Turkish Suits Shirts Brands & Manufacturers

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Turkey is one of the top destinations when you are looking for buying any kind of clothing. And Men’s suits and Shirts are no exception. Turkish suits and shirts brands, and manufacturers have every style and quality options for you and your fashion business.

suits shirts brands manufacturers in turkey

You may be looking for wholesale suits and wholesale shirts, or searching for an expertised manufacturer to create your own label, then do not look further. One of the below listed Turkish suits and shirts brands and manufacturers can be your business partner.

You can get more information by reading our posts about Turkish Clothing Brands, and can find here online Turkish clothing stores to get a better knowledge on buying suits, shirts, and clothes from Turkey.

Best Turkish Suits Brands & Manufacturers

1. Hatemoglu 

hatemoglu suits

Hatemoglu is one of the first Turkish clothing brands which has been founded in 1924. Hatemoglu is well known and reputable clothing brand in Turkey having many stores in all large cities offering mostly Men’s Suits and Men’s classic clothing.

Turkish suits manufacturer hatemoglu

It is one of a few brands of suits considered when we need a new suit for any occasions.


2. Damat Tween 

damat tween suits from Turkey


Damat Tween brands belong to Orka Group in Turkey. Knows as one of the top brands in Men’s classic clothing along with another famous fashion Brand D’S DAMAT.

damat tween suits for men

Although they offer many styles and sorts of clothes for men, these brands can be preferred for their suits and shirts.



3. Ramsey

turkish made suits ramsey

Ramsey is one of the first brands for Men’s clothing in Turkey offering high quality and stylish men’s suits and men’s classic wear. Their journet started in London in 1972 and later they continued their businesses in Turkey.

Ramsey has 58 stores in turkey and many others in countries like UK, Russia, UAE and Qatar.


4. Kigılı Suits & Men’s Wear

Kigılı Men's suits and wear

Kigılı is one of the biggest labels in Men’s wear & Suits in Turkey, having around 300 stores in Turkey and Worldwide. They operate stores in more than 50 countries and have a yearly production of 6.500.000 pcs Men’s clothing items.

Kigılı is also a very old brand in Turkey, active in the business since 1938.


5. Sarar Men’s Suits & Men’s Wear Brand

Sarar Men's Suits brand Turkey



Sarar is now Turkey’s one of the top manufacturer groups of Clothing and home textile. Started its journey in 1944 and now became a big clothing manufacturer having well known brands, with 3 factories in Turkey.

men's suits by sarar

They offer women’s clothing also, but Sarar is famous for Men’s suits and Men’s classic wear. Their corporate website is here..


6. Altinyildiz Classics

altinyildiz classics

Altinyildiz Classics is good choice when looking for Men’s Suits and Classic Wear. One of the oldest manufacturers in Turkey, belongs to Boyner Group along with other top brands like Fabrika, & Network. These brands are also very good picks in suits.

altinyildiz classics



7. Suvari Men’s Wear & Suits

Suvari Men's suits manufacturer


Suvari is a big brand for Men’s classic clothing in Turkey. They have more than 170 stores in 8 countries. Suvari was founded in 1967 as a wholesaler and then became a big player in retail men’s clothing having a large chain of stores.

Suvari brand Turkish made suits


Of course there are many more high quality men’s suits brands and manufacturers in Turkey. Also they offer men’s shirts and classic wear.

Now we will cover some of the top Shirts manufacturers and best Shirts brands made in Turkey.

Best Turkish Shirts Brands & Manufacturers

1. Dufy Shirts 

Turkish shirts brand manufacturer Dufy



Dufy is a Turkish brand and manufacturer of Men’s wear. They are famous for their range of Men’s shirts. They actually started their production with shirts in 1964 and nowadays has become a men’s clothing brand.

dufy brand shirts

However, Dufy is still known for their Shirts.


2. Tudors Shirts Turkey

shirts brand Tudors from Turkey


Tudors is exactly a shirts brand from Turkey, with a focus on making and selling all kind and style of shirts. They define themselves as ” Kingdom of Shirts”

tudors shirts for men

Tudors started in 1998 and now a big retailer of men’s wear besides their main product shirts. They have stores also in other countries.


3. Bisse Turkish Shirts Brand

Turkish shirts manufacturer Bisse


Bisse was established in 1976 in Turkey. The brand is famous Men’s shirts label with exports to many countries Worldwide including USA and European countries.

They manufacture their shirts in their own factories. Bisse started to make and sell other outerwear items in 2006 after many years of shirts production.


Below there is a list of shirts manufacturers in Turkey with their websites. The picked companies offer contract manufacturing as well.


Turkish Shirts Manufacturers (Private Label)

1.Erten Shirts

Erten shirts manufacturer

Erten Shirts is one of the best private label shirts manufacturer in Turkey serving many brands in the World. They have 5500 sqm production facility with a daily capacity of 3000 shirts.


2. MD Shirts

md shirts manufacturer private label

MD Shirts was founded in 2000 by Mehmet Dag in Istanbul.

MD HAZIR GIYIM has come to the fore with its services in shirt manufacturing and production since its first day with its high quality and superior service understanding. With more than 20 years of experience, it has shown its quality in shirt production in other ready-made clothing groups and has been awarded numerous awards.

The strongest aspect of MD HAZIR GİYİM is its creative mindset, which allows it to follow current trends and produce products in parallel.

They manufacture:

  • Cotton Shirts
  • Denim Shirts
  • Linen Shirts
  • Printed
  • Viscose Shirts

More Shirts Brands & Manufacturers:

  1. Passero Shirts
  2. Akyol Textile
  3. Alfateks
  4. Pinaldi Shirts
  5. Beyza Textile (Shirts Manufacturer)