Top Beverages, Instant Drink Powder, Juice Manufacturers in Turkey

In Turkey’s exports beverages, powdered drinks, juices, juice powders hold an important place since Turkey is a country agricultural production is huge. 

There are many manufacturers of instant powdered drinks, carbonated soft drinks, juices and other types of beverages, however, we have chosen for you only some top and reliable ones who mostly export their products.

Turkey is a good destination if you are looking for importing private label beverages.

The companies listed under following sub-categories:

  1. Powdered Drinks/ Juice Powders
  2. Carbonated Soft Drinks
  3. Fruit Juices
  4. Other Beverages
Beverages instant powder drinks juices manufacturers

Instant Drink Powder/Juice Powder Manufacturers in Turkey


ems powder juice drinks Turkey 9g 10g


EMS is a manufacturer and exporter of Juice Powder / Powdered Drinks in Turkey with production in Gaziantep City and an office in Istanbul. EMS exports its high quality drink powders mainşy to Africa and Middle East under many brand names and private labels.

Fly Juice Juice Powder - Drinks from Turkey

Best Quality Juice Powder with more than 10 popular flavors:

  • Banana Powder Drink
  • Strawberry Powder Drink
  • Coconut Juice Powder
  • Pineapple
  • Watermelon
  • Hibiscus
  • Lemon
  • Orange Juice Powder
  • Cocktail
  • Ginger
  • Mango
  • and more..

Main packaging options and formulas are:

  • 9g makes 1.5 Liters
  • 10g makes 2 Liters
  • and 6g makes 2 Liters (Available for eligible orders)

2. Eman Agro A.S. / Valore Drink Powder Drinks

Valore Drink instant drink powders for export


We are a Beverages manufacturer and exporter company in Gaziantep city of Turkey.Main products are instant powdered drinks in 9g, 10g sachets, 2.5kg containers. Our main strengths are; Many years of manufacturing experience Doing only export-oriented business Strong customer relations Clear and smooth transactions and business processes and Quality is the priority.. always…

instant drink powder manufacturer Turkey

Get the Best Quality Fruit Drink Powders produced with the specially selected ingredients. The manufacturer & exporter of fruit flavored instant drink powders.

We offer specially selected fruit flavors:We are happy to offer you some highly demanded flavors like orange and cola, and many exotic flavors from around the world, like tamar hindi (tamarind)Guava, Coconut, Mango, and pineapple. Also CocktailGinger, and strawberry flavors are available.


COOL MIX juice powder


Gold Mix, Alvinsa and Cool Mix brand drink powder in 9g, 6g and 10g sachets are available upon customer request. The company is a Gaziantep Turkey based drink powders manufacturer with a nice selection of products for export to many countries Worldwide. The company manufactures chocolates, biscuits and more in its modern factory.


Quality Juice Powder with many flavors:

  • Orange, Mango, Strawberry, Cocktail, Pineapple
  • Watermelon, Grape, Cherry, Peach, Lemon
  • and more…

Main juice powder packaging options are:

  • 9g makes 1.5 Liters
  • 10g makes 2 Liters
  • and 6g makes 2 Liters

The company also manufactures a variety of chocolate bars, sticks, and biscuits along with powder drinks. You can contact the company via Whatsapp and email.  

Turkish Carbonated Soft Drinks Manufacturers

1. Oba / 4u Drinks

Carbonated soft drinks beverages manufacturer in Turkey


“4u” was established in 1990 at the foothills of Bozdağ, the 2nd highest hill of the Aegean region. Our facility encompassing a total area of 6.000 m2 is 10 km to Salihli region of Manisa. Production is carried out under hygienic conditions at the fully automatic integrated facilities utilizing state of the art technology. The most important feature setting out our drinks from other brands is that they are produced using spring water from the mountains. They have become the passion of consumers in a short time due to the unmatched taste provided by mountain water.

Beverages & Powdered Drinks Manufacturers in Turkey 4

Under the “4u” main brand, there are 6 sub-brands of coke, lemonate, orange, lemon, strawberry and cherry.

We ship out our 4u drinks to consumers with over 100 distributors in 52 cities. We have been exporting to Europe, Middle East and Africa regions since 2008.

