10 Best Turkish Baby Diapers Manufacturers & Brands

This is a list of best Turkish baby diapers manufacturers and brands for international buyers/importers who are looking for reliable suppliers of baby diapers.

Best Turkish Baby Diapers Manufacturers & Brands List

The 12 digits HS Code used by Turkish Customs for Baby Diapers is: 961900811000

Turkish Baby Diapers Manufacturers & Exporters have exported a total amount of 566 Million USD baby diapers in 2022. This value was 481 Million USD in 2021.

Top Importing Countries of Turkish Made Baby Diapers in 2022 were:

  1. Iraq
  2. Israel
  3. Uzbekistan
  4. Iran
  5. Libya
  6. Azerbaijan
  7. Russia
  8. Georgia
  9. Yemen
  10. Tajikistan

Turkey has been the 9th biggest exporter of baby diapers. 

Baby Diapers means in Turkish: Bebek Bezi

Now let us see the best Turkish baby diapers manufacturers and the brands.

Here are The Best Turkish Baby Diapers Manufacturers

Although, there are some popular foreign brands in Turkish market, we can easily say Turkish baby diapers brands have the biggest share in the market.

Turkish Baby Diapers manufacturers like Hayat Kimya, and Eruslu Saglik Urunleri have very popular brands like Molfix and Sleepy.

Check below companies and see what baby diaper brands they make in Turkey.

Some companies have also manufacturing plants in other countries.

Some brands such as Huggies, and Prima (Pampers) of P&G were not listed here since they are not of Turkish origin as brands…

1. Hayat Holding - Molfix / Bebem Natural / Goodcare Baby Diapers

Hayat top turkish babay diapers manufacturers of Molfix brand

Hayat Holding is one of the largest business groups in Turkey with companies in many industries, and 17.000 employees around the World. They have Molfix Brand, Bebem Natural and Goodcare brands in baby diapers field.

Hayat Holding, whose foundations were laid in 1937, is a global player today with its 67 companies operating in different industries, including Hayat in the fast moving consumer goods sector, Kastamonu Entegre in the wood-based panel sector, and Limaş in the port management sector, with a workforce of over 17,000 people. We deliver 49 Turkish brands produced with advanced technologies in 41 production facilities in 17 countries to millions of consumers worldwide.

About Molfix Turkish Baby Diapers Brand:

Molfix is one of the most popular and highest quality baby diapers in Turkey. Molfix was created in 1998. Available in many countries.

Hayat also has:

turkish baby diapers brands molfix by Hayat
Turkish made baby diapers bebem natural

2. Eruslu - One of the Best Turkish Baby Diapers Manufacturers

Turkish Baby Diapers Manufacturers & Brands 1

Eruslu Saglik Urunleri Company roots date back to 1966. Eruslu started manufacturing of baby diapers in 2004 and since then has become one of the biggest players in Turkish market and also a big exporter.

Eruslu manufactures baby diapers under a few brands, adult diapers, wet towels and more..

The company is located in Gaziantep/Turkey. They export baby diapers to more than 100 countries.

The Baby Diapers Brands owned by Eruslu:

  • Sleepy
  • Yess Baby
  • Babyfit
  • Sweet Baby
  • Sunshine
  • Bebest

About Sleepy Turkish Baby Diapers Brand:

Sleepy is among the Turkey’s best selling premium baby diapers brands along with Molfix, and Prima of P&G.

For more information visit Website of Sleepy 

Turkish Baby Diapers Manufacturers & Brands 2

3. Evyap - Manufacturer of Evy Baby Diapers

Evyap manufacturers of turkish baby diapers

Evyap is one of the top 100 industrial companies in Turkey, started its journey in 1927.

Evyap is among the top FMGC companies in Turkey having many popular brands in Turkish market like Duru, Arko and more..

As a baby diapers manufacturer, Evyap is one of the best Turkish bany diapers manufacturers at the moment with its main brand Evy Baby.

About Baby Diapers Evy Baby by Evyap:

Evy Baby greeted mothers and babies in 2004 as a member of Evyap family. Since then, it has continuously grown and become one of the top brands of diaper market, used confidently by mothers in more than 50 countries.

Evy baby is designed to make babies happy and mothers at peace, by providing the best performance with its Dryshield System, which is developed as a result of extensive tests made with mothers and clinic studies carried out in our R&D center and in our state-of-the-art laboratories.

Evy baby is produced in one of Turkey’s most developed production facilities with Japanese technology and then meets with babies and mothers all over the world.

Website of Evy Baby

Turkish Baby Diapers Manufacturers & Brands 3

4. Baby Turco Baby Diapers by Puretex Plastics

Baby Turco Baby diapers by Puretex Turkey

Baby Turco has been an important rival to the top brands in Turkish Baby Diapers market recently.

