Best Bridal Shops in Turkey Which Ship to the US UK Germany & More

You can buy Turkish wedding dresses online from these bridal shops in Istanbul & other cities in Turkey.  Check the list of Turkish bridal shops online before deciding.

Our list of best Bridal shops in Turkey covers the some of the top Top Turkish wedding dresses shops located in Istanbul and in other major cities who can ship your orders to the US, UK, Canada, Germany and more countries.

We know how difficult can be to find the right wedding gowns for you, having the style you desire and a price tag which is affordable.

Why not try our list of Turkish bridal shops and wedding dresses boutiques & designers from Turkey! 

List of Bridal shops in TurkeyYou will find an shop evening dresses and prom dresses as well on some websites here.

Dreamon Bridal Shop in Turkey

Turkish wedding dress online shop Dreamon

Dreamon is a Turkish Bridal shop online based in Gaziantep city. They have also physical wedding dress stores in a few city in Turkey and one in Hungary.

They can ship your dream wedding gown to any country such as USA, UK, Germany, France and more..

They sell many models from various Turkish wedding dress designers.

By visitng their website you can see all the models they offer in line of Turkish wedding dresses and even more type of dresses.

They also offer Hijab Wedding Dresses as well as many other styles.

Prices of Wedding Dresses on varies between 800 USD and 2000 USD.

Dai Bridal Shop Turkey Ankara (Designer)

Dai Wedding is one of the top designers of Turkish wedding dresses. Besides having physical bridal stores they also offer online shopping with Worldwide shipping.

Dai has 1000 sqm production facility and a store in Ankara. They opened their second store in Istanbul.

You can see their wedding gowns collection on their website. There are many catalogs and international shopping guides to help buyers understand the process of ordering from other countries. In the same page there is a contact form to enable customers get a price offer.

Dai wedding dresses online sales is here..

Tarik Ediz (Desginer & Online Shop)

Tarik Ediz an exclusive dress design company and chain of stores. Their lineup also includes many premium wedding gowns. Although it is not a bridal shop the company has tens of great wedding gowns in the online shop with Worldwide shopping. 

The Tarik Ediz wedding dress prices vary between USD 630 and USD 3.300.-

Tarik Ediz makes dresses that are designed to look great on women. These dresses show off the stylish life of today’s women.

His designs got famous around the world when they were worn by contestants in big beauty pageants.

In 2004, Damla Ediz, a family member, became the Creative Director. The business has grown a lot, with over 1,000 stores in more than 95 countries. Tarik Ediz still runs the business from three main showrooms in New York, Atlanta, and Istanbul.


Aysira is a leading Turkish wedding dresses manufacturer & brand with a 8000 sqm manufacturing plant.

They offer following kind of wedding dress and products..


With its stores in several locations across Turkey, expert staff and manufacturing capacity of 8000 m2, Aysira is Turkey’s leading brand of wedding dress retailing.

Narin Fashion Turkish Wedding Dresses Brand

Narin Moda is a manufacturer of Turkish wedding dresses having 2 ateliers, one in Istanbul and another is in Erzincan city.

Narin Moda Turkish wedding dress models can be found in many stores in Turkey’s big cities and boutiques in Istanbul.

You can see their wedding dress models on their website and find out where the stores are located.

If you have or want to have a wedding dress boutique in your country, you can wholesale buy from them.

About Narin Moda:

Our wedding dresses stands out for our sublime tailoring and unique designs , each and every peace is designed with love , our designers ventured into the world of fashion, they dedicated all of their time, energy and passion to creating speciality gowns that would surely stand out in a crowd. Each and every Narin bridal gowns are manufactured in our atelier in Istanbul and Erzincan Turkey. Our unique designs and outstanding quality has carried NARİN from Istanbul to the international arena. NARİN bridal gowns defines new standards for high fashion and our models are always ahead of their time.

Akay Wedding Dress Brand and Atelier in Istanbul Turkey

Akay is one of the most well-known and established brands in Turkey for wedding dresses design and production.

They are also one of the oldest in Turkish wedding dresses ateliers.

Akay is located in Kadıkoy/Istanbul.

They have wedding dress boutiques and stores only in Ankara and Istanbul.


Setrinur Hijab Wedding Gowns Store Online

Setrinur is a Turkish wedding dress store and online shop from Fatih Istanbul Turkey.

They sell other brands as well as their dress brands. 

You will find on their site:

  • Turkish wedding dresses
  • Hijab wedding dresses
  • Engagement Dresses
  • Traditional Turkish wedding dresses

Izmir Moda Turkish Wedding Dresses Online Shop

Izmir Moda is an online shop for Turkish wedding dresses, Kaftans, Bindalli, hijab wedding dresses and other wedding and engagement dresses in Turkey.

They ship Worldwide.

They have also Wholesale service.


Weddies Istanbul Wedding Dress Store & Online Shop

Weddies has been serving to its customers since 2003. There is a wide product range of wedding dresses, night dresses, groom suits and accessories in Weddies Nisantasi and Weddies Erenkoy shops.

Bride candidates can find famous worldwide bridewear brands such as Justin Alexander, Enzoani, Sincerity, Lilian West in their shops.

Weddies also serves with its Haute Couture service turns brides’ dreams into reality with experienced team.

Nova Bella Turkish Wedding Dresses Boutique

Nova Bella Bridal is a Turkish wedding dresses designer, and one of the most famous bridal shops in Turkey, located in Sisli Istanbul. They have 2 boutiques in Sisli Istanbul. If you have a plan to visit Turkey anytime soon, you can visit their shop.