50 Best Turkish Shipyards: List of Boat Builders & Yacht Builders in Turkey

Did you know that Turkish shipyards are known to build great yachts and vessels and the industry is one of the top 3 in the World? We prepared an extensive list of best Turkish shipyards who build & refit yachts, boats, and vessels.

50 best turkish shipyards

The shipbuilding companies listed here are all selected carefully by our team. The list has no specific order.

Best Turkish Shipyards top 10 are:

  1. Aegean Yachts
  2. Tersan Shipyard
  3. Sedef Shipyard
  4. Sefine Shipyard
  5. Cemre Shipyard
  6. Yonca Shipyard
  7. Dunya Yachts
  8. Uzmar Shipyards
  9. Numarine Yachts
  10. Sirena Marine Yachts

You will see the 40 rest of Turkish shipyards list in the post with the websites of the companies.


1. Turkish Shipyards: Aegean Yacht Builder (Ege Yat)

Best Turkish Shipyards: Aegean Yacht

Aegean Yacht – Ege Yat – is one of the best Turkish Yacht Builders founded in 1976. 

Ege Yat has 2 full service, seafront boatyards in Bodrum and Antalya freezone in Turkey. They are specialized in fully customized steel & aluminum Yacht building, Refit, Brokarage and crewed yacht charters.

They adhere to a personalized approach, providing their clients with an array of virtually limitless opportunities to bring their aspirations to life. Their core focus lies in ensuring the seaworthiness, safety, and functionality of all their designs.

To date, Aegean Yacht have successfully delivered 50 exquisite sailing and motor yachts, spanning from 20 meters to 60 meters in length overall (LOA), to destinations across the globe. 

Aegean Yacht Builds:

Aegena Yacht Projects
AE25M Yacht by Aegean Yacht Turkey

2. Turkish Shipyards: Tersan Shipyard

Tersan shipyards in Turkey

Tersan Shipyard Inc. is one of the major global shipyards in Europe, serving its customers as a trusted partner in shipbuilding and ship repair industries.

Tersan Shipyard is one of the largest 500 companies in Turkey and one of the 2 biggest shipyards with Sedef Shipyard.

The shipyard has 2 facilities in Yalova and Tuzla/Istanbul with a total area of 320.000 sqm.

Tersan Shipyard is specialized in building technologically advanced offshore, fishing, passenger and other types of vessels for worldwide customers. Tersan is a diversified shipbuilder whom has gained considerable experience in building of LNG and battery operated vessels besides number of value-added niche new-built ships of many types and sizes.

Tersan Turkish Shipyard Builds:

built vessels by tersan turkish shipyard
Images from Tersan Shipyard's Projects

3. Sedef Shipyard in Turkey

best turkish shipyards 3: Sedef Shipyard

Sedef Shipyard was first established in 1972 in Gebze, before moving to its current location in Tuzla in 1990. With more than 200 projects successfully completed to date, Sedef Shipyard has been operating under its parent company Turkon Holding since 2000, which belongs to one of the most established families in the Turkish maritime sector.

Covering an expansive area of 270,000 square meters, divided between the Tuzla and Orhanlı facilities, Sedef Shipyard stands as Turkey’s largest privately-owned shipyard in terms of both size and production capability. The Tuzla plant spans 194,000 square meters, while the Orhanlı plant covers 76,000 square meters. The indoor production spaces are equally impressive, encompassing 51,000 square meters in Tuzla and 12,000 square meters in Orhanlı.

Operating with an impressive annual shipbuilding capacity of 600,000 deadweight tons (DWT), Sedef Shipyard boasts the presence of one of Turkey’s most substantial dry docks. This dry dock is equipped for the construction, repair, and maintenance of vessels with a capacity of up to 180,000 DWT. Moreover, the shipyard possesses the capability to hoist weights of up to 1,050 tons within the dry dock and up to 500 tons along the quay.

Sedef Turkish Shipyard Builds:

12500 dwt container vessel by sedef shipyard
Image of Sedef Shipyard's 12.500 DWT Container Vessel

4. Best Turkish Shipyards: Sefine Shipyard

Best Turkish Shipyards: Sefine Shipyard

Established in 2005, Sefine Shipyard commands an expansive area of more than 140,000 square meters dedicated to newbuilding, repair, maintenance, and conversion activities. It stands as a prominent institution within the Yalova region, bolstered by a workforce exceeding 4,000 personnel, inclusive of subcontractors.

