35 Best Clothing Manufacturers in Turkey

You will find here 35 of reliable clothing manufacturers in Turkey that you can contact and get quotations for your fashion brand.

Turkey is one of the top places in the World to import clothing from, since it is a really huge textile and garments industry center.

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This list is a good starting point for established brands to find reliable contract manufacturers from Turkey. We covered in another post some of the best Turkish wholesale Clothing Vendors for boutiques and stores who want to buy clothes from Turkey.

Clothing Manufacturers in Turkey Top 10:

  1. Yesim textile
  2. Sun Textile
  3. Akarteks Denim
  4. Taypa Textile
  5. Uniteks Apparel
  6. Akbaslar Textile
  7. Roteks Denim
  8. Ugur Konfeksiyon
  9. Aster Apparel
  10. Erak Denim

Many of the World’s top fashion brands have manufacturing partners in Turkey. So we can easily claim that Turkish clothing manufacturers offer a good service and enjoy the steadily growing orders coming from Europe and USA fashion brands..

Top Clothing Manufacturers in Turkey are:

1.Yesim Textile

Yesim Apparel Turkey
turkish apparel manufacturer yesim

Yesim is a garments manufacturer in Bursa Turkey, producing for the World’s top brands such as;

Nike, Under Armour, Zara, Pull & Bear, Bershka, Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy Jeans, Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren, Guess, Mudo, Aldi, Horizonte, Tchibo and Kappa.

Yesim Textile employs over 4.000 people in its apparel and home textiles production carried out in a total of 325,000 square meters of which 144,000 is closed, 181,000 open. The company is based in Bursa in northwest Turkey, one of the most industrialized and culturally charged metropolitan centers in the country.

Yesim has a daily production capacity of 115 tons of knitted products, 125 tons dyed, 100,000 meters of printed fabric, 250,000 pieces of garments and 100,000 pieces of home textiles. As well as being one of the leading fully integrated yarn-to-finished-product facilities under one roof in the garment sector anywhere in the world, the company is also one of Turkey’s largest firms in terms of creating employment.

Knitwear, Clothing, Home Textile

2. Sun Tekstil

35 Best Turkish Clothing Manufacturers 1
35 Best Turkish Clothing Manufacturers 2

Founded in 1987, Sun Tekstil is a leader in Turkey for manufacturing and exporting textiles and garments and a family of 1700+ people. Preferred by prestigious fashion brands, Sun Tekstil designs, produces and offers trendsetting styles with a focus on circular knit fabrics and ready-made womenswear garments.

With the support of a large production network, Sun Tekstil has the capability to quickly adapt and respond to clients’ needs.

Sun Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Yedi Eylül Mah. Celal Umur Cad.
No: 6/A 35860 Torbalı

+90 232 850 60 00

3. Akarteks Denim

akarteks denim cloths manufacturer

Founded in 1985, Akarteks Tekstil has been one step ahead with its innovative and competitive concept in the world of the production industry for more than 30 years and has become one of the biggest and most successful denim and woven ready-to-wear manufacturers of the region, as well as in Turkey.

Considering the purposes of compliance within international standards and continuous development, the company is a worldwide key player proceeding step by step to its global targets.

Taking customer satisfaction as a mission, with more than 1,000 employees in a 31,000 square meter indoor area in the 4 most modern production facilities of its industry, the Akarteks family has succeeded in raising its prominence with high technology and stability in production. The company has become a reputable entity in the worldwide market by reaching a capacity of over 5 million units a year through its perfectionist identity featuring quality with its creative and innovative expert staff, and an effective work tempo.

Denim Clothes, Jeanswear

4. Taypa


The management, procurement, design, marketing, customer relations, financial affairs, human resources and information technologies activities are performed in TAYPA Headquarters located in Beylikdüzü, İstanbul; apparel production is realized in the plants located in Silivri and Bolu, washing production carried out in Ergene.

The group has a monthly production capacity of 800.000 pieces in Turkey operation. In 2015, a Washing Plant with an R&D department of 1000 square meters was established in Ergene, Tekirdağ.

TAYPA maintaining its product diversification and development activities at the R&D center and organizing joint workshops with the world’s leading companies in the washing industry is a fashion supplier that offers its customers the washing trends beyond meeting the customer requests.

TAYPA is among Turkey’s Top 500 Large Industrial Organizations

5. Uniteks Apparel

uniteks apparel turkey

Established in İzmir in 1990, Üniteks is an internationally recognized textile and fashion company demonstrating high standards, vision, and ever-expanding success.

Uniteks is a very large clothing manufacturer in Turkey producing for large fashion brands.

One out of every 25 people in Europe, It buys products manufactured by Uniteks.

A.O.S.B. 10039 Sokak No:26 35620 Çiğli, İzmir – TURKEY

+90 (232) 376 86 00

+90 (232) 376 76 70


7. Roteks Denim

Roteks Denim Manufacturer

Founded in 1986 in Izmir with the partnership of three families, ROTEKS TEKSTİL operates in the fields of textile, product development, production organization and sales and marketing.

As the ‘Roteks Family’, together with all our employees, we are one of the leading companies in our country in the export of denim apparel products. We are constantly renewing and updating ourselves in line with our sustainability vision. In all business processes of Roteks, we prioritize R&D and sustainable technology for products that respect people and nature.


