Best Wheat Flour Manufacturers in Turkey

Are you here because you want to import wheat flour from Turkey?  Top wheat flour manufacturers in Turkey are listed below.

The 5 Best wheat flour manufacturers in Turkey are:

  1. Unsan Flour Mills
  2. Kozlu Wheat Flour
  3. Eris Flour Mills
  4. Ulusoy Flour
  5. Besler Flour

Top Wheat Flour Manufacturers in Turkey

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  • In our list of Turkish wheat flour mills, Unsan Un (Osmanli Flour) is one of the best wheat flour exporters in Turkey based on shipped container loads.
  • Turkey’s biggest wheat flour manufacturer is Ulusoy Flour, with a daily production capacity of 3925 Tons, according to the article here.
  • Turkey is the World’s top wheat flour exporting country by 2022-2023 years.
  • Turkish Wheat Flour Mills & Exporters are exporting a total amount of 1 Billion USD a year. 

Top Wheat Flour Manufacturers in Turkey

Unsan Un Flour Mills Turkey

Best Wheat Flour Manufacturers in Turkey 1

Unsan Flour Mills Company is a top exporter of flour as being one of the largest wheat flour manufacturers in Turkey with a daily flour production capacity of around 2000 tons.

Known as Osmanli Un, the wheat flour manufacturer is located in Samsun/Turkey, having a production facility in Istanbul, Samsun and investing in new flour mills..

Wheat Flour from Turkey

Kozlu Flour - One of the Top Wheat Flour Manufacturers in Turkey we Recommend

Kozlu wheat flour manufacturer

KOZLU Flour Mills is one of the largest Wheat Flour manufacturers in Turkey with the production capacity of 2000 mt/day. 

KOZLU Flour Mills was founded in Amasya / Turkey in 1954. It started its production with 16 tons/day wheat processing capacity and now its reached 2.000 tons/day.

flour from turkey kozlu

Eris Un - Leading Turkish Wheat Flour Manufacturers

Best Wheat Flour Manufacturers in Turkey 2

Eris Un (Erisler Flour Mills) is one of the biggest wheat flour mills in Turkey with a capacity of 2300 Tons daily.

Eris started its flour milling business in 1974, and has become a leading wheat flour manufacturers and exporter in Turkey with its 4 mills in Istanbul.

Eris Flour Mills exports wheat flour to more than 50 countries in various regions of the World including Asia, Middle East, South America, Central America and almost the entire Africa.

Likewise, Eris Flour Mills is official supplier of United Nations and produce for their organizations such as WFP and UNRWA.

The company produce any type of wheat flour such as Bakery, Cake, Pasta, Noodle, Biscuit, Chapatti, Pitta, & Industrial purposes.

Best Wheat Flour Manufacturers in Turkey 3

Ulusoy Turkish Flour Mills

Wheat Flour Manufacturers Turkey: Ulusoy Flour Mills

Ulusoy, is one of the biggest exporters of wheat flour in Turkey, also a leading company in domestic market.

Ulusoy Flour Mills has 2 wheat flour manufacturing plants and a total capacity of 2.760 Tons flour milling daily.

The company is among the Turkey’s 500 biggest industrial companies. They export to more than 90 countries with its 3 plants and 800 employees.

bread flour export by ulusoy in Turkey

Besler Wheat Flour

Top Flour mills in Turkey: Besler Flour

Besler is one of the top wheat flour manufacturers & exporters in Turkey, located in Gaziantep city in South Eastern Turkey. 

Besler Flour Mills started its production in 1993 in a 24.000 sqm plant. 

Besler Flour

Tekirdag Wheat Flour Mills

Tekirdag flour mills

Tekirdag Flour Mills was founded in 1988 on an area of 75,000 m² ’in total, 36,000 m² of which is a closed area. The factory is located in a manner to provide fast transportation and  5 km away from Tekirdag port.