With its strategic positioning, the shipyard possesses the capacity to conduct comprehensive ship repair services. Its capabilities extend to vessels of up to 90,000 deadweight tons (DWT) on its Post-Panamax scale dry dock, while also accommodating vessels of up to 120,000 DWT on its Aframax size floating dock.

Sefine Turkish Shipyard Builds:

50 Best Turkish Shipyards: Yacht & Boat Builders in Turkey List 1

5. Cemre Shipyard

Best shipyards in Turkey: Cemre shipyard

Cemre Shipyard is one of the top ship builders in Turkey, located in Yalova where many shipyards exist. 

Cemre delivered the first vessel in 2006 and since then emerged as one of the best names in Turkish shipyard industry.

Cemre Shipyard Builds:

offshore vessel built by Cemre Shipyard
GROENEWIND NB0072 by Cemre Shipyard

6. Yonca Shipyard

yonca shipyard

Yonca Shipyard is a leading shipbuilder in advanced composite technologies, founded in 1986, located in Tuzla, Istanbul Turkey.

They design and build military purpose boats.

Yonca Shipyard Builds:

cemre shipyard Turkey
Fast Patrol Attack Craft

7. Dunya: Turkish Yachts Builder

Dunya Yachts Turkey

Dunya Yachts is a leading Turkish Yachts designer and manufacturer with a focus on superyachts.

The Yacht brand Dunya was founded in 2005 as a part of Ursa Shipyard which dates back to 1983.

Dunya Makes Superyachts

Axioma superyacht by Dunya yachts Turkey
Axioma/Red Square by Dunya Yachts Turkey

8. Uzmar Shipyards Turkey

Uzmar Turkish Shipyards

Uzmar is a Turkish Shipyards founded in 1980s by captain Altay Altug. The shipyard is located in Kocaeli Basiskele having 400 staff. The company has delivered 200 products for use in 25 countries.

Uzmar Shipyards Builds:

  • Tugs & Worksboats
  • ASD Tugboat
  • Conventional Tugboats
  • Voith Tugboats
  • Pusher Tugboats
  • Line Handling Boats
  • Offshore Vessels
  • Pilot Boats
Uzmar Shipyards Turkey offshore vessel
RAmpage 6000 Offshore Vessel by Uzmar Shipyards

9. Numarine Yachts from Turkey

Numarine Yachts from Turkey

Numarine is a famous Turkish Yacht brand from Kocaeli Turkey. Founded by Omer Malaz in 2000s with a mission to create a motor yacht designed to provide unrivalled performance and comfort.

Numarine Builds:

  • Yachts from 22 to 45 meters.

10. Sirena Marine Yachts from Turkey

Turkish Yachts Builder Sirena Marine

Sirena Marine is Turkey’s leading Yachts Builder founded in 2006. Started a partnership with Italian Azimut-Benetti Group in 2008 after development of several luxury sailing yachts.

Sirena is one of the brands the group manufactures.

Siera Marine Builds:

  • Luxury Motor Yachts
50 Best Turkish Shipyards: Yacht & Boat Builders in Turkey List 2

11. Ada Shipyard

ada shipyard
  • Founded:2002
  • Located in: Tuzla/Istanbul
  • Phone: +90 216 447 4901

12. Anadolu Shipyard (Naval Vessels)

Turkish Shipyards: Anadolu Shipyard
  • Founded: 1950s
  • Located in: Tuzla/Istanbul
  • Phone: +90 216 446 6114

13. Ares Shipyard (Commercial & Military Vessels)

ares shipyard Turkey
  • Founded: 2006
  • Located in: Antalya
  • Phone: +90 242 261 61 61

14. Argem Shipyard

Turkish Shipyards: Argem
  • Founded: 1999
  • Located in: Pendik/Istanbul
  • Phone: +90 216 392 11 84

15. Ark Yacht

Ark Yacht Turkey
  • Founded: 2005
  • Located in: Bodrum/Mugla
  • Phone: +90 252 316 0437

16. Art Shipyard

Art Shipyard Tuzla Istanbul
  • Founded: 2023
  • Located in: Tuzla/Istanbul
  • Phone: +90 216 446 0 278

17. Astas Shipyard

Astas Shipyard
  • Founded: 1982
  • Located in: Tuzla/Istanbul
  • Phone: +90 216 493 44 59

18. Ceksan Shipyard

Ceksan Shipyard
  • Founded: 1960
  • Located in: Tuzla/Istanbul
  • Phone: +90 216 493 2453

19. Cimtas Shipyard

20. Dearsan Shipyard

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