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For boutiques, retail stores of clothing it is not an easy task to find reliable vendors, suppliers of any kind of clothes.

We created this fashion directory to make easy for buyers to find wholesale clothing suppliers, and also to present a simple but effective way to clothes wholesalers to promote their business to reach more potential buyers Worldwide.

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Worldmodadays.com, headquartered in Istanbul Merter, has been in the wholesale clothing market since 2013. With its online sales experience in the wholesale women's, men's and children's clothing sector,  Worldmodadays.com has become a leading website to shop wholesale clothes from Turkey with no need to visit Turkey. It has opened the way for wholesale purchases to be paid with credit cards by bringing ease of payment by credit card through the application or website. Payment can also be made by wire...

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Cristina Piotto has more than 15 years of experience in the sale and rental of ceremonial suits for men in Malaga. Her costumes have been present both nationally, at events such as the Malaga Film Festival, and internationally, reaching Italy, Argentina, Russia, England, the United States.

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VIP STENDO meets it's wholesale, casual, stylish and sports menswear clothings which made by top quality yarn, fabric and production technology with it's customers from all over the world. VIP STENDO, sells it's menswear clothings that produce in latest trends and season colors in it's own stores located in Laleli,Istanbul-Turkey and wholesale e-commerce sites. 100% customer satisfaction is one of the most important principles adopted by Vip Stendo. The biggest indicator of this is the production speed. Vip Stendo, which...

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Fun, flirty and fashionable, our City Goddess collections are snapped up by leading department stores, high street chains, boutiques, online fashion sites and wholesalers. Our ‘work smart’ ethic and marketing know-how has resulted in the rapid growth of our client base worldwide since the launch of City Goddess in 2003 by Thangarajah Kuganeswaran and Mina Melikova. Mina’s background in fashion design for some of the biggest names in the industry together with Kugan’s wide experience in manufacturing and their combined...

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SS Activewear is a US Illinois based wholesale clothing vendor and marketplace. Boutiques and retailers can shop from many brands with no minium order quantities and from low wholesale prices. Wholesale vendors can get their custom website on the platform. Since 1988, we’ve provided high-quality, imprintable apparel to our broad wholesale customer base. Today, we offer the most extensive—and accessible—collection of fashion-forward styles around. And we get you the goods fast. We operate six nationwide distribution centers—that’s 3.5 million square...

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Are you looking for the industry's hottest most reliable and trusted clothing wholesale vendors for your boutique and customers? If you're in search of cheap wholesale clothing and are looking for reliable China wholesale clothing vendors, Wholesale21 is a one-stop shop for all your wholesale clothing needs. Whether you own a boutique, a clothing store, or an online business, we have everything you need to keep your shelves stocked with the latest trends and styles. We are committed to providing...

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G7 CLOTHING - THE UK'S LEADING BOUTIQUE CLOTHING WHOLESALER G7 Clothing are the UK's leading boutique women's clothing wholesale supplier - focusing on the wholesale of ladies "Made in Italy" clothing. Established in 1983, we pride ourselves on our trustworthy reputation, high quality and prompt delivery. We are a London clothing supplier and wholesaler based in Commercial Road, London. Don't just take our word for it - check out our 5* Reviews.io rating! We serve all the likes from small...

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Shewin is a boutique supplier of women's clothing, providing wholesale, dropshipping and customization services. Include women tops, graphic tees, vests, T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, pants, jumpsuits, dresses, coats, jackets, cardigans and swimsuits. Dropshipping is supported by Shopify stores, and you can directly download the Shewin Shopify App.

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Wholesale Clothing Suppliers UK is a renowned fashion hub that serves merchants across the United Kingdom and internationally. We make every effort to meet the needs of our retail customers to the best of our ability. As a result, we have a prestigious reputation in the market, and retailers have a high level of faith in us. We are regarded as one of the most reputable wholesale fashion suppliers in the United Kingdom. Because of the following characteristics, the majority...

