Jeans Manufacturers, Jeans Brands & Denim Clothing Manufacturers in Turkey

This is a list of top jeans manufacturers, jeans brands in Turkey. Turkish Denim clothing manufacturers are mostly export oriented companies. 

Turkey is a center for quality denim and jeans manufacturers. World’s most popular and biggest jeans brands, and fashion brands prefer Turkey as their jeans and denim clothing manufacturing center.

Turkish Jeans Brands & Denim Clothing Manufacturers in Turkey

For smaller fashion companies there are also good opportunities to source their jeans from Turkish manufacturers.

In our list the most of the companies are contract manufacturing companies who serve the buyers from design to production and shipping of the products.

Jean is produced from indigo dyed denim fabric. Jeans become ready to be packaged after cutting, 
sewing, washing, rinsing, drying and ironing stages.

World’s some top denim brands are: Levi’s, Lee, Wrangler from USA; Edwin, Evisu from Japan; Diesel, Giorgio Armani from Italy; G-Star from the Netherlands; and Mavi Jeans from Turkey.

In Turkey the top jeans brands are:

  1. Mavi Jeans
  2. Collins
  3. LTB Jeans
  4. Cross Jeans

Top Jeans Brands in Turkey

1. Mavi Jeans

Mavi Jeans one of the best Turkish clothing brands with a focus on Jeans and casual wear

Mavi was founded in ıstanbul Turkey, in 1991 as a jeanswear brand and manufacturer.

Now Mavi is a well-known apparel brand and clothes manufacturer in Turkey, and a global fashion brand available in many countries.

With strong denim roots, Mavi has evolved into an international apparel and accessories brand. Synonymous with superior quality and the perfect fit, Mavi sold c.10M denim items globally in 2019 via its 5,500 POS and 440 mono-brand stores. Mavi launched its retail strategy in Turkey in 2008, and has since recorded an exceptional growth track record reaching 314 directly operated mono-brand retail stores and 381 mono-brand stores, including franchised stores within Turkey in 2019. With 4,086 talented and dedicated employees globally, Mavi is regarded as an employer of choice.

Mavi has built its success on products of superior quality and the Company’s “Perfect Fit” strategy, allowing the brand to understand and track the customer needs while offering high quality for great value.

The Company’s products are positioned between the upper-end of the ‘core’ and the ‘premium’ section of the jeans market. Mavi’s brand image translates into strong pricing power, which Mavi reinforces through collaborations with leading designers such as Adriano Goldschmied. Mavi was the number one jeans brand in Turkey for top-of-mind awareness (with 58%), according to a brand perception report prepared by GfK in 2018.

Mavi Jeans Top Apparel Brand Turkey

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2. Colin's Jeans

Colin’s is one of the top clothing brands in Turkey. Colin’s Jeans is a company belongs to Eroglu Group. LOFT is another popular brand of the Group.

Colin’s Jeans is available in 700 stores in 38 countries, a market leader in Russia.

Colin’s was founded in Turkey in 1992, now has around 5.500 employees.


As COLIN’S brand, we see our mission somewhere well beyond the ready- made clothing sector because we say “we are striving to make people feel better with our products and services not only in ready-made clothing business’’. Therefore, we present INNOVATION, FIT and QUALITY simultaneously at our stores worldwide.

To present our customers new showcases, different ambience at our stores, collections and a wide range of products through which they will experience different senses is our INNOVATION concept. Our FIT concept deals with the fitness of the products that our customers like to their body, our customers should feel comfortable with our products, how our products look on them and thereby, the way they reflect their style. Our QUALITY concept is to present sustainable particulars at all times through color, fabric, stitching, strength and stance. All these are a result of COLIN’S brand that recognizes its duty of making people feel good.

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3. LTB Jeans

LTB ( CAK Group) is a WORLDWIDE group, established in Eskisehir in 1948. Cak Group is dealing in principal with textile, retail, chemistry, energy, insurance brokering services; online sale services from internet, manufacturing and sale of furniture and decoration products and import and export fields. 

The main strategy of LTB is to open it’s own stores in parallel with domestic and foreign growth targets to reach every human being without considering any age, gender or color. Our purpose is becoming a global franchiser and turning out to be a bigger family with new members who believe in magical creation precess of textile.The retail concept is the huge door to success and to be a worldwide brand, shows the compy image and the philosophy.  We improve new projects to feel comfortable and shop easily for the customers in every season. New concept, new denim spirit coming out,  Now numbering 128 stores, more than 48 franchise store in Turkey, 8 concept stores, 112 franchise stores worldwide, where denim meets the world and world meets the denim. 71 countries for now … appealing to all people of the world.

Women, Men, Children Jeans, T-Shirts and more…

4. Cross Jeans

Founded in the early 1990s, Cross Jeans is now a European operating successful denim & lifestyle brand.

Cross Jeans is a brand with true denim credentials. The product portfolio is growing from collection to collection and excites through innovation and highest quality. More than 3,200 Points of Sales, 30 monobrand stores and strong wholesale/online partners such as Zalando, Otto or Amazon contribute to the European wide success.

The headquarters of Cross Jeans is in Germany, and main factory is in Tekirdag Turkey. 

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Sarp Jeans Turkey

5. Sarp Jeans

Loft Jeans Brand Turkey

6. Loft Jeans

Rodi Jeans

7. Rodi Jeans

Tello Jeans manufacturer in Turkey

8. Tello Jeans

Rodrigo Jeans Turkey

9. Rodrigo Jeans

Jeans Manufacturers Brands & Denim Clothing Manufacturers in Turkey 4

10. Keepout Jeans

Jeans & Denim Clothing Manufacturers in Turkey

Baykan Denim

1. Baykan Denim

Baykan Denim is one of the global leading denim manufacturers, established in 1998. Our Company produces designs that represent the inspirational interests and lifestyles of people on every continent for the brands.

