Best Turkish Pajamas: Sleepwear Brands & Online Sleepwear Shops

Discover best Pajama Sets Manufacturers & Brands in Turkey. See also what online shops are best to buy pajamas & sleepwear online from Turkey.

This is a carefully handpicked list of Turkish Pajamas Brands, Sleepwear brands & Manufacturers, & Online Pajama Sets Shops from which you can buy both retail & wholesale pajamas.

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Best Turkish Pajama Brands & Pajama shops

Check what style and quality pajamas for women, men and chidren are offered by the sleepwear brands in Turkey, and which online stores are the best to shop women’s pajama sets and men’s pajamas.


Aydogan Orme (Turkish Pajamas Manufacturer & Brand)

Turkish pajama brand manufacturer Aydogan Orme

Aydogan Pajamas & Sleepwear is a famous Turkish pajamas brand in Turkey manufactured by Aydogan Textile which was established in 1972.

Aydogan pajamas ara exported to 82 countries. The company is located in Istanbul producing around 20 million pieces yearly with 1500 employee.

See below some models from the line of Aydogan Women’s Pajamas.

Sude Sleepwear & Homewear Turkey ( Sude & Ercan Brands)

Sude Sleepwear was established in 2003 as retailer and quickly became a known brand for sleepwear & homewear in Turkey.

In 2011, Sude Textile started manufacturing of pajamas and they have 3 factories now.

The company has 2 main brands: Sude & Ercan.

The sleepwear products they make:

  • Women’s Pajama Sets
  • Women’s Robes
  • Men’s Pajama Sets
  • Children’s Pajamas


Pijamoni is a reputable and well known pajama brand in Turkey. It is also exported to many countries.

Pijamoni is an Istanbul based manufacturer and exporter of sleepwear.



Eliz Turkish Pajamas

Eliz is another pajama brand with very nice designs and quality fabric options like Bamboo fabrics.

Eliz sleepwear products can be purchased from different retail and wholesale stores in Turkey & especially Istanbul.

See below some Eliz pajamas for women.

Style Senfoni Sleepwear

Style Senfoni is a brand of Sleepwear from Turkey, manufactured by Erbek Tekstil in Istanbul.

Erbek Group has been a textile manufacturer in Turkey since 1987.

Their line of Pajamas can be purchased in their store on 

Charme Pajamas

Charme is a Pajamas Brand manufactured by Sude Sleepwear besides Sude, and Ercan brands.


Jeremi is an elegant brand of premium pajama sets and lingerie in Istanbul Turkey.

Jeremi line of pajama sets, Bridal sets, Robes are of highest quality.

Jeremi pajama sets and sleepwear can be found in many countries.

Oztas Underwear & Pajamas

Oztas is an underwear and Pajamas company from Turkey. By visiting their website you can get an idea about their products and contact them.

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