Top 10 Turkish Towels Manufacturers in Turkey: The Best Towels Brands

Turkish towels are very popular in USA and many countries worldwide. They are famous for their high quality and durability.

Turkish towels manufacturers and top brands are listed here for wholesale buyers, importers and consumers.

Top Realiable manufacturers, and suppliers of Turkish towels & Bathrobes are:  

  1. Ozdilek
  2. TAC – Zorlu
  3. Kaynak Group
  4. Zorel Textile
  5. Konca Towel
  6. Ozanteks
  7. Bahar Textile
Top Turkish towels manufacturers and brands in Turkey

1) Ozdilek Home Textile

Turkish towels for bath and beach
Ozdilek tuskih towels peshtemal manufacturer in Turkey

Top Turkish Towels Manufacturer

The production story which started in Bursa with two weaving machines, five personnel and annual 10 tons of towel production capacity in 1971 has today 122.000 square meter of closed area and 30% of the home textile market in Turkey with annual 14.000 tons of cotton yarn production, 10.000 tons of towel production and 18.000.000 meters of home textile production in the facilities.

Özdilek exports products with a total value of 30 millions USD to more than 20 countries including USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Russia, Turkic Republics, Saudi Arabia, Greece and UAE.

Production is carried out in a fully integrated way from raw cotton to cotton yarn, from yarn to weaving and from dyehouse to manufacturing in Özdilek production facilities.

Quality process, starting with the selection of raw cotton, results in process control at each step of the production and quality control in the final product. The yarn produced in Özdilek facilities is used in all towels – bathrobes with Özdilek label.

Özdilek ranks in the first 6 in the world and 1 place in the Europe in terms of towel – bathrobe manufacturing with its quality and production capacity carried out in the facilities integrated by completely modern technology and automation. Özdilek which annually invests to developments in technology due to its company vision and sense of quality became one of the world’s companies producing quality towel – bathrobe and had its brand acknowledged by the whole sector.


2) TAC - Zorlu

Tac Zorlu towels

Tac Top Brand for Towels

Tac is a famous brand for towels and home textile in Turkey belonging to one of the Turkey's leading manufacturşng groups, Zorlu Holding.

3) Kaynak Group Towels Manufacturer

About Kaynak Towels

Kaynak Towel Inc. was established in 2000 and manufactures bathrobe and towel. We manufacture our products for the leading trademarks of Europe and mainly export to Italy, Russia and Greece. We are one of the leading companies of our sector in Turkey, with our dressing, weaving and sewing facilities and a capacity of 250.000 piece/year for bathrobe and 1.200.000 piece/year towel production. We continue our innovations and growing utilizing the advantage of being a part of the integration of Kaynak Group and the dynamism provided by being a new player in our sector. Our mission is “innovation”, and we continue working for “the best”, the main principal of Kaynak Group, with the high quality of our products and services and growth since 2000.

Products :

  • Bathrobe
  • Beach Towels
  • Bath Towels
  • Turkish Towels
  • Bathmats

New York USA Showroom
10 East 34th Street
3rd Floor Manhattan 10016 New York / USA

4) Zorel Textile Turkish Towels

Manufacturing since 1889

TURKISH TOWELS Plain dyed towel, yarn dyed towel, dobby towel, jacquards towel , velour towel, printed towel, embroidered towel, waffle towel, knitted towels.

Zorel was established as warping, sizing and weaving factory in 1989. Zorel Tekstil, which started exporting in 1996, has reached to an export figure amounting to around 15 million dollars annually in 9000 m2 closed area with its 180 employees. It addresses the selected home textile purchasers in many countries especially the ones in England, America and Europe.

5) Konca Towel Textile

Konca turkish towel

With the name Konca Towel Textile, we have expanded our company, which we entered in the towel and bathrobe sector in 1982, with the concept of hotel and hospital dressing by developing it in the latest period we are moving towards branding. Having an annual production capacity of 900 tons, KONCA HAVLU & TEXTILE can increase the capacity of the demand line up to 20%.

Apart from Turkey, Europe has played a major role in the development of the towel industry with its exports to many cities, Arab Emirates and the American market.