Baykan Denim products

Our extensive network for global sourcing and procurement empowers us to produce competitive, qualified and value-added products on time. We provide flexible short lead-time services with regular production (5-6 weeks) and super-fast production (3-4 weeks) for our customers to drive their success on a higher level.


  • 60,000m² closed production area equipped with latest high technology machineries.
  • Fabric warehouse.
  • Test laboratories.
  • Production (Sampling, Cutting, Sewing, Washing)
  • Finishing & Packaging
kuzgunlar denim

2. Kuzgunlar Textile / Denim Producer

Leader "Denim Manufacturer" producer. Kuzgunlar Textile has a factory area which is around 6.000 m2 in total. We have around 1.000 trained workers. Our yearly capasity is about 2.000.000 piece

Kuzgunlar Textile is a Turkey based organisation, with an HQ and facility in Istanbul and Kastamonu facility, which is aiming always to be best and sustainable in producing denim and non-denim garments for both women and men.

We are producing denim and nondenim garments for the prestigious european brands. Kuzgunlar Textile has its own 2 facilities in Istanbul and in Kastamonu / TURKEY  Which are audited by Sedex We are believing in sustainable production with over 20 years of experiment Kuzgunlar Textile is making high quality of bottoms and tops out of denim fabric.

Physical Facilities

2.500 m² covered area in Istanbul and 3500 m² covered area in Kastamonu

Number of skilled employees 

Production : 170
Office  : 30

Manufacturing Operations 

Modelling / Cutting / Sewing / Washing (outsource) / Finishing – Packing

Rasen Textile Denim Turkey

3. Rasen Textile Denim

We cover a large range of creative design, fabrics and patterns to create best jeans for you.

Rasen textile jeans

We know how important it is to produce without polluting the environment for our future generations and we pay attention to this issue. In order to support sustainable development, we clean the waste water from the filter systems in our washing and send it back to the water expenses in a clean way. In our recent studies, R&D is continuing to work on lightening our products with ozone and other substances without using these chemicals.

Trio Jeans manufacturer in Turkey

4. Trio Textile Denim Turkey

Trio Uluslararası Tekstil was founded in 2006 to meet the production requests of middle-upper class brands with its dynamic and flexible structure. By keeping its enthusiasm like the first day, Trio provides full package service for denim and non-denim product groups.

Be-Ma Textile

5. Be-Ma Denim

BE-MA Tekstil Denim mainly exports its products to foreign markets and is increasing its share in these markets day by day thanks to its good service and quality products. It manufactures for world brands with its professional personnel and cutting-edge technology equipment on a closed area of 10.000 m2 in İstanbul, Güneşli.

Bema textile denim manufacturer in turkey
It is one of the leading organizations of the sector with its environment-friendly nature and high quality as well as monthly production capacity of 150.000 items. Being one of the major establishments of the textile sector, our company does exportation successfully throughout the whole world by offering trends and quality together based on its principle to keep customer satisfaction at the forefront.

BE-MA Tekstil products reach four corners of the earth including USA, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Spain.
Jeans Manufacturers Brands & Denim Clothing Manufacturers in Turkey 5

6. Dinateks Denim

DINATEKS was established in 1990 as a denim & casual tops and bottoms manufacturer for world's leading brands. It has its own factory consisting of cutting, sewing, washing and finishing facilities.

The factory has a 22.000 sqm closed area and located in the northwest of Turkey. It is 50 minutes driving from Istanbul Airport. Dinateks is also expanding abroad. Currently, it has a sewing factory in Bulgaria. It takes 3 hours driving from Turkey factory to Bulgaria.

All kind of denim and woven garments ( jeans, chinos, shorts, skirts, jackets, shirts, dresses, salopets, etc. ).
Turkish denim clothing manufacturer Akarteks

7. Akarteks Denim Manufacturer

Founded in 1985, Akarteks Tekstil has been one step ahead with its innovative and competitive concept in the world of the production industry for more than 30 years and has become one of the biggest and most successful denim and woven ready-to-wear manufacturers of the region, as well as in Turkey.

Akarteks Denim has 4 production facilities in Turkey. They offer denim clothing contract manufacturing service to many top brands with their 1500 staff in 4 factories.

Jeans Manufacturers Brands & Denim Clothing Manufacturers in Turkey 6

8. Akkus Textile Jeans

Akkuş Textile was founded by Akkuş family in 1993, to produce the top and bottom jean products for both, men and women. Akkuş Tekstil factory who had got a master team, were built in Yenibosna, has created Defray brand. By the year 1998, he created the Monter brand and continued to expand its activities. With the year 2002, European exports started.

Akkus Textile Jeans factory in Turkey

Akkus Textile offers full service to fashion brands  with its 2 jeans factories, one in Istanbul having 300 employees offering Cutting, Sewing, Washing, Packing and another factory in Mardin with 400 employees.

Some of the customers of Akkus Textile for jeans production are:

  • Zara
  • United Colors of Benetton
  • Pull&Bear
  • Mango
  • Stradivarius &
Jeans Manufacturers Brands & Denim Clothing Manufacturers in Turkey 7

9. Eltan Denim

Fatto Group Textile Turkey

10. Fatto Group

Güç Textile Denim Clothing Production

11. Guc Textile

Jeans Manufacturers Brands & Denim Clothing Manufacturers in Turkey 8

12. Jeanci Jeans Manufacturer

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