Turkish Shoes Brands: Manufacturers & Online Shops

Turkish Shoes Brands we have listed here are usually the most popular ones known by Turkish people. But for anybody looking for more brands and manufacturers of Turkish Shoes, be it leather shoes, sneakers or Turkish boots, there are many companies listed here..

Top Turkish Shoes brands manufacturers

Here we added also details on traditional yemeni shoes known as Turkish Shoes around the World.

People looking for handmade natural leather shoes with health benefits prefer to buy yemeni shoes from Turkey.

Also Turkish slippers, and sandals handmade by expert artisans are becoming very popular. You can see the best Turkish Yemeni Shoes and slippers models here..

We also gathered this list of Turkish Shoes Brands to let international buyers know who are the top  shoes manufacturers in Turkey when deciding to contact the right suppliers for business.

Top Turkish Shoes Brands are:

  1. Greyder Shoes
  2. Tergan 
  3. Kinetix
  4. Kemal Tanca
  5. Lescon
  6. Hotic Shoes

Of course there are many more good companies who makes shoes of various types other than the ones we listed here.

But where you can buy Turkey’s best shoes?

In order to buy branded shoes in Turkey, try Turkish shopping websites, shopping malls in Istanbul, and visit the shopping malls in Antalya, like you can do in any Turkish cities. For buying traditional Turkish shoes called Yemeni, the best places are Turkish bazaars . (Specifically you will find most of the best ones in Gaziantep Bakircilar Carsisi – Coppersmith Bazaar)

This is just to present only the top famous shoes manufacturers in Turkey who have many shops around Turkey and mostly export a high quantity of shoes.

Let’s see the list of shoes brands now…

1) Greyder Shoes

Logo of Greyder Shoes

Greyder is a top Shoes Brand in Turkey

Kavsan Ayakkabi Sa. Tic. A.S is the manufacturing company who owns Greyder brand. Situated in Corum/Turkey and has around 100 stores in Turkey. Greyder has a large collection of Men's and Women's shoes. Styles and quality are among the best ones in Turkey.

2) Tergan Shoes

Shoes brand Turkey Tergan

Tergan Shoes was founded in 1972 and now it is one of the top and most famous Turkish shoes brands.

Tergan has about 40 stores throughout Turkey and exports shoes to many countries. Tergan also has stores in UK, Bulgaria, Ukraine and UAE. 

Tergan Manufactures:

  • Casual Shoes
  • Classic Shoes
  • Boots
  • Sneakers
  • Sports Shoes

For both women and men.

3) Kinetix Sport Shoes

Kinetix is the top sports shoes brand in Turkey belongs to Ziylan Group.

Ziylan Group was founded in 1960. 

Ziylan Group has Turkey’s biggest shoes stores chain Flo.

They export their shoes to 29 countries and have the largest network of stores in Turkey.

4) Lescon Sports Shoes

Lescon was founded in 1980.

It is one of the top sports shoes brands of Turkey. 

Lescon opened its first store in 2004 and now has about 50 stores and 800 corner shops in Turkey. They are exporter of sports shoes.

Located in Istanbul.


5) Kemal Tanca Turkish Shoes Brand

Kemal Tanca is one of the top and well-known leather shoes brands in Turkey.

Was founded in 1950, and manufactures around 90% of their products in Turkey.

You can find their stores almost in every shpping malls in Istanbul and big cities.


6) Hotic Turkish Leather Shoes Maker

Shoemaker since 1938… 

Hotiç was established by Salih Hotiç in 1938 and is a shoes and accessories brand manufacturing unique and elegant designs suitable with the life styles of modern men and women. Real leather and natural materials are used for the products adapted to the life styles extending fashion and trends from day to night. 

It created “Hotiç line” by causing an addiction and getting classical by combining its quality with hand workmanship as well as the flawless technology with its wide designer staff.

It is improving with the labor and creativity of a big team for 80 years. Being one of the strongest brands of Turkey in its sector, Hotiç, today, has 98 sales points at the biggest Shopping Malls and the most prestigious street stores both in Turkey and abroad.

7) Yesil Kundura

Yesil Kundura was founded in 1948 as small workshop and in 1960 Yesilk opened its factory.

They make their own shoes under Yesil Brand.

8) Forelli Shoes

Forelli Shoes, started to manufacture shoes in 1958 with womens leather shoes in Gedikpaşa, has chosen to specialize in orthopedic shoes production in 1990 with the decision and has continued its works with Fahri Collection brand in line with this target.
When we arrived in 2000, we presented our rising quality and experience to our valuable customers with our new brand Forelli. We have increased our production capacity and capacity with our orthopedic men shoe collection which we prepared for the first time in 2007. Today, we continue to serve our customers with our women’s and men’s shoes collections made of leather, which have all the necessary materials tested and are made of leather.
Although most of our sales are directed to domestic market, we export to many countries such as Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Romania, England, Greece, Libya, Lebanon, Iran.