KONCA, which is one of the reliable and well-known companies with its experience in the production of towels & bathrobes in Turkey and in the world, is signing home textile, promotional, hotel towel products of the leading brands of the world with its towels & bathrobes.

beach towels

KONCA was founded in Bursa in 1982, the leading city of Turkey’s textile sector.

Konca has been continuing its production process with its black counter tops in the first period it was founded,We continue in our integrated facilities during periods of production as dyeing, weaving and ready-to-wear facilities.

Konca, who has used the know-how he has given to the family business towel in the company development process, is progressing towards the goal of creating his own brand name from his past experience.

Konca exhibits its power and awareness as its own judge in every step of the business, responding to customer requests as soon as possible, performing the production stages in the integrated plants.

6) Ozanteks Turkish Towels Manufacturer in Denizli

Ozanteks towels manufacturer Turkey

Starting from Turkey in 1973 and globalized opened up to the world; OZANTEKS… With simple hand looms, OZANTEKS started to produce coverlets, table cloths and bedspreads and has now been continuing its operations and developing with the production of towels, bathrobes, bed linen, bed linings, cushions, quilt and sleep sets, bedspreads, coverlet and underwear….

Ozanteks Manufactures:

  • Bath Towels
  • Beach Towels
  • Kitchen Towels
  • Bathrobes
  • Bedlinen
  • Seamless Underwear

OZANTEKS is one of the pioneering industry leaders in Turkey with more than 2000 employees, It has been developing under the management of Ozan KATRANCI, General Manager by creating the difference with its quality standards.

It was in 80s when Turkey directed its way towards foreign countries, OZANTEKS started to export with towel and bathrobe production through automation. The first export country was England in 1981 and the export was realized with the turnover of 2 million $. By this way, foundations of OZANTEKS was laid in 1995 and since then, one of the biggest 500 enterprises of Turkey has been in the market.

7) Bahar Textile Turkish Towels

Bahar Textile Industry and Trade Co. Has a well knowledge and experience in the Textile Market which has own through 50 years business life. We feel the excitement to share that experience with you. Bahar Textile produces Textile Goods with a Professional staff since the established date 1960. Well known in the Textile Market of the World with the high quality production, achievement motive and experience. Never renounce from these principles. Increase the Market share with the well experience every after day and successes to be a Leader in that market as own Brands.

Bahar textile Manufactures:

  • Bath Towels
  • Beach Towels
  • Kitchen Towels
  • Bathrobes
  • Bedlinen
  • Hotel textile

8) Moy Havlu Turkish Towels

Moy Turkish towels bathrobes

Our company has been established in 2014,Denizli under the name ‘MOY TOWEL TEXTILE INDUSTRY AND TRADE LIMITED COMPANY’. We manufacture towels and bathrobes for adults and kids under the brand 'MOY' with the production capacity of 600 tons annualy. MOY has a wide collection of different designs and weaving techniques and It is becoming a brand that is trusted and seekeed with its high standards of quality day by day. With the increasing demand for our products,our company has started exporting with its competitive prices and one of its goal is to hold a share in the global market . Through our understanding of production where we put consumer satisfaction prior, our purpose is to be a one of the leading companies in the textile sector with this principle whom can offer ease of use with our range of products.

Moy Havlu Manufactures:

  • Bath Towels
  • Kitchen Towels
  • Bathrobes

9) Julie Turkish Towels

Julie is a towels brand in Turkey created by Ermet Textile. Based in Denizli Turkey, Julie has a factory with closed area of 6.500 sqm.

Julie Manufactures:

  • Bamboo Towels
  • Velour Towels
  • Cotton Towels
  • Bathrobe sets

10) SBZ Textile

SBZ Textile is a globally-known Turkish towel manufacturer and merchant. The products are produced from 100% cotton in Turkey. We locate in Denizli where the globally-known textile products are produced. When you have a chance to touch our products which we produce with special methods, you can feel their silky soft surfaces and perfect quality. The Turkish textile products – towels, bathrobes, children’s and baby towels, baby bathrobes, spa & hotel towels, beach towels, bamboo towels (produced with 70% bamboo, 30% Turkish cotton), bedlinens, tablecloths, blankets, children’s and baby blankets – have been manufactured with 100% Turkish cotton and they are the organic and natural products which are ideal for your health. Besides, they are long-lasting and durable products. Our products and the products we use to produce them have oeko-teks and sedex certificates.