Turkish Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in Istanbul: Find Clothing Wholesalers in Turkey

Turkey, as one of the top clothing manufacturing countries in the World, has many wholesale clothing vendors, especially in Istanbul for clothing stores and boutiques across the World. 

If you are asking; “where can I find Turkish wholesale clothing vendors?” the answer is as follows:

  • Online Turkish wholesale clothing stores ( We list here the best ones)
  • The districts, streets full of hundreds of wholesale clothing suppliers in cities like Istanbul.(Turkish wholesale clothing stores) You will find here many
  • Some B2B clothing wholesale directories like the one you are visiting right now!

Check out our list of wholesale clothing suppliers in Turkey here, and you will see wholesalers for women’s clothing, Men’s clothing, Children’s clothing, Sportswear, Underwear & lingerie, Pyjamas, dresses, hijab clothes, and much more… 

For best wholesale jewelry suppliers check this out.

Some companies listed here do not have a website, so try to contact them by using whatsapp on their mobile phones, or the best if you can visit any one of them, by doing so you can also see many competitors around..

You can also check Turkish clothing brands & Manufacturers here..

Wholesale Women's Clothing Vendors Turkey

Modacan Wholesale Clothing Supplier in Turkey

Affordable prices and reasonable options are always of great importance for clothing. Even if the primary purpose of many people is quality, everyone should behave according to their budget and review their preferences for shopping. In an era when the options where the prices are attractive are advantageous to people, the new products here continue to represent a really important quality. At the same time, the opportunities that provide customer satisfaction with attractive prices continue to create a good shopping environment. As long as the wholesale women’s clothing prices are suitable, it will be easier for you to benefit from this.


Modacan Offers:

Outside Clothes
Evening Dress
Trench Coat
Hooded Coat
Scarf & Beret

Sport Leggings

Capri Pants


Eytay Clothing Wholesaler for Boutiques

women dresses wholesale
Best Wholesale Clothing Vendors in Turkey 1

The company has been branded under the name of EY-TAY TEXTILE since 1992, with its innovations in ready-made clothing and knitwear in the market since 1970s.

Today, EY-TAY TEXTILE meets the ready-made garments and knitwear needs of wholesale brands in ready-to-wear garments. It also makes production to companies such as Koton, Mudo and Asos.

The EY-TAY internet store, where up to 150 new models are sold daily, serves countless customers from more than 100 countries including Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Arab countries.

EY-TAY Textile fulfills its mission with its expert staff who follow the most current fashion trends and give advice to its customers. EY-TAY TEXTILE, which includes dynamic brands producing creative and innovative fashion designs at world standards in its portfolio, can meet the needs of its customers at the highest level both in terms of product diversity and shopping experience.

Yake Mall Clothing Wholesalers Istanbul

Best Wholesale Clothing Vendors in Turkey 2
women's jackets
Women's Pants
women's shorts

Black Fashion Wholesale Clothing Vendor in Merter Istanbul

Black Fashion
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Beedo Wholesale Women's Clothing in Zeytinburnu Turkey

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No RatingBeedo
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Fimka Store Online Clothing Wholesale from Turkey & Store in Istanbul Fimka 3

FIMKA is an Istanbul-based company has been operating in the Clothing wholesale sector for around 30 years.

FIMKA stores, where everyday up to 400 new models are offered for sale each week, serve countless customers from 101 countries, particularly from Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Baltic States, Arabian and African countries.

Fimka 3
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Merter Fashion Center, which was renovated with a new understanding in 2018, is Turkey’s largest wholesale women’s evening wear shopping center which is situated on 25,000 m² of space, and has 150 stores with over 200 brands that are market leaders and has a space where you can find over 30.000 different models together.

Merter Fashion Center, where all stores from all floors can be seen at an equal level while roaming, offers a comfortable shopping experience under one roof to thousands of customers from different countries with its wide open spaces and parking capacity of 1,000 vehicles.

Merter/Istanbul Fashion Center
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Holly Lolly Wholesale Women's Dresses & Clothes

Holly Lolly is a brand and wholesaler for women’s dresses and women’s clothes situated in Uskudar Istanbul TURKEY.

They offer worldwide shipping.

Nur Collection Wholesale Hijab Clothing Istanbul

Nur Collection is a leading textile manufacturing and wholesale company in its sector, founded in 1991, with its headquarters in Istanbul.

She specializes in women’s outerwear design and works with markets in Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA, especially in Turkey  .

As a company, we always work with the aim of meeting the needs of our customers with the highest quality manufacturing and sales service, preparing collections and presenting innovations in textiles.

Fervente Shop Wholesale Clothes

Fervente was establiahed in 1992 in Istanbul Turkey. They have 2 stores in Laleli Istanbul Turkey.

Ersel Wholesale Clothes

Minval Wholesale Hijab Clothing Abaya & Dresses Istanbul

Women's Coats Wholesaler from Turkey

A professional woman and kid’s coat manufacturer, which specialize in this field since12 years as a wholesaler .

See online Turkish clothing stores for more companies in Turkey..

Wholesale Baby & Kids Clothing Stores in Turkey

Ucler Store Baby Clothing Wholesale

Ucler Store Baby clothing wholesale Turkey

Ucler Textile is one of the biggest wholesale baby, kids clothing and accessories supplier in Istanbul, Laleli. 

Ucler Baby & Kids Clothing Istanbul
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Alisababy Baby Clothing Wholesale Store

Best Wholesale Clothing Vendors in Turkey 5
Alisa Baby & Kids Clothing Istanbul
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Miss Pepper Kids Clothing Wholesale Turkey

Best Wholesale Clothing Vendors in Turkey 6
Miss Pepper Kids
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Girls Only Kids Wear Wholesale Supplier

Girls only kids wear in Istanbul for wholesale
Girlsw Only Kids Wear
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Ciciki Kids Clothing Wholesaler Istanbul

ciciki kids clothes
Ciciki Kids
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Civil Kids Wholesale / One of the top kidswear brands in Turkey

Best Wholesale Clothing Vendors in Turkey 7

Mother’s indispensable Civil was founded in 1997 in Kartal, Istanbul.

In a small store of 50 square meters, 0-14 year-old child textile retail sales started with giant steps.

We became a big family and that year we sold 750,000 products.

In 2007, we reached 6 million TL turnover.

In 2008, we moved to our new 15.000 square meter center in Maltepe and expanded our targets.

We have increased our average store size to 2000 square meters. ()

We did not stop in 2008, we started to create our products and our own concepts.

Success is not enough for us, we entered e-commerce in 2008 with civilim.com.

We are one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Turkey, which has been opened 15 million times a year.

In 2013, we designed our licensed cartoon characters in our global goals by bringing a different dimension to our brand.

They were so loved, we reached 250.000 subscribers and 500 million viewers on YouTube.

In 2017, our family grew more and more, we became a big family with 1.750 people.

Civil Kids Wholesale
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