9) Elle Shoes

Elle started to manufacture Women’s shoes first in 1977. It is one of the mıst popular brands for shoes in Turkey.

Having a shoes factory of 6000 sqm, they sell their shoes in many stores accross Turkey.


10) Desa

Born in Istanbul, but a company of the world, DESA is a Turkish fashion brand with expertise in design and store concept, offering an exceptional shopping environment for its customers.Founded in 1972 as a designer, manufacturer, retailer and exporter of leather goods, the first DESA store was opened in Erenköy in 1973 and since then the company has grown nationally and internationally.

The company’s small but articulate range of handbags has diversified over time into leather garments and footwear. The small design section and manufacturing unit of 15 artisans has developed into a full grown design studio and three dedicated facilities specialized in tanning, leather goods manufacturing and leather garments manufacturing encompassing more than 2,000 craftsmen.

11) Vicco Children Shoes

By designing over 1000 models for children every season, Vicco’s Philosophy plays an important role in shaping the fashion of children footwear being based on research, innovation, comfort and new styles.
Vicco is going to continue on the way of maintaining quality and invention properties, in addition to keeping its manufacturing power along with the passion and the expertise in the future thanks to its existence in children footwear industry for long years, as well as continuing to provide innovations to the sector.

12) Hammer Jack Shoes (Sneakers)

Hammer Jack is a shoes brand in Turkey belongs to Urgan Familiy of Gaziantep province.

They started to manufacture shoes in 1960. 

Having a factory of around 15.000 sqm they are a large shoes supplier, and employ 500 staff.

Hammer Jack shoes can be found about 1000 sales points in Turkey.

40% of their products are being exported to many countries.

13) Agucino Turkish Shoes Manufacturer

Private Label Manufacturing

Agucino was established in 1983 by Adnan Fidan, in the city of Izmir. Started as a small workshop back then, Agucino has become a renowned name throughout years. Besides its 3 registered brands (Agucino, beLight, DEWITT), Agucino also acts as a Private Label Manufacturing Partner for many other brands, producing around 700 pairs per day in its 3.000 sqm factory.

14) Ema Safety Shoes Manufacturer

We have been operating at industrial shoes and job safety shoes sector since 1991.

It has protected its place at sector by maintaining its achieved quality image since its foundation and has increased its customer portfolio every passing day.

Ema Safety Shoes which has adopted unconditional customer satisfaction issue as the main principle, has been approaching its being a world-wide company purpose each passing day by making no concessions of its quality.

ema safet shoes models

15) Beyoglu Shoes

Beyoglu is a big manufacturer of leather shoes situated in Istanbul Turkey. They make their own collection of shoes and serve top shoes brands.

  • 12000 pairs of production capacity per month …
  • 800 new models per year …
  • First-class craftsmanship…
  • First class upper and inner genuine leather and first class leather and EVA weighted healthy sole material …

Exports to 35 Countries…

In order to see their models you can visit Beyoglushop.

Turkish Handmade Shoes & Slippers (Yemeni):

Yemeni handmade Turkish Shoes for Women Classic Model

They are called “Turkish Shoes”, originally known as “Yemeni” in Turkey, all handmade by using 100% natural leather and materials.

They are becoming very popular among people looking for healthiest, breathing and comfortable pair of shoes or slippers.

Gaziantep city in South Eastern Turkey is the top place where these traditional Turkish shoes are handmade by using the best leathers and traditional methods. But now with more modern looks and in more fashionable styles and colors.

Let us see some more pictures representing the models and colors of Turkish Yemeni Shoes (Leather handmade shoes) to give you an idea what to expect.

They are usually unisex, or can be separate for women and men.

The main features & advantages of Turkish Yemeni shoes:

  • 100% Handmade by Artisans
  • All natural leathers and materials used..
  • A tradition dating back to 600 years ago..
  • Breathes
  • Keeps the feet cool and dry
  • Every and each pairs are unique since they are all handmade..
Top Manufacturers and Shops for Turkish Handmade Yemeni Shoes are:
  1. Kosker Yemeni
  2. Yemenici Hayri Usta
  3. Yemenici Niyazi Usta
  4. Aintap Turkish Shoes
  5. Turkish Modern

Turkish Shoes Manufacturers List

Find out more shoes manufacturers in Turkey. The shoe makers list below will enable you to find reliable manufacturers of shoes with which you can do wholesale or private label shoes business. Some companies here also ships worldwide on their online shops.

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