 Wholesale Clothing Suppliers /  United Kingdom / 34 views

Our company was established in 2002 and continues its wholesale e-commerce activities since 2019. About Us Men's clothing 2023 Fashion clothing wholesale market It is possible to have the cheapest and best quality in more than 100 countries, especially in Europe and America Israel, with Cix Brand. t-shirt, jeans, shoes, baseball cap, slippers, underwear, boxer, sweatshirt, swimwear, sweater, jacket, puffer vest, puffer jacket, The best supplier that can help wholesalers, retailers achieve low-cost brand expansion and meet your personalized needs....

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bellewholesale has been dedicated to providing unique fashion products to consumers worldwide since 2015. bellewholesale has always held women's opinions close to its core and has forged close relationships with customers passionate about fashion, aesthetics, and lifestyle. Since its establishment, bellewholesale has been spreading influence globally, spreading merry lifestyles. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and launch more than 1,000 new products each week so you can purchase the latest models at affordable prices. We make...

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Wholesale21 is China Based Wholesale Clothing Website with Worldwide shipping. If you are looking stylish, cheap wholesale boutique clothing, wholesale21 will be your favorite supplier. WHOLESALE21.COM is committed to providing daily updated higher quality fashionable clothing with competitive price to customers all over the world. As a famous professional manufacturer and supplier of wholesale fashion women clothing, we have a huge variety of clothing for you to choose from at very competitive price. Browse our collection of sexy dresses, plus...

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Lingerie Vendor is a website by ZG Commerce Ltd. sells wholesale and retail women's pajama sets, shapewear and lingerie sets online. We are a wholesale supplier of stylish and comfortable pajama sets for women. We also have a nice selection of lingerie sets, shapewear and other homewear & sleepwear items for our customers from all over the World. You can shop easily with no requirement of a licence. Even you can shop for yourself. We are dedicated to supply best...

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Established in 2019 with more than 16 years of factory experience, Shijiazhuang Kuabao Trading Co., Ltd. located in Shijiazhuang city of Hebei province, nearby Beijing and Tianjin sea port.   We have our own one small factory and several cooperated factories, which all were specialized in making high quality PU Raincoat. Our products sell well in European market, mainly including Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Iceland, Russia and UK.  Since the establishment, we have been adhering to the principle...

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Kids & Co Wholesale is a UK supplier of baby and children's wear since 1983, stock a wide range of products from new born to 16 years, including all types of clothing and accessories. At Kids & Co Wholesale we have been supplying high quality wholesale childrens wear for over 30 years. We stock a wide range of products from new born to 16 years, including all types of clothing and accessories. We are a specialist wholesaler that takes pride...

 Wholesale Clothing Suppliers /  United Kingdom / 93 views / Popular

Elizabeth-Anne Childrenswear Ltd is an Independent British based baby clothing wholesaler, supplying wholesale baby and children's clothes for over 40 years. With everything ranging from handmade garments for those special occasions, to everyday essentials, we offer a unique collection for each season. As an independent baby clothing wholesaler, we supply to the childrenswear retailer only. If you are not a retailer and are interested in some of our clothes, please tell your local baby clothes supplier about us. We supply wholesale...

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Jerzees is a Bowling Green, KY Based T-hirts, Fleece, Sweatshirts and shorts wholesale company from USA. JERZEES WHOLESALE T-SHIRTS, FLEECE, AND POLOS Decorated apparel should be a source of inspiration that brings people, creativity, and self-expression together. It should give people the confidence to express their individual sense of style and stand out for who they truly are. ‌ The JERZEES brand exists to encourage and support self-expression. And since imagination knows no bounds, we offer you a wide range...

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Lady Charm Online is an import and wholesale business carrying wholesale women’s boutique clothing. Located in Dallas, Texas, off of Hairy Hines Blvd, we offer a variety of options in the latest women’s apparel wholesale which includes leopard women's clothing, ripped leggings, wholesale women's shirt and wholesale women's plus size clothing. Our styles in women’s clothing range from contemporary classics to bold modern favorites with a little southern flair in between. Our styles are cute, fun, and trendy, and range...

