Top Turkish Furniture Brands Manufacturers & Stores

A Guide to Turkish Furniture covering list of Top Furniture brands in Turkey, Websites of leading Turkish furniture manufacturers and short profiles of Turkish furniture companies. Home Furniture, Office Furniture, Modern or Classical Furniture, Turkish Sofas, Sofa sets and more from Turkey..

Turkish Furniture Brands & Manufacturers are famous for their good quality at affordable prices when compared to most Western Furniture brands and manufacturers.

The Best Turkish Furniture manufacturers are usually focused on one of the following furniture types.

In our list of brands and manufacturing companies based in Turkey, you will only find the most reliable companies who are making their furniture. No trading companies included in the list.

Turkey has a large furniture making industry. Some furniture brands are very famous and have hundreds of stores around Turkey. 

Other products for living spaces to source from Turkey would be DoorsCookwareDinnerware and home textile.

Turkish furniture brands can be found in many countries like USA, and most European countries.

This list covers some big furniture brands and manufacturers with links to their websites.

Also we added a list of Turkish Furniture stores in the US and Europe.

If you want to buy Turkish furniture or if you are an importer who wants to do business with Turkish furniture companies, this list will be useful to you.

The top Turkish furniture brands and manufacturers in Turkey are:

  1. Dogtas Furniture
  2. Istikbal
  3. Bellona
  4. Kilim
  5. Cilek Kids & Baby Furniture

Also if you are planning to buy a property in Turkey you will need to know best furniture brands…

The complete list and details are below…

top turkish furniture brands and top manufacturers in turkey
Dogtas Furniture maker Turkey

1. Dogtas:Turkish Furniture Manufacturer

From the material to the fabric, color to design, Doğtaş products give people freedom to have the combinations that they desire in their living spaces. Reflecting years of experience and expertise, the company's designs are presented in 300 fabric and 35 wood color options. Doğtaş has stood out since its foundation with the innovations, trailblazing efforts, steps taken for unity and solidarity in the industry, and the value that it gives to the design and designers. Beyond the status of a company that just manufactures and sells furniture, Doğtaş is a brand that aims to add pleasure to customers' living spaces and offer solutions tailored to their needs, to make life easier, to be a leader, and to be asked for opinions.

Products of Dogtas Furniture

  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Bedroom
  • Young Room
  • Modern Sofa Sets

Since 1972, Doğtaş Exclusive has been a fast-growing and globally competitive furniture brand.

The success story is based on Doğtaş’s passion for unity and growth in the new markets, backed by creative, in-house design and a wide product range.

Since opening the first brand store Doğtaş Exclusive has now over 45 years of Franchise experience and 200+ stores in more than 30 countries.

Turkish Sofa Sets by Dogtas

Dogtas Furniture Stores in the World

Dogtas Turkish furniture stores are available in more than 30 countries.

  • New Jersey, US Dogtas Store:

    385 Route 17 South Paramus, New Jersey

    +1 973 772-8500

  • London, UK Store:

    Shannon Commercial Centre New Malden KT3 4 PT

    +44 20 4512 0920

  • Germany Dogtas Furniture Store:

    Grenzallee 22, 12057 Berlin, Germany


A list of all Dogtas Stores can be found here..

turkish furniture brand Istikbal

2. Istikbal: Top Furniture Brand in Turkey

Istikbal is the biggest and one of the oldest furniture manufacturers in Turkey, situated in Kayseri city. Istikbal was established in 1957. Istikbal is probably the top furniture brand name in Turkey people would recognize. They have around 1000 stores and exporting to many countries.

Products of Istikbal

  • Living rooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Young rooms
  • Baby room furniture
  • Kitchen Table / Chair
  • Garden Furniture

Istikbal Furniture, leading functional furniture brand in the World is now in USA.

Istikbal has succeeded in becoming the furniture sector leader and takes a deserved place amongst Turkey’s most respected brands in terms of selection, unique designs and a commitment to quality. By blending years of experience in the sector with innovative sofa sleepers, modern sectionals, and mattresses, Istikbal seeks to raise the bar in the furniture sector.

Istikbal USA Website

Istikbal Turkish Furniture Stores in the US

There are many furniture stores you can buy Istikbal. New Jersey, USA is especially a good place to find Turkish furniture.

Check following stores:

Bellona Turkish furniture brand

3. Bellona

Bellona was founded in 1997 in the heart of Turkey, set to provide quality furniture for every room of the home. Dedicated to stylish city living, the brand has worked to bring classy and functional furniture with dependable quality for every room of the home. Turkey’s leading home furniture brand has a large selection of sitting groups, bedrooms, dining rooms, young rooms, mattresses, bases, home textiles, carpeting and accessories. Each collection is built to meet the modern user’s needs for quality, form and function all in one.

The Turkish Furniture brand Bellona is set for growth with new store openings planI ned for North America, Europe, Middle East, Russia and former Soviet Republics. Along with branded exclusive stores, Bellona is also available through major chains in Europe and Russia. Consumers have shown great interest in the brands smart mix of style and quality.

Kilim furniture company brabd in turkey

4. Kilim Mobilya Furniture Manufacturer in Turkey

Kilim is one of the top brands in Turkey in Furniture industry. Kilim Mobilya founded in Kayseri, in 1976. Kilim Furniture manufactures seating groups, living room, bedrooms, young and children room furnitures.