In 2003, “thermal processing” line has been introduced for innovative range of products…

Tekirdag Flour Mills offers a large range of flours:

  • All Purpose Wheat Flour
  • Bread Flours
  • Retail Flours
  • Heat Treated Flours
  • Pregelatinized Flours
  • Pregelatinized Wheat Flour
  • Pregelatinized Corn Flour
  • Improvers
  • Hamburger Buns Improver
  • Toast Bread Improver
  • Pizza Improver
  • Frozen Baguette Improver
  • Cake Improver
  • Organic Wheat Flours
  • Organic Strong Flour
  • Organic All Purpose
  • Organic Soft Flour
types of wheat flour from turkey

Sevincler Flour Mills in Turkey

Sevincler flour mills Turkey

Sevincler Flour Mill is one of the largest wheat flour producers and well known companies in Turkish flour market.  The factory was established in 2008 in Muratlı /Tekirdağ where just 16 km to Tekirdağ Port and 103 Km to Ambarlı Port (Istanbul).

Sevincler flour milling factory is very close to the best quality wheat in Thrace (Turkey) and Black Sea regions in the heart of the wheat market.


They produce:

  • Bakery Flour
  • All purpose flour
  • and more specs are available

Kavukcu Group Wheat Flour

Turkish wheat flour mill Kavukcu group

Established in 1920, Kavukçu is one of the leading wheat flour manufacturers in Turkey. In 1920, Ahmet Araboglu, our founder, set up the first modern flour mill in Havza.

Through out the years, Kavukçu setup and operated numbers of flour mills and pasta factories. Today Kavukçu is a significant player in flour milling, pasta production, grain and FMCG trading.

Kavukcu Flour offers following types of wheat flour for export:

  • All purpose wheat flour
  • Specialty Flours
    • Cake Flour
    • Wafer Flour
    • Biscuit Flour
    • Chapatti Flour
    • Hamburger Bread Flour

The Kavukcu Wheat Flour is located in Kirklareli Turkey and have factories in Corum and an office in Istanbul.

Eksun Wheat Flour Mills

Best Wheat Flour Manufacturers in Turkey 4

Eksun Flour is one of the leading wheat flour mills in Turkey, and is a subsidiary of Eksim Holding, which has investments in food, renewable energy, electricity distribution and real estate.

Eksun with its 2,000 Tons of daily flour milling capacity, sources its factories from the main wheat producing areas of Turkey: Thrace and Central Anatolia.

With its worldwide experience spanning half a century, Eksun supplies the main food staple of humanity.

It provides flour to more than a thousand bakeries in the domestic market and exports wheat flour to more than 30 countries. As an officially registered supplier of the United Nations, Eksun has a significant presence in the tenders of WFP and UNRWA.

With its best-known commercial brand “Sinangil”, Eksun is one of the best known provider of all-purpose flour for homes.

Since 1963, Sinangil is the most preferred wheat flour brand for the highly skilled cooks in Turkey, amateurs, and professionals alike. With various package sizes of 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg, and 50 kg, Sinangil has a wide variety of options in the market.

Top Reasons to Buy Flour from Turkey

As experts in exporting business and a vast experiece with many Turkish companies in various industries including food, and of course wheat flour, we can certainly say that importing wheat flour from Turkey is a very good idea for traders and wholesalers in many countries.

It is a business you should consider if you did not do it before in case you are familiar with food trading.

But why you should import flour from Turkey?

  1. Turkey is already the top wheat flour exporter in the World.
  2. Turkish wheat flour mills, and exporters dealing with Turkish flour have plenty of experience in exporting.
  3. Turkish Wheat four is high quality.
  4. Competitive Pricing: Turkey is a major wheat producer, allowing them to offer competitive pricing for their flour products. Importing flour from Turkey can help you save costs compared to other sources.
  5. Wide Range of Products: Turkey offers a diverse range of wheat flour varieties, catering to different needs and preferences. You can find all-purpose flour, bread flour, cake flour, whole wheat flour, and more.
  6. International Standards: Turkish wheat flour often complies with international quality and safety standards, such as ISO and HACCP certifications. This ensures that you receive a product that meets global requirements.
  7. Reputation and Experience: Turkey has a long history and expertise in wheat cultivation and flour production. Their reputation as a reliable supplier has been established over the years, giving you confidence in the product’s quality and consistency.

Get Best Prices of Wheat Flour from Turkey

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