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Lonca is the ultimate destination to reach the top-most suppliers in the largest wholesale clothing market in Turkey. We have a wide collection of all types of both comfy and fashionable wholesale dresses, tops, jeans, modest clothing like abaya and many more. Boutique owners can shop at our online store from the comfort of their homes and get unique wholesale women’s clothing and accessories of their liking delivered right to their doorstep.

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For several years, Alanic Global has been recognized as one of the top wholesale Clothing manufacturer and supplier in the garment industry due to its high-quality services. A global network has been established as a result of this. Providing bulk clients with a variety of garment options, Alanic Global has become the one-stop shop for all company owners and retailers looking to develop or start their businesses.

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DeMillus Lingerie We have nearly 40 years of experience in the textile industry and we carry out all processes meticulously from the beginning of production to the delivery of the product to the last customer.All the products we offer are first quality, completely original and guaranteed.

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SNM Basic offers all kinds of women's underwear including panties and bikinis in bulk. All our products come in great quality at an affordable price.

 Wholesale Clothing Suppliers /  Bangladesh / 123 views / Popular

Wholesale of women, men, plus size, big and tall clothing for shops, boutiques, traders, discount stores. We ship worldwide. Budget lines, Moderate and Designer lines. Stock updated Daily.

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A fashion influence is an individual with a huge number of followers related to fashion and has the ability to influence the thought and purchase attitudes of others with their suggestions and unique ideas. If you know about fashion then you can purchase Wholesale clothing very easily. As we know that fashion changes over time, sometimes old design becomes unique and everyone start to purchase by watching each other.

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DM retailers are all over the globe! Many of our brands have presence abroad in over 15 different countries. If you're interested in becoming a DM retailer, contact the Sales Department at 1(800)-548-6784 and ask about becoming an international partner.

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The Uniform Edit delivers a concept that allows you to custom design your uniform with our in house team.  More importantly, we build a uniform that enhances your corporate image and works hand in hand with your brand. We start our journey together with an initial obligation free consultation.  Moving forward we create sketches of your new look, showcase fabrics and colours and with you build a strong brand, creating confidence in your team.

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LEMON TREE - the best wholesale clothing supplier on the Internet. We are proud to offer our customers high quality merchandise at bargain basement prices. You will be amazed at how much value there is in our online inventory. Whatever type of wholesale clothes you are looking for, we have it. From wholesale dresses to wholesale tops, few other wholesale suppliers can match the quality and cost of our wholesale garments. At LEMON TREE, our customers are our first priority....

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Since we established ourselves online as a reputable wholesale fashion clothing store in Los Angeles City we have remained committed ever since offering our customers the best in clothing. We have been selling the most recent and most fashionable brands ever. We stocks dozens of different cloth styles for our customers because it is our understanding that our customers need variety. We source our top quality clothes from the leading brands because it is our duty to ensure that our...

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hateko carries on its activities with the code of offering a selection of high quality and accessible luxury products, which has been carried in its genes for 3 generations. While keeping up with the changing of world, hateko aims to bring products that respect nature, environment and people. Product designs combine the classic pieces of wardrobes with the most beneficial elements of common fashion trends, accompanied by natural yarn, fabrics and an elegant taste! Result: Classic, high-end and beautifully crafted products...

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Designer Suits at Revolutionary Prices Jack Martin make beautiful, design-led menswear using high quality and sustainable materials. We are proud of manufacturing goods at our own factory and selling direct to you by avoiding traditional retailing fees. Beautiful products, revolutionary prices, revolutionary customer service... We are already discreetly manufacturing garments for many brands. We also supply our own branded products to the independent menswear stores around the UK, the US and Europe. We would like to hear from any potential wholesale customers....

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