As 4u, we have been advancing with decisive steps since 23 years with our expertise, technological investments, innovative approach and quality standards. The investments we make to our company and human resources continues to increase every year.


You can now experience the original coke taste and quality with 4U Cola.
Bottles with 250 mL, 330 mL, 500 mL


The refreshing and energizing orange taste is now inside the 4U brand packages… Bottles with 250 mL, 330 mL, 500 mL


We are serving you with the refreshing and cooling taste of lemon in the striking packaging of the 4U brand… Bottles with 250 mL, 330 mL, 500 mL

2. SGU Turkish Soft Drinks Manufacturer

sgu carbonated soft drinks energy drinks manufacturer in turkey

SGU Beverages

As SAĞLIKLI GIDA URUNLERI (SGÜ), we have been leading Turkey’s beverage sector since 2003 and we have been successfully representing our country in the global market with our exports to all over the world.

Beverages & Powdered Drinks Manufacturers in Turkey 5
bi-cola- coke

Besides the registered brands that we work with, our company has been the first choice of many international brands for contract manufacturing, and has been reflecting its experiences regarding the sector into the products it produces.

Our company provides its services with its experienced staff, innovative management and its ever-developing sense of quality.

Our production facility is in Istanbul Celaliye and it has a total area of 22,000 m2.

Our products, which we have produced in line with our High Quality standards without compromising the institutional structure, are offered for sale in the markets both in Turkey and in different country markets.

+90 212 885 18 45

Fruit Juice & Flavored Drinks Manufacturers in Turkey

1. Yummy Juices

Fruit juice manufacturer exporter in Turkey


Situated in Mersin Turkey, Yummy is a leading manufacturer and exporter of fruit juices, and fruit flavored drinks in Tetrapack and glass bottles. Having 10.000 sqm closed production area, Yummy exports its products to more than 50 countries.

Beverages & Powdered Drinks Manufacturers in Turkey 6
  • 100% Fruit Juices. Pomegrenate, Apple, and Sour Cherry in 1 Liter Glass bottles
  • Fruit Nectar in 1 Liters and 200ml Tetrapacks
  • Fruit flavored drinks in 100ml and 200ml tetrapacks.
  • Carbonated soft drinks in 250ml plastic bottles
Beverages & Powdered Drinks Manufacturers in Turkey 7

2. Ersu Juices

ERSU Fruit juices


Treating all fruit varieties in Turkey, manufacturing concentrate and pulp juices from these fruits, filling – up juices, and keeping juices in chill stores, ERSU is among the most substantial integrated facilities. With its manufacturing facilities of Eregli and Nigde on 200.000 m2 opened area and 40.000 m2 closed area with capacity 200.000 tons fruit and vegetable treatment per year, and 50 M lt / year fruit juice production capacity, as well as 150.000 pcs / year plastic container production capacity, a fully integrated corporation ERSU exports its products to many parts of the world. With its exportation of concentrate and fruit juices, ERSU performing its role as a bridge between Turkey and World and significantly supports and contributes to the national agriculture with cultivation of tomatoes and carrot based upon a contracted model in its region. It presents its productions such as tomato paste and carrot concentrate – based upon the same model – throughout the world.

3. Aroma Fruit Juices

aroma fruit juice manufacturer

AROMA Bursa Meyve Suları ve Gıda Sanayi A.Ş.

AROMA Bursa Meyve Suları ve Gıda Sanayi A.Ş. was established over a 75.000 m² area in Gürsu Dsitrict of Bursa on the year of 1968. At the company being established as a aggregate corporation, Duruk Group acceded the management by purchasing the majority interest on 1991. By increasing the processed fruit amount day by day with the investment thrust starting on 1991, it has been increased from 20.00 ton to 125.00 ton in a year and Aroma has become one of the leading fruit juice filling facilities of the country.

Aroma presents its fruit juices under the brand of  Aroma 100%, its nectars under the brand of Aroma and Meyöz nectars, lemonade under the brand of Aroma Limonta, fruity beverages under the brand of Aroma Tropical, gaseous beverages under the brand of Aroma.

