8 Best Turkish Cookware Brands & Manufacturers

This is the list of Best Turkish Cookware Brands, and cookware sets manufacturers in Turkey. It is either Turkish made Pans, Pots, or Granite cookware sets, you will find all cookware from these Turkish brands and manufacturers.

Best Turkish Cookware Brands & Manufacturers

Top 8 Cookware Brands in Turkey are:

  1. Korkmaz Cookware
  2. OMS Cookware
  3. Karaca & Emsan
  4. Porland
  5. Silver
  6. Saften Cookware
  7. Gulsan
  8. Netlon Kitchenware

The cookware manufacturers on our list will make your search for a great supplier easy. It may be a great idea to discover the best Turkish furniture brands to get new decor ideas for your home today!

Turkish Cookware Brands / Cookware Manufacturers:

1. Korkmaz Cookware

Korkmaz Cookware Turkey

Korkmaz is the pioneering brand and company for Turkish Cookware Sets along with dinnerware, small home appliances…

Their wide range of cookware includes:

2. OMS Turkish Cookware Manufacturer

OMS Turkish cookware manufacturer

OMS Cookware was founded in 1976 to manufacture durable kitchen appliances out of stainless steel raw material.

OMS is an Istanbul based manufacturer of Turkish Cookware sets.

Adopted constant growth and contribution to national economy as its main principle since the day year it was founded. Within this principle, a great portion of the goods manufactured in the manufacturing facility in Istanbul is being exported all around the world.

In this manner, OMS products reached beyond the nation’s borders and proved its quality through successful exports to countries around the world. Currently exports to 46 different countries. Company reached over 1.850.000 pieces of annual manufacturing capacity and constantly engages in R&D studies to constantly reiterate on its products.

Products of OMS Cookware:

  • Pot sets
  • Cooking Pots
  • Dowry sets
  • Steel pans
  • Coffee pots
  • Teapots
  • Couscous pots
  • Creamer
  • Special Product Collection
  • Pressure Cookers
  • Semavor Sets
  • Spaghetti Pot
Granite product group
  • Granite separate pans
  • Granite separate pots
  • Granite pot sets
  • Granite double-sided pan
  • Granite creamer
  • Granite Trays
  • Granite Couscous & Steamer Set
  • Granite Cake Mould
  • Granite Teapot Sets

3. Karaca & Emsan

emsan cookware sets

Both Karaca & Emsan are great brands in Turkey for Cookware sets. They offer much more than pots, pans and other cooking sets. You will find almost everything about your kitchen, even electrical Turkish coffee makers, Toasters and more…

Emsan and Karaca are both some of the oldest and reliable cookware brands in Turkey. We mentioned them together, they are now affiliated companies. Karaca qcquired Emsan in 2008.

What products they offer:

All from steel pots, to granite pans, cookware sets, and related cooking equipment.. There is nothing you cannot find..

4. Porland Cookware

Porland Cookware Turkey

You should also check the line of cookware sets by Porland brand in Turkey. Porland is one of the top brands in Kitchenware.


5. Silver Cookware Turkey

Turkish cookware manufacturer Silver

Silver was founded in 1980, a manufacturing company for cookware from kayseri Turkey. Their roots in the industry dates back to 1958.

All products produced by the Silver Inc. comply with EU norms.

It has many international food health certificates (FDA, LFGB, REACH and SEDEX) and certifies its quality in production and management with total quality and ISO 9001: 2008 management system.

Silver Inc. with its unique and creative works, it continues to shape the kitchen sector with its enameled cast iron and enameled stainless steel kitchen utensils and its constantly developing product range.

Products of Silver:

    • Cusinero Cast Iron Pots
    • Smart Cast Iron Pots
    • Cast Iron Splayed Pots
    • Cast Iron Oval Pots
    • Cusinero Cast Iron Flat and Grid Pans
    • Cast Iron Round and Flat Pans
    • Cast Iron Grid Pans
    • Cast Iron Fried Pans
    • Cast Iron Fajita Pans
    • Cast Iron Fish Pans
    • Cast Iron Braised Meat Pans
    • Cast Iron Kidney and Drip Pans
    • Cast Iron Pizza/Crepe/Pancake Pan

6. Saften Cookware Turkey

Saften Steel cookware manufacturer Turkey

Saften is a Turkish Steel Cookware manufacturer from Kahramanmaras Turkey, with a production facility of around 20.000 sqm. Saften dates back to 1987.

Saften Metal is now  producing deep pot, saucepan, oval pot, cips pot, grill pan, fry pan, fish pan, egg pan, oven try, casserole, teapot and pressure cooker with 2.000.000 pcs per year…

7. Gulsan Cookware Sets

Gulsan Cookware manufacturer brand

Gulsan Cookware was founded in 1983 by manufacturing steel kitchen items. It has grown to be one of top Turkish Cookware brands.

The cookware factory of Gulsan is located in Istanbul.

They offer steel and granite pots, cookware sets, pans and more..


8. Netlon/Net Celik Kitchenware Turkey

Turkish kitchenware cookware netlon net celik

Netlon started its production journey with making molds and machines for kitchenware industry in 1984 and has become of the top manufacturers of Kitchenware & Cookware sets through the years.

They make:

  • Aluminum Cookware Sets
  • Stainless Steel Cookware
  • Enamel Cookware sets
  • Horeca Cookware
  • Pressure Cookers
  • Deep Pots
  • and more..


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