It is manufactured by Puretex Plastics Company from Gaziantep City Turkey.

About Baby Turco Baby Diapers Brand:

Baby Turco brand has baby diapers, wet towels and more. They are exporting to many countries.  You can contact Baby Turco by visiting their website or by using this email: info@babyturco.com.tr


turkish baby diaper brands Baby Turco

5. Pure Baby - Organic Baby Diapers Brand By Ecoplast

EcoPlast Pure Baby

Pure Baby is another important baby diapers brand from Turkey, known for its organic baby diapers manufactured and marketed by Ecoplast A.S. in Gaziantep city.

The manufacturer company Ecoplast was established in 2009 and now has a plant of 80.000 sqm in Gaziantep Industrial Zone. Ecoplast is mainly a manufacturer of hygiene product components and plastics films.

Pure Baby ofers organic baby diapers.

For more information please visit Pure Baby or Ecoplast websites.

Pure Baby Organic baby diapers from Turkey

6. Önlem & Joyful Branded Baby Diapers by Pakten

Turkish Baby Diapers Manufacturers & Brands 4

Pakten was founded in 2000 in Gaziantep Turkey. They are Turkey’s one of the biggest and best baby diapers manufacturers having the brands Önlem & Joyful.

They export about 70% of their products.

Pakten is also a good option if you are looking for a reliable private label baby diapers manufacturer.

About Önlem and Joyful Branded Baby Diapers of Pakten:

Önlem baby diapers are premium quality diapers tested by German Dematest laboratories, having a rating of ‘5 Star Premium Segment’ . with its skin caring features.

Joyful is the company’s other brand with the similar quality and rating.

They also manufacture many private label baby diapers in their modern  factories.

Another baby diapers brand of Pakten is Leri Baby.

Turkish Baby Diapers Manufacturers & Brands 5

7. Giggles Baby Diapers by Sevincler

Turkish Baby Diapers Manufacturers & Brands 6

Sevincler company started manufacturing baby diapers in 2010, located in Gaziantep-Turkey.

Mostly export oriented company, Sevincler, exports most of its production in baby diapers to many countries. They also make wet wipes, and adult diapers.

Giggles is their main brand with the highest quality. They also have many other brands for baby diapers.

About Giggles Baby Diapers of Sevincler:

Giggles is the company’s premium brand of baby diapers. Giggles brand comes in a few varieties like: 

  • Giggles Premium
  • Giggles Premium Twin
  • Eco,
  • Jumbo

The other Baby diaper brands are:

  • Giggles Natural
  • Giggles Dry&Soft
  • Jusy Baby
  • Dolphin Baby
giggles baby diapers premium by sevincler turkey
turkish baby diapers brands jusy baby

8. Lİdersan / Altunkaya - Confy Baby Diapers

Confy baby diapers from Lidersan Turkey

Lidersan Saglik is a company located in Gaziantep. It belongs to Altunkaya Group of Companies

Lidersan Saglik, who won the admiration and loyalty of consumers in diapers and wipes products industry is serving the world market with Confy, Pipero Baby, Babylook, Swiss Baby and Potty Bebe brands and is aiming to be the leader in this sector. Pursuing its principles to produce high quality products to contribute to the happiness of babies and mothers, it offers its products to customers in the best conditions.

With Confy and Potty brand of diapers located in 40 countries each year mainly in the Middle East, Lidersan Saglik continues to serve millions of customers every day with its production quality and capacity in international standards.

About Confy Baby Diapers:

Confy Baby diapers are sold in almost 50 countries in the World. Confy is manufactured in a modern factory of around 100.000 sqm.


confy turkish babyu diapers brand and manufacturer

9. Pine Baby Diapers by Arkan Group Turkey

Pine baby diapers brand by arkan group

Arkan Group started its business journey in 1992 as a trading company. In 2007 they started to manufacture baby diapers and added other products to the range such as wet wipes, and adult diapers.

They have created the World’s first smart baby diaper Pine Smart in co-operation with a leading Turkish university. The innovative product detects urinary system infection.

Arkan Group established their first factory outside of Turkey in Nigeria, in 2021 for production of baby diapers.

The company is located in Corlu-Tekirdag near Istanbul.

10. Predo Baby Diapers

Turkish Baby Diapers Manufacturers & Brands 7

Predo is one of the companies in our list of Turkish baby diapers manufacturers. The company Predo Saglik Urunleri was established and started manufacturing baby diapers in 2012, in Gaziantep Turkey.

In 2016 they started to produce adult diapers and wet wipes.

They have following brands of Baby diapers:

  • Predo Baby
  • Slipers
  • Slipp Bebe
Predo baby diapers brand
slipers turkish baby diapers brand
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