Wholesale Clothing Websites & Marketplaces for Boutiques & Retailers

There are many wholesale clothing websites listed on our other posts and directory already, however, we had to create a dedicated list of best wholesale clothing websites and marketplaces to gather all of them on one page.

Best wholesale clothing websites Markeplaces in the World

Here, there are no separate clothing wholesale vendors or distributors. You will find large and very useful websites containing thousands of brands, and suppliers to connect clothing retailers and boutiques around the World with best vendors on the same platform.

You will register as a buyer and will be able to start to discover many brands and clothing wholesalers on the same website, shop and use all other buying tools confidently.

Wholesale Clothing Websites Picked by Us

The list of wholesale clothing websites includes the most popular ones, the marketplaces with awards, great feedback and largest base of wholesalers

Also there are some which we believe you need to give a chance to source your clothing line for your boutique.

The top wholesale clothing websites & marketplaces are:

  1. Faire
  2. FashionGo
  3. Shewin
  4. LA Showroom
  5. GoWholesale UK
  6. Tundra
  7. Handshake

and more..

Faire Wholesale Clothing Marketplace Website

Faire is our number one pick in wholesale clothing websites.

Faire is our number one choice as a complete wholesale markeplace. Although it is not a marketplace only for Fashion, it has an extensive number of clothing wholesale vendors and clothing brands on the platform for boutiques and retail shops to choose from.

Faire has a really impressive number of monthly users like around 3 Million to 5 Million. 

It should be considered as one of the top places for both wholesale vendors and buyers.

Faire’s most popular category is Women’s clothing with almost 400.000 monthly unique visitors according to data of Ubersuggest.

The platform was established in 2017.

The CEO of Faire, Max Rhodes, points out that:

We created Faire in 2017 with a simple vision: to help small businesses come together to compete on a more level playing field with the likes of Walmart and Amazon. Today, Faire is the online marketplace where retailers discover their next bestsellers from independent brands across the globe

The Faire wholesale marketplace has:

  • 600.000 retailers buying on Faire
  • 25.000 cities with buyers
  • 85.000 brands on the platform
  • 5 Million connections introduced

They Have offices in:

  • Amsterdam
  • Atlanta
  • London
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Salt Lake City
  • San Francisco
  • São Paulo
  • Toronto
  • Waterloo

Faire has many awards like Best Fashion Marketplace (By Glossy)

If you ask which wholesale clothing website dedicated to only fashion that is the number one to buy wholesale clothing and fashion, we could easily say that it is Fashiongo.net

Fashiongo was founded in 2002, and has always been one of the top stops when retailers want to connect with wholesale clothing vendors and buy items on the same platform.

With around 500.000 visits montly and over 2000 vendors to connect with, they serve almost 750.000 buyers.

Fashiongo has also a good Dropshipping program for sellers who do not want to keep any inventory. Best for sellers focusing on US market.

Fashiongo offers some very nice value added services to buyers:

  • Chat service
  • Consolidated Shipping
  • Style Match+ service to make finding products easier

If you are looking for specific vendors and brands you will easily find it on the vendors list of fashiongo, here..

Shewin is a large and reliable wholesale clothing website for clothing stores and boutiques. 

They have factories in China with around 50.000 sqm space of warehouse and have more than 100 partners to be able to offer the highest quality service to their customers worldwide.

Shewin is recommended for buyers from USA, and all around the World who are looking for a secure and fun wholesale shopping experience for women’s clothing.

LA Showroom is another great marketplace for both clothing distributors, manufacturers and buyers to connect.

LA Showroom is popular and easy to use marketplace platform for b2b fashion trade. 

Having more than 100.000 monthly visitors to the website, and more than hundred wholesale fashion distributors, we can easily say it is a really good website to source clothing and fashion items for boutique owners from around the World.

It has good services such as Rewards program, and possiblity to download images of the products.

Through this online shopping website, their vendors promote and sell their collections to buyers from around the world.

Vendors are able to sign up for their professional fashion photography services, personalized email campaigns for their virtual store, website administration and graphic design services.

You will find the list of all Vendors with online shops on LAshowroom.com here.

Gowholesale.co.uk is a UK based fashion marketplace offering:

There are shipping solutions in UK, USA and Europe to shop from many UK based fashion brands and wholesalers.

With around 100.000 visitors it is a popular marketplace and offers a great selection of vendors to shop from all in one platform.

See all clothing vendors here..

Tundra is a marketplace that deserves to give a chance for fashion buyers.

Though it is a marketplace website for many wholesale categories, they have a selection of clothing vendors.

Tundra has more than 10.000 brands in all categories. They offer a good selection of Fashion vendors among these.

They work with no commissions and try to make wholesale selling and buying easier and efficient for small business owners.

Their offices are located in San Francisco, Boston and Zurich.

Handshake is a wholesale marketplace created and managed by Shopify.

Handshake is the meeting point for passionate business owners. A place where brands and retailers could connect online, to buy and sell wholesale.

They are supporting the US market for now, but plan to be globally available in the future.

Handshake has around 300.000 visitors monthly, however, they have many categories other than apparel.

Our Other Picks for Wholesale Clothing Websites & Marketplaces

You might want to discover more Wholesale clothing websites and try different marketplaces for bulk clothes. Check the following and try for your own benefit for searching the best fit to your clothing boutique and retails fashion site. Some offer vendors and brands from specific countries.