shop/ Online Underwear & Pyjamas from Turkey

One of the leading brands in underwear and pajamas sector, ŞAHİNLER TEKSTİL, produces the fabric at its own plants and finalizes the product with all the processes performed within its own plants therefore able to keep the top quality as a standard. 

Today, Şahinler Tekstil successfully continues business operation at its own building of 5000m² in Seyrantepe with the brand Şahinler Çamaşırları and our exporting brand Mel-Bee manufacturing pajamas and combed-cotton group products within Oekotex standards.

Ebru Maternity / Pregnancy Clothing

Ebru Maternity have presented the most beautiful, the most smart pregnancy clothing to prospective mothers more than 30 years. Departing from the motto “It Reflects the Beauty Inside You to Your Appearance”, we ensure future mothers to pass the nine months’ period, which is the best but the most difficult period for them, in the most pleasurable manner.

Fashion is very important during pregnancy too; we closely follow up season’s colors and trends, and apply them to our collection. Anyhow, prospective mothers prefer tight T-shirts, tunics, jeans trousers, skirts and modern couture costumes instead of old times’ large and drapery trousers, tunics and jumpers. Now smart and functional clothes possible to wear during all 9 months are preferred by all mother candidates without departing from appearances before pregnancy.

Gizia Luxury Clothing

Gizia is a Turkish clothing brand offering luxury women’s clothing items. Their online shop offer Worldwide shipping.

Gizia, the pioneer of accessible luxury concept in Turkey and all over the world is a brand that rapidly meets its big targets and successfully represents our country in the fashion arena with over 30 years of experience, robust infrastructure, and international business approach.

Kayra Online Shop

In 1992, the company started working in the field of garment production. KAYRA is one of the leading companies in Turkey. With an annual production capacity of 500 000, KAYRA reaches thousands of customers worldwide. 

Kayra brand online shop

Below are the best shopping sites and marketplaces in Turkey where you can find clothing, fashion, and millions of products from various categories with best Turkish prices.

List of biggest Turkish online shopping websites

They are in Turkish language and do not ship Worldwide. However, if you are in Turkey even for a short time, or start to live in Turkey you need to know these big shopping sites. They will be very helpful to find millions of products at the best prices.

What if you are located in any other country and want to still benefit from these greatly priced items? There is of course a solution to this. Check the bottom of the post.

According to a marketing research made in 2021 by HSBC, the top Turkish Online Shopping Sites by market share are:

  1. (27% market share)
  2. (17% market share)

Amazon Turkey seems to have only 1% share in Turkish online shopping.

You will get ideas on how to shop from these sites from outside Turkey, throughout our post.

Check our list and browse on these huge Turkish shopping sites and marketplaces.

As a note, since you can find really very cheap prices on these sites for some products such as fashion items, they can be used as a wholesale buying source for boutiques and retailers. Especially on you will find many great ideas.

In the list below we do not only consider market share, we have also looked some other facts like usability and other advantages for the consumers. So our number one is not trendyol, but Hepsiburada…

Top Turkish Shopping Sites & Marketplaces (Best Turkish Online Shopping Site)

Hepsiburada had started its journey in 2000 by selling only in computers category and quickly became Turkey’s largest and most trusted shopping site.

You can discuss if hepsiburada is number one or not in Turkey among other giants like Trendyol, but it is our number one pick because of many reasons. 

Hepsiburada has been a huge marketplace with thousands of retailers and brands selling their products on the platform.

Hepsiburada has:

  • Around 90 millions products in
  • 32 product categories
  • Around 250 million visits every month

You can find almost every product on hepsiburada from fashion to electronics..

You can check the shopping site by using google translate Chrome extension if you do not understand Turkish and enjoy shopping when you are in Turkey.

Or you can use a shop & ship (Package forwarding) service to enjoy great prices and a large variety of products.

Trendyol is another Turkish shopping site & marketplace for independent sellers.

It is a very huge shopping platform and some may argue that it is the biggest marketplace in Turkey.

Trendyol has products from almost every popular category, but we have to note that when you enter the site you will feel it is more focused on fashion.

Trendyol started in 2010 and now may be Turkey’s largest e-commerce site.

They do not ship worldwide. You can shop through shop and ship services, or when you are in Turkey.

Trendyol’s biggest shareholder at the moment is alibaba group.

You can learn more on trendyol here..

The World’s largest e-commerce company has a site in Turkey as Amazon Turkey.

On you can have the same experience as you have on other amazon sites.

Amazon may not be among Turkey’s top 3 shopping sites but we put it on out third place because it is the biggest brand of e-commerce. (eBay Turkey) is a marketplace and one of the oldest ones in Turkey. Now a part of ebay, gittigidiyor was the e-commerce site started auction style shopping in Turkey.

Indeed they started as an auction site in 2001. However, they left this system in 2010.

Gittigidiyor is now a marketplace for independent shops and sellers. 

It deserves a try because sometimes they offer products you cannot find on other sites or the best prices from their sellers. Turkish Shopping Marketplace is another big player in online shopping since its foundation in 2013 with a partnership between Turkish Dogus Group and Korean SK Group.

n11 had been one of the top shopping sites in Turkey with thousands of sellers on the platform.

You can find products from almost all categories on the marketplace.

It is not as much popular as it used to be in the past. But it is still one of the big Turkish shopping websites in Turkey.

They do not ship out of Turkey.

Morhipo has been established in 2011 by Boyner Group.

It is a good shopping site for fashion and home & Electronics.

You can find good deals on fashion brands.

We were established in 2011 under the umbrella of Boyner Holding. Breaking new ground in Turkey, we gathered new season products and very advantageous campaigns on a single site. While presenting the products of thousands of elite brands at the same time as the stores in the New Season Section, we offer our members unmissable campaigns with discounts of up to 90% in the Special Discount Club. We offer our customers very special products in the categories of women, men, shoes-bags, children, home & life. We offer our members a shopping experience full of privileges, with a product range suitable for all tastes and budgets, and high discount rates.

How to Shop from the Best Turkish Shopping Sites if you are not in Turkey?

You want to shop from Turkey with best Turkish prices and want your products shipped to your country.

It is possible to shop from these shops and many more, and get your orders delivered to you in any country.

Keep in mind that these Turkish shopping sites mostly do not offer pages in any other language than Turkish because they do not ship Worldwide.

Follow below steps to shop online from Turkey:

  1. Find a service who shop & ship on behalf of you. (Package Forwarding)
  2. You can shop yourself or instruct them to shop for you.
  3. Give your Turkish address to shopping sites. These package forwarding services will provide you with their address in Turkey so you can use it.
  4. If you want to shop by yourself with your own credit card you need a translate service like google translate to browse the shopping site or marketplace. You can get it here..
  5. When you finish your shopping package forwarding company will ship your order.