Aroma has been taking place in this market since 2004 under the brand of Aroma Ömer Duruk Natural Spring Water. AROMA Ömer Duruk Natural Spring Water Facilities constructed inside 50.000 m² open area as 10.000 m² closed area in the year of 2004. Natural spring water comes from the natural spring water source in Uludağ being at 2020 m height. Filling is carried out full hygienically with automatic machines in accordance with the applicable international standards in the facility. Aroma Ömer Duruk Natural Spring Water is a healthy, delicious and silky water thanks to it rich mineral components and low sodium rate.

4. Dimes Fruit Juices Manufacturer

Fruit juice manufacturer Dimes in Turkey


We always care about people and nature; know that we create a sustainable value chain with our farmers, business partners, and consumers. Moreover, we continue to make investments for the next generations.

Beverages & Powdered Drinks Manufacturers in Turkey 8

Our founder, who was a patriotic agriculturalist, was aware of the importance of nutrition to increase number of healthy generations in the tough and poor years of the 1950s, also knew that our fertile soils would increase in value with value-added products and Turkey would develop by improving its agriculture-based industry.

Even if there were plenty of various fruits in the country, edible and delicious fruits could not be utilized sufficiently and all efforts of farmers were wasted.

M. Vasfi Diren’s world of thought was shaped by the nature and human. Then, he founded DIMES in his garden in Tokat, heart of Anatolia in the 1950s.

Our founder has never deviated from his principle which is to produce the best products for the people for all times. In 1963, he said: “We do not process fruit which we would not put on our table, and we do not produce fruit juice which we would not allow our children to drink” and he had shed light on humanity.

As the first fruit juice brand which was established with domestic capital in Turkey, we are sure about the quality of DIMES’ products for several generations because we manage all processes from seeds to the moment, when DIMES products reach your house, based on our deep-rooted quality values. We make all choices with sense of responsibility, including selection of suitable fruits for DIMES, transportation of that fruits to our factories by our own trucks within a period of 24 hours, and get inspired by using traditional storage methods in production. We do not use any preservatives in our products, because we have witnessed this miracle of fruits for many years and aware of the importance of a little choice and how it can make a big difference.


Fruit juice manufacturer Dimes in Turkey


Our company was founded in Kayseri in 1948 with akide sugar and confectionery products and 8 founding members and 8 partners under the name of GÜLSAN Gıda SAN. TİC. A.S. GÜLSAN A.S. Aims to keep our traditional products alive by using quality raw materials and the latest technology and to reach better and better quality day by day. Being a leader in quality is our basic policy.

Beverages & Powdered Drinks Manufacturers in Turkey 9

Gülsan Gıda, which started production in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone in 1985, carries out its production in its modern facilities with 15.000 m2 outdoor and 10.000 m2 indoor area. It offers a wide range of products to its customers with the production of jam / marmalade, halva, tahini, honey, summer halva, melting cheese, butter, hazelnut paste, tahini molasses and breakfast margarine. It has added MEYBUZ A.Ş. to the company in October 2003 with the purpose of producing the fruit he used in jam production and the need to expand to domestic and foreign markets over time. MEYBUZ, which has a closed area of 16,000 m² and an open area of 50,000 m², is shocked and kept in the cold air in all frozen fruit plants by passing through all kinds of fruit and vegetable shocking tunnel (IQF). The vinegar (20 tons / day), molasses (10 tons / day) and sauce varieties are produced in the Nevşehir NEVBAĞ facilities, which was incorporated in 1999, with completely natural fermentation methods in an open area of 16,000 m² and closed area of 5,000 m². MEYSU, which produces pulp with fruit juice and similar products in September 2000, has expanded its product range by establishing its fruit juice facility. In 2002, new investments were made to increase quality and capacity, and fruit juice, fruit nectar, fruit drinks, fruit flavored drinks and sauce types (pomegranate, lemon, soy sauce), fruit processing, carbonated drinks were added to the existing product groups.


Fruitstar juice
Beverages & Powdered Drinks Manufacturers in Turkey 10
Pinar Gida Juice
tamek fruit juice
Uludag beverages turkey

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