10 Best Turkish Dinnerware Brands & Manufacturers

Here are the best Turkish Dinnerware brands and manufacturers. Turkey has many brands for dinnerware sets, tableware and kitchenware.

10 Best Turkish Dinnerware Sets Brands

Following are some of the top dinnerware brands in Turkey:

  • Karaca
  • Gural Porcelain
  • Korkmaz
  • Emsan
  • Kutahya Porcelain

Most brands are offering w hole range of kitcheware besides the dinnerware sets.

Best Turkish Dinnerware Brands are:

1. Karaca Dinnerware & Kitchenware

Karaca brand Dinnerware sets Turkey

Karaca is a leading dinnerware brand and manufacturer in Turkey. It was founded in 1973. Since then they grew extensively and emerged as a leading kitchenware supplier and retailer.

Karaca has stores in 43 citites in Turkey.


2. Gural Porcelain

Turkish dinnerware brand gural porcelain

Gural Porcelain was founded in 1989. It is one of the top brands of porcleian dinnerware in Turkey with 275.000 sqm production facilities.

Gural products can be found now in 60 countries.

You can find Gural Porcelain stores in many large cities of Turkey.

3. Korkmaz

Turkish dinnerware brand gural porcelain

Korkmaz is another famous Turkish dinnerware brand offering much more than tableware. They have almost everything for your kitchen including small appliances like Turkish coffee machines.

Their line of high quality dinnerware makes Korkmaz a leading brand in this field.

Korkmaz has stores and distrşbutors in almost 120 countries.

4. Emsan Kitchenware

10 Best Turkish Dinnerware Sets Brands 17

Emsan is a Turkish dinnerware, kitchenware brand affiliated with Karaca. It was founded in 1971.

You can find Emsan stores in 10 cities of Turkey including Istanbul.

5. Kutahya Porcelain Turkish Dinnerware Brand

10 Best Turkish Dinnerware Sets Brands 18

Kutahya Porcelain might be the biggest Porcelain manufacturer in the World. They claim this at least.

In Turkey Kutahya Porcelain is the brand of Dinnerware which comes to Turks’ mind when they need a quality and elegant set of dinnerware.

kutahya porcelain plates

6. Porland

porland turkish dinnerware sets brand manufacturer

Porland is certainly a great brand of dinnerware from Turkey, which was founded in 1976, having 2 factories in cities Bilecik and Gebze.

Porland has more than 20.000 product in their line and can be found in more than 30 countries.

They have 34 stores in Turkish cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Antalya, Adana, Gaziantep, Samsun and Bilecik.

7. Schafer

Schafer Turkey

Schafer is relatively new brand in Turkish Dinnerware sector. It was founded in 2004 and soon become one of the leading and reliable brands for tableware, dinnerware and kitchen products.

It is one of the brands with most sales points in Turkey which makes the brand easily accessible.

8. Nehir Kitchen

10 Best Turkish Dinnerware Sets Brands 35

Nehir Kitchen is a great company which started production of kitchenware in 1986. You can find elegant Cutlery, dinnerware sets, cooking appliances and many more categories in kitchenware.

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