50 Best Turkish Clothing Brands for Shopping Online

We have listed the top Turkish clothing brands and their online shops here which are the most popular brands with online stores in Turkey preferred by the majority of Turkish people. ( 50 Brands listed with some useful information)

According to the survey made by Brand Finance (Brandirectory) in 2023, 5 fashion brands listed below were among the top 100 most valuable brands in Turkey.

Rank in Turkey’s Top 100 Brands Fashion Brand
12 LC Waikiki
26 Mavi
42 Koton
78 Vakko
96 Desa Leather

You can find many Turkish brands online also on these popular Turkish shopping sites, and here in our list of Turkish clothing online stores.

The best Turkish clothing brands in terms of market share, and popularity among Turkish people are; LC Waikiki, De Facto, Koton, Mavi Jeans, and Colin’s. These brands offer good value and a wide range of fashion items.

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Top Turkish Clothing Brands List

Turkish Clothing Brands List

The biggest of Turkish clothing brands in terms of market share and popularity is LC Waikiki (LCW) with no doubt.

Second comes DeFacto & Third one is Koton. They are Turkey’s top fast fashion brands known for their large clothing lines and availability of stores accross the whole country.

Let us see the biggest Turkish clothing Brands:

1. LC Waikiki

The top clothes manufacturer brand in Turkey LC Waikiki

There is no other Turkish clothing brands in Turkey as big as LCW is. You can find their stores in every shopping mall, and even in streets with high traffic. 

LC Waikiki’s journey started in France in 1988, continuing after 1997 as a Turkish brand under the umbrella of LC Waikiki Mağazacılık Hizmetleri Ticaret A.Ş.

Today LC Waikiki trades in 1004 stores in 47 countries, with the company’s philosophy that “Everyone deserves to dress well” enabling people to enjoy accessible fashion  through quality products at affordable prices.

LC Waikiki offers clothing for Men, Women, Children and babies. 

2. De Facto

DeFacto Turkish clothing brand manufacturer

DeFacto is one of the most famous Turkish clothing brands with hundreds of stores, offering apparel for Men, Women, and Children. 

DeFacto is available in more than 30 countries, having more than 500 stores in total ( Most of them are in Turkey) and more than 14000 employees, making them the second biggest fashion brand in Turkey after LC Waikiki.

DeFacto offers clothing for Men, Women, Children and babies. 

3. Koton

Third biggest fashion brand clothing manufacturer in Turkey

Koton, which has 480 stores, including 290 in Turkey and 190 abroad, in addition to more than 800 sales points, aims to become the fast fashion brand with the richest and most popular collections across 5 continents in 2023.

Koton may come third in the list of top Turkish clothing brands. 

With its creative, innovative, customer- and technology- oriented approach, Koton adopts the policy of bringing seasonal trends together with authentic designs and offering them for sale at convenient locations and at attractive prices.

Koton Manufactures clothing for Men, Women, Children and babies. 

4. Mavi

Mavi Jeans one of the best Turkish clothing brands with a focus on Jeans and casual wear

Mavi was founded in ıstanbul Turkey, in 1991 as a jeanswear brand and manufacturer.

Now Mavi is a well-known apparel brand and clothes manufacturer in Turkey, and a global fashion brand available in many countries. Mavi known for its high quality and stylish jeans by consumers among the Turkish clothing brands with focus on jeans such as LTB, Colin’s and Loft…

Women, Men, Children Jeans, T-Shirts and more…

5. Colin’s

Top 50 Turkish Clothing Brands 8

Colin’s is one of the top clothing brands in Turkey. Colin’s Jeans is a company belongs to Eroglu Group. LOFT is another popular brand of the Group.

Colin’s Jeans is available in 700 stores in 38 countries, a market leader in Russia.

Colin’s was founded in Turkey in 1992, now has around 5.500 employees.

Women, Men Jeans, T-Shirts, Outwear..

Best Turkish Women’s Clothing Brands

In this section we present you with the Turkey’s some best women’s clothing brands with no specific order. These brands are very popular and offers clothes and fashion items for only women.

1. adL

Adil Isik adL Women's fashion brand Turkey

adL – Adil Isik is a top fashion manufacturer and brand in Turkey for women’s clothing. A top quality brand having around 100 stores in big cities of Turkey.

adL also has stores in countries like, Saudi Arabia, Azarbaijan, Libya, UNited Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Georgia.

Dresses, and women’s apparel

2. Ipekyol

ipekyol turkish women's clothing brand

Established in 1986 in Istanbul Turkey, and opened its first store in Nisantasi, Istanbul in 1989. Ipekyol is a High End label.

Ipekyol is a famous fashion brand for women, having 242 stores in Turkey and 48 other in 10 countries including Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Saudi Arabia, UAE and Azarbaijan.