“One KILIM is enough”The belief that there is a special KILIM for every moment at home with the motto;

* SOFT GROUP (Living Room, Sofa Set, Hall Set, Corner Set, Couch, Bergere),
* UYKU GROUP (Bed, Base, Hood, Home textiles),
* PANEL GORUP (Bed Room, Dining Room, Young Room, Coffee Table,Complementary Productsreflects in product groups such as.
Having wide distribution channels, following the technological developments in the field day by day, having fast and high quality after-sales services are the factors that make our company different from other companies in the sector. Our company’s notification;
Vision: To produce “A KILIM” lovingly for every living space worldwide, in accordance with universal standards.

Mission:In line with customer expectations; To create a “Kilim family” that adds trust, quality and value to every living space, weaves the cultural richness of the geography we live in like Kilim with R&D original models and designs, is different, decisive, environmentally sensitive, respectful to the society, contributing to the country’s economy, and happy with its employees and consumers.

KILIM, one of Turkey’s oldest furniture manufacturer with a history of over 40 years and is Turkey’s brand.
Turkish Furniture Brands & Top Furniture Manufacturers in Turkey 3
Cilek Kids & Baby furniture in Turkey

5. Cilek Furniture for Kids & baby

Cilek was founded in Turkey in 1996 as a 100% family company. Cilek designs, manufactures and sells furniture and room accessories targeted for babies, kids and teens under the concept of ‘’Cilek Room’’ in its stores, creating a sales network all over the world. Cilek Furniture now has more than 500 stores in 5 continents and 71 countries and aims to increase the number of its sales points to over 1,000 in the next 5 years.

kids furniture by Cilek Turkey
Lazzoni furniture

6. Lazzoni

Lazzoni is a furniture brand from Turkey, whose foundation dates back to 1890's. Lazzoni has a manufacturing facility of 25.000 sqm in Ankara Turkey. Lazzoni has showrooms in the US, besides many showrooom and stores in Turkey.

Lazzoni Turkish furniture manufacturer
Turkish Furniture Brands & Top Furniture Manufacturers in Turkey 4

7. Alfemo

When we started in a small workshop in Izmir, we didn't know that our brand would spread to more than 60 countries in 5 continents only in 22 years. With the hard work, craftmanship and dedication to our work, now our dreams came true and Alfemo has become one of the most respected and big furniture brands throughout the world.

dining furniture set by alfemo turkey

Starting from producing mattresses in 1997, Alfemo is now a very powerfull and well known producer of Bedrooms, Dining Rooms, Compact Wall Units, Sofa Sets, Kids-Teens and Baby Room Furnitures as well as accessories and decorative concepts that match with the collections.

From bedroom to dining room, young room to mattress; Alfemo is producing any kind of household products in its 60.000 m2 production area by using new generation full automated systems.

With the SAP integrated German origin machines, GS and TUV Quality Certificates, an environment friendly sustainable production is getting carried out in world standards. 

Annually, Alfemo has a production capacity of 150.000 Bedroom-Dining Room and Young Room Collections, 180.000 sofas, 40.000 Sofa Sets, 200.000 matresses and 150.000 bedbases.

Kelebek furniture

8. Kelebek

Turkey's first panel furniture and kitchen manufacturer, Kelebek is one of the most well-established industrial enterprises in the history of the Republic of Turkey. Founded upon the official request of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in Golden Horn, Istanbul, in 1935, to manufacture plywood for the wings of Turkey's first locally-built aircraft, Kelebek began industrial production and made its name heard throughout Turkey in a short period of time.

kelebek furniture living room set

Production in Kelebek Mobilya relies on state-of-the-art integrated assembly line technologies based on German and Italian technology, and massive and various coating technologies. Manufacturing takes place in an indoor area of 40,000 square meters on a 186,000-square meter plot in Düzce.

Offering its products in more than 160 furniture and kitchen stores in Turkey, Kelebek also ranks among prestigious brands in the international market with standard and exclusive Kelebek products exported to 15 countries and its concept stores abroad.

Providing service in the fields that require specialization and qualification in the fields of project design works as part of housing, dormitory, hotel, and mixed-use projects in addition to domestic furniture in Turkey and abroad, Kelebek successfully handles out all decoration and furnishing works for large-scale projects. 

ipek furniture turkey

9. Ipek Turkish Furniture Manufacturer

Ipek Furniture began to manufacture activity in 1991, and pioneered the era of planned and mass production in furniture via an organization that could be assumed as the start of automation in Anatolia with regard to the sector, although the automation system was applied in great scale factories in those years. Ipek Furniture has been continuing its activities as an efficient brand determining trends in the furniture market with its authentic designs since it was founded. It continues to offer a wide range of products from seating groups to sofa, from dining room sets to teenager groups, from bedroom suites to sorts of beds, and from bed bases to other products.

Turkish Furniture Brands & Top Furniture Manufacturers in Turkey 5

Ipek Furniture, which offers the most natural state of alternatives and comfort, conveys functional, aesthetic, quality and elegantly designed products to you with a reasonable price policy, and an understanding of fast and timely service via a wide service and delivery web by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Ipek Furniture supports social responsibility projects besides commercial activities. Athlete youngsters who did not have sufficient