Best Doors Manufacturers in Turkey

Best Turkish Doors Manufacturers in Turkey make high quality doors in following main categories:

  • Interior Wooden Doors
  • Metal Security Doors
  • Steel Exterior Doors
  • Fire Doors

Best Doors Manufacturers in Turkey

Top Turkish Doors Manufacturers in Turkey are:

  1. Variodor
  2. Dortek
  3. Artella
  4. Best Door
  5. Isdoor
  6. Kale Kilit Doors
  7. Sur
  8. SMS Steel Doors
  9. Ermetsan
  10. Tezdoor

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Turkish Wooden Doors Manufacturers

1. Variodor (By Yildiz Entegre)

variodor turkish interior doors manufacturer

Variodor is Turkey’s top MDF monoblock interior doors brand manufactured by Yildiz Entegre. 

Variodor doors, also called monoblock full door, are user-friendly with the product quality and variety.

They are produced as an alternative to massive doors with many features such as, their wide usage area in different sizes.  It is preferred for door design and decoration in all living spaces with its prominent features such as magnetic and silent locking system, fire resistance, sound insulation, and opening and closing resistance.


10 Best Doors Manufacturers in Turkey 1

2. Dortek Turkish Doors Brand

Turkish doors brand manufacturer dortek

Dortek is a top brand for Turkish made doors, headquartered in Istanbul.

Dortek offers:

  • Interior Doors
  • Entrance Doors
  • Fire Rated Doors


10 Best Doors Manufacturers in Turkey 2

3. Artella Wooden Doors

Artella wooden doors interior doors Turkey

Artella Doors is a part of Aslandag group. The company was founded in 1980s and has become a leading doors manufacturer and supplier.

Artella is the brand for wooden doors and the group also has steel doors and other products with different labels.

4. Best Door Turkey (Wooden Doors Manufacturer)

10 Best Doors Manufacturers in Turkey 11

Best Door is a Turkish wooden doors manufacturer established in 2005. The company is based in near Istanbul, Tekirdag, has a 20.000 sqm door manufacturing plant. 

Best Door has a production capacity of 30.000 doors monthly in 500 styles.

Door Types They manufacture are:

5. Isdoor Membrane Doors Manufacturer Turkey

isdoorturkish membrane doors manufacturer

Isdoor is Turkey’s top membrane doors manufacturer based in Corum/Turkey.

Isdoor (Sefer Forest Products), whose foundations were laid in 1980, has become one of the largest and most successful companies in its sector, not only in Turkey but also in Europe, by always staying one step ahead of change in its journey of more than 36 years.

Considering the aim of complying with international standards and continuous development in all its activities, IsDOOR is a global company that is advancing step by step to its goal of achieving the success it has achieved in its country in the world.

They have a doors showroom in Istanbul:

İstanbul Showroom
İkitelli OSB Keresteciler Sitesi 21. Blok
No: 15 Başakşehir / İstanbul
+90 533 418 84 22

6. Atadoor

Here is the whole wooden door manufacturing process in Atadoor factory with modern cnc and woodworking machinery.

Steel Doors & Security Doors Manufacturers in Turkey

1. Kale Kilit Steel Doors

10 Best Doors Manufacturers in Turkey 18

Kale is one of Turkey’s top business groups. Kale Kilit, as the pioneer of locks industy in Turkey, offers a variety of high quality steel doors for different purposes.

They have steel doors in following lines:

  • Modern Doors
  • Classic Doors
  • Project Doors
  • Fire Doors

2. Sur Steel Doors Manufacturer in Turkey

10 Best Doors Manufacturers in Turkey 23

Sur is a company who started manufacturing steel doors in 1974. They manufacture:

  • Fire Doors
  • Steel Entrance Doors
  • Villa Doors

3. SMS Steel Door

sms steel door Turkey

SMS was established in 1996 to manufacture steel doors in Ankara Turkey.

They manufacture:

  • Steel Doors
  • Villa Doors
  • Fire Doors



4. Ermetsan

ermetsan steel doors

Ermetsan was founded in 2005, has a manufacturing plant area of 20.000 sqm.

They make 72000 pcs steel doors per year. Ermetsan is one of the leaders in steel doors manufacturing in Turkey.

The company is located in Kayseri.

5. Tezdoor


Tezdoor is another Turkish Steel doors manufacturer with many styles and functions. Tezdoor was established in 2000.

They make, steel doors, fire exit doors, emergency exit doors, interior doors and more..

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