Women’s clothing, Dresses

3. Yargici

Top 50 Turkish Clothing Brands 9
Yargıcı is a high-end fashion brand in Turkey with a main focus on women’s clothing. However, they have men’s clothing too.
yargici women's clothing brand in turkey

4. Roman

logo of Roman brand

Roman was founded in 1980 and opened its first store in Nisantasi, Istanbul.

Roman Brand is a luxury fashion brand for women having 28 stores in Turkey and 13 stores abroad.

If you are looking for a Turkish Dress Brand with many choices and the quality, Roman would be your choice among Turkish luxury fashion labels.

Women’s Dresses, Luxury Women’s Clothing

5. Aker

Aker Scarf and dresses for women

Aker is a famous high-end modest clothing brand in Turkey with around 40 stores. The label is known for their high quality items such as scarves. They offer a wide range of women’s clothes.

Scarf, Shawl, Tunic, Dress, Blouse, Cardigans, Jackets, Skirts, Pants for women

Best Turkish Men’s Clothing Brands

Here are the Turkish clothing brands for men which are so popular and well-known by Turkish people.

1. Kigılı Men’s Clothing

Top 50 Turkish Clothing Brands 10

Men’s Clothing Brand in Turkey

Kiğılı, is a men’s clothing brand favored by a modern, rational and successful men in Turkey.

225 stores in 67 provinces of Turkey
101 sales points in 21 countries worldwide
6.500.000 units’ production per year
150,000 units’ shipment per week
50.000 m2 store area
2,500 employees

Today, they provide service with 225 stores in 67 provinces of Turkey, and a total of 26 sales points in Austria, France, Cyprus, Iraq, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Russia and Kosovo. 

2. Karaca

Turkis apparel manufacturer brand Karaca

Çift Geyik Karaca was founded in Bandirma in 1917. It  began manufacturing in İstanbul in 1949 as Karaca Örme Sanayi and in 1961 it has become the first Turkish textile brand which was exported to abroad.

In 1965’s Karaca had exported to 38 countries in 5 continents and had high brand awareness. In 1998 it was acquired by Tekfen Holding, in 2005 it joined to Narin Group.

Knitwear, Trousers, Jerseys..

3. Damat Tween


Orka A.Ş. has created its own brands with 100% Turkish capital since the day it stepped into the men’s ready-to-wear sector with the DAMAT brand in 1986, has become the centre of men’s fashion by transforming fashion into a way of life, and has achieved a global holding structure with the foreign partnership agreement implemented in 2012.

4. Suvari

Suvari Men's Clothing in Turkey

Suvari brand has many stores in Turkey, is one of the top men’s clothing and suits manufacturer.

They have stores also in some countries like Romania, Russia, Azerbaijan…

5. Altınyıldız Classics

altınyıldız-classics men's clothing brand in turkey

It is a brand that meets its consumers with two main values in its name. The first one is the deep-rooted history of Altınyıldız brand with its high level of fabric quality and superiority in design, and the second one is the Classics elegance built on this history with high level of craftsmanship, always keeping it up-to-date.

A Turkish men’s clothing brand from Boyner Group.

6. Hatemoglu


Hatemoğlu, founded in 1924, is the first ready-to-wear brand that contributed greatly to the modernisation process with its classic style. Hatemoğlu, which appeals to men with suits, shirts, ties, coats, overcoats, accessories, casual and classic product groups, stands out with its selective style that attaches importance to details.

7. Bisse


BİSSE, whose foundations were laid 47 years ago, set out to become one of the most important brands not only in Turkey but also in the world without compromising on quality.

As the first Turkish brand to be exported, BİSSE, which has a voice in the international market from Europe to America, from Africa to Asia, is the first Turkish brand to bring the success it has achieved in its country to all world markets and to be the first Turkish brand to take part in important fairs in the world with world-famous companies.

8. Dufy


Dufy is one of the top Turkish brands for Men’s fashion mostly known for its shirts. The company was founded in 1964 and now it is a fashion brand with 30 stores in Turkey.

They have a range of Men’s clothing from shirts, and pants to coats and suits.

9. Avva


Avva is a  rapidly growing men’s fashion brand with the goal of design and customer orientation; As of the end of 2021, it has reached 18875 m2 sales area with 101 stores in 40 provinces of Turkey.

It meets fashion lovers in 16 countries, including Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Balkan countries, with 39 concept stores and over 4000 sales points.

10. Lufian

Top 50 Turkish Clothing Brands 11

Today, Lufian is rapidly moving towards becoming a popular and preferred global brand that combines comfort and elegance in men’s casual wear, creating value for both its customers and employees by always improving its product and service quality.

Thanks to its wide collection structure that offers men the freedom to create their own styles in all areas of life, it allows those who do not like to live in moulds to reveal their own differences.

Where can I buy clothes online in Turkey?

You can use the biggest online shops like trendyol.com or you can prefer online shops of top Turkish fashion brands such as LCW and DeFacto.