Atatürk Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 10002 Sokak No:26 35620 Çiğli – İzmir – Türkiye


+90 (232) 376 74 80


+90 (232) 376 74 85

8. Ugur Konfeksiyon - Clothing Manufacturer Istanbul

Ugur Konfeksiyon is a large clothing manufacturer based in ıstanbul, and it is one of the top 500 companies in Turkey.

Factory Adress : Muratpaşa Mah. Ata Cad. Kar Sk. No: 12 34040 Bayrampaşa- İSTANBUL/ TURKEY
Telefon : +90 212 417 25 01
Fax : +90 212 581 08 84
E-mail : info@ugurkonfeksiyon.com

9. Aster Apparel

aster apparel manufacturer Turkey

As a family business founded in 1993 in Istanbul, Turkey, Aster has grown to be one of the world’s leading textile companies with its product range.

Aster Textile has maintained its market leadership position by embracing its core values. Currently, Aster ranks among Turkey’s top 10 exporters in the textile and ready-made garment industry.

Headquartered in Istanbul, Aster Textile provides creative, innovative and high-quality products with a flexible service approach.

Aster serves its global customers in various countries with Business Development Centres in Istanbul and London, as well as production facilities and business partners in the Far East.

Aster Textile closely follows world fashion trends and innovations in a range of product groups with a global and visionary perspective.

Aster’s highly experienced design and business development teams in Istanbul and London are working in the centre of global fashion culture.


10. Erak Denim Apparel

35 Best Turkish Clothing Manufacturers 3

Established by Sait Akarlılar in 1984, ERAK soon became the leading denim and non denim woven products manufacturer and one of the major exporters of jeans in Turkey under the leadership of its founder who had started his first ready-to-wear manufacturing business in 1960 when he was only 20.

Over the years, many world famous retailers have been ERAK’s customers, owing to ERAK’s acclaimed know-how and consistent use of superior technology.

11. Realkom

Turkish clothing manufacturer Realkom Istanbul

Based in Istanbul, REALKOM is the market leader in the textile industry. REALKOM, a fully integrated textile company with 1500 employees and a monthly production capacity of 500,000 woven garments, maintains high ethical and production standards.

REALKOM has a reputation for high quality denim productions as a result of its extensive experience in fabric research and development and an extensive wash development center that is up to date with the latest trends and washes.

12. Milteks

Milteks Textile

MİLTEKS TEKSTİL, a member of ACEKA Holding, is a leading manufacturer established in Turkey with production facilities in Turkey and Georgia. Milteks, which has been in continuous development since the day it was founded as the leading group of the holding, is actively involved in various sectors such as food, construction, mining, mainly fabric production and sales, apart from textile apparel.

ACEKA is one of the leading groups with its market share and realized annual exports in Turkey, and MILTEKS TEKSTIL within the group is the locomotive company of the group with its growing investments in Turkey and Georgia.

Milteks has proven its success in developing and producing high quality products for World Professionals through the brands it serves, and on this occasion, it continues to invest in both fabric and apparel to meet the increasing demands.

13. ModaVizyon Turkey


Modavizyon A.Ş. is a manufacturer company that is also serving to their customer with its own designs.

Modavizyon is an enterprise of Şahinler Holding. The Holding is one of the pioneer groups in the textile sector and has production and sale companies at four continent of the world. Modavizyon has been founded in 1991 at Istanbul.

The company producing outer wear garments for men, women and kids from knitting and fancy fabric.

Modavizyon is a part of an entegrated group, and cooperates with its partners. This advantage supplies power at fastness and price which will be meet customers expectations.

It works with sub-contracters as a result of developments at Turkey and the world. Modavizyon has production capacity of 3.000.000-5.000.000 pieces per year approximately.

14. APS Clothing


More than a manufacturer, we’re proud to say that we’re the driving force behind many fashion brands. Loyal clients appreciate our thorough understanding of their commercial objectives and how to meet them, while new clients can be assured with our experience and our drive that ensures their success.

Some Customers:

Zara, Massimo Dutti, Banana Republic, Hugo Boss, Amazon

15. Kardem Clothing

35 Best Turkish Clothing Manufacturers 4

Sustained by our global network of partners and suppliers, Kardem specializes in design and high-tech production of high-volume, time-sensitive fashion garments and collections for Turkey and the world’s leading brands. Using a lean management approach, we reach an average total production capacity of 3.200.000 units per month.

Kardem has been ranked among largest corporations in Fortune and the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO). It is also an active member of Istanbul Textile & Apparel Exporter Associations (ITKIB) and the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO).

Other Clothing Manufacturers in Istanbul

Above listed clothing manufacturing companies are the biggest ones in Turkey serving to top brands in the World.  Below you will find more clothing manufacturers in Turkey to contact for contract manufacturing services.



Pele clothing Turkey

Pele Clothing

edirne giyim

Edirne Giyim

ribatek tekstil

Ribatek Tekstil

35 Best Turkish Clothing Manufacturers 5

Erkon Tekstil (Men's Suits Manufacturer)

More Companies to Contact

The manufacturers listed below are all export oriented companies in Turkey some are making their own brands and some serves with contract manufacturing for international apparel brands. We have chosen clothes manufacturers in Turkey who have good references.

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35 Best Turkish Clothing Manufacturers 6
35 Best Turkish Clothing Manufacturers 7
35 Best Turkish Clothing Manufacturers 8
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Sarp Jeans Turkey
Actuel Clothing Brand
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35 Best Turkish Clothing Manufacturers 9
35 Best Turkish Clothing Manufacturers 10
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