Amazing Factory Machines at Another Level (EP#1 Automated Assembly Machines)

amazing factory machines at another level

Amazing Factory Machines at Another Level of Precision & Productivity ( EP#1 Automated Assembly Machines)

In our Amazing Factory Machines series, our first part features one of the leading automated assembly machines & Special Purpose machines manufacturer from Turkey, Iron FT Automation. 

In the video we show you many amazing factory machines that are actually used in many huge factories, some of which are multinational corporations.

amazing factory machines at another level

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There is a short description here under the video to explain what kind of machines are involved and what process they are engaged in.

Amazing Factory Machines at Another Level

Iron FT Automation is a top Turkish manufacturer of automated machines and lines for assembly and special purpose operations like spot welding, threading, and more.. The video shows the most amazing factory machines made by the company for international customers.

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Amazing Factory Machines EP#1 Automated Assembly Machines

In the video the following amazing factory machines are included:

  • Automated Clamping Machine
  • Assembly Line for Ovens
  • Mechanism assembly machine for furniture industry
  • Accessories for Furniture industry
  • Wall switch assembly and test machine
  • Wall socket assembly and test machine
  • RCB Assembly & Test
  • RCB Packaging Machine
  • Brake assembly and Test line
  • Ball Joints Assembly
  • Stabilizer Link Assembly & test machine
  • and more…

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