Can I order clothes from Turkey?

You can order clothes from Turkey from any country in the World. You can do this by shopping from a brand or online shop who ships Worldwide or you can buy from any store and use a shipping service who provides you with a Turkish address like Yollando.com

What is the most popular clothing brand in Turkey?

The most popular Turkish fashion brand is LCW. DeFacto comes second and then the brands Mavi, & Koton are a few of the most popular ones.

Are clothes cheap in Turkey?

Exactly yes when you compare the clothing prices to Western countries. The clothes are usually cheaper in Turkey.

Can you shop online in Turkey?

Online shopping in Turkey is easy, and very popular. You can shop online from large ecommerce sites like trendyol.com and hepsiburada.com or from online stores of brands. All established brands have online shops.

Best Designer Clothing Brands

These are the some of the top Turkish designer clothing brands you can shop. 

Turkish desiner Tuba Ergin

Tuba Ergin is a Turkish Fashion Designer who was born in Istanbul, and studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and finished La Salle college fashion design and marketing program.

Top 50 Turkish Clothing Brands 12

Dicle İpek Öztaşkın, after graduating from the department of finance, worked for important brands in the country and abroad.

Later, by establishing her own brand Rivus, she created a brand that makes timeless and seasonal designs. The mission of the brand is to say “No” to all kinds of discrimination, especially gender…


Dynamic, young and feminine… Named after the composition of Frédéric Chopin, NOCTURNE has been finding a place in the wardrobe of the urban woman since 2012 with its original designs, quality fabrics and elegant patterns.

turkish designer ipek kiramer

Ipek Kıramer is a famous and prestigious fashion designer from Istanbul Turkey. She was born in Ankara.

Knitss Turkish designer clothes online shop

KNITSS is the contemporary knitwear brand. Inspired by art, life and interactions, KNITSS offers a spectacular looking complete wardrobe.

Top 50 Turkish Clothing Brands 13

Jaquette is luxury Turkish designer brand by Elvan Tığlıoğlu.

Best Modest Clothing Brands in Turkey

The brands covered in this section are the some of the popular modest clothing labels in Turkey preferred by women of all ages.

1. Tugba

turkish hijab clothing brand Tugba

In 1993, Tuğba brand started its activities in the women’s ready-to-wear sector and today it offers its products for sale in 67 stores in Turkey and 6 stores abroad.

Tuğba, which has managed to be the first choice of urban conservative Turkish women with its quality, original line and widespread sales network for years, promises its visitors a simple, stylish and comfortable dressing experience by further developing its collection every season.

Tuğba continues to serve in different channels including Ankara Balgat Headquarters, Domestic / International stores and tugba.com.

2. Tekbir

Tekbir Hijab Clothing brand

Tekbir has been a pioneer in hijab clothing in Turkey. With its 60 stores in Turkey it is one of the top Turkish modest fashion brands.

3. Allday


Allday is one of the best Turkish hijab clothing brands with stores in Turkey, and online sales via their website. 

Allday also offers their clothes as wholesale to Worldwide customers.

4. Armine


Armine is a very famous brand of hijab clothing in Turkey dating back to 1994. Being one of the oldest brands for Scarves in Turkey, they started to make and offer a full line of modest clothes in 2006.

Today the brand has around 60 stores in Turkey.

5. Alvina

Top 50 Turkish Clothing Brands 14

Alvina is a top Turkish modest clothing brand with 43 stores and around 300 sale of points across Turkey. Alvina has reached 96 countries in the World so far with their quality and stylish hijab clothes.

More Top Turkish Clothing Brands to Shop

This is a quick list of 25 Turkish clothing brands and their websites which are reliable and well-known by Turkish citizens. The labels include some luxury names, fast fashion brands, with women’s clothing, men’s clothing and kidswear collections.

  1. Vakko: Luxury Clothing 

  2. Sarar

  3. LTB Jeanswear – Casualwear

  4. D’s Damat Men’s Clothing

  5. Faik Sonmez: High-end Women’s Fashion

  6. Loft: Jeans & Casualwear

  7. Network: Luxury Fashion

  8. Oxxo: Premium Women’s Fashion

  9. Tiffany & Tomato: Affordable Women’s Fashion

  10. Twist Women’s Clothing

  11. Ramsey: Men’s Fashion

  12. Panco: Kidswear

  13. Penti Sleepwear Lingerie & Loungewear

  14. Tudors Men’s Shirts

  15. Machka Women’s Clothes

  16. Kayra: Women’s Fashion

  17. Gizia Premium Clothes for Women

  18. Cloche Modest Clothing Brand

  19. Mısırlı 1951: Womens Fashion

  20. Setre: Women’s

  21. Miss Dalida

  22. Nocturne

  23. Unique Mode

  24. Suwen Lingerie

  25. Civil Kidswear

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