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LML Clothing by Halfwait is an Urban styled Wholesale clothing brand and online fashion store for Men’s and Women’s new and trending Urban styled clothing and footwear.

The brand has quickly established a global presence by impacting and effectively building the brands reputation in the Urban styled fashion industry through its innovative and unique style of branding since the launch of the brand in March 2022.

The brand is focused on providing the latest trends in Urban styled Clothing and Footwear for both Men’s and Women’s styled fashion.

Since being involved in the fashion industry the brand has built a network of international partners in relation the brands wholesale Fulfillment options that the brand provides on the available products.

Enabling the brand to offer a low cost pricing option in the wholesale fashion market place due to these key advantages that have been formed in the Textiles industry for the brand to provide additional opportunities to benefit from the partnerships formed with wholesale buyers.

Maintaining the highest level of quality in production and the entire logistics process being handled by international partners and the brands in-house team that are available at all times to contact throughout the entire process to reach the customers wholesale orders worldwide effectively and efficiently.

The process and structure provides additional opportunities for wholesale buyers by helping maintain good relationships and by simplifying the process of reaching the consumers at the most affordable costs in retail prices making the entire customer journey with the brand an unforgettable experience.

LML Wholesale Clothing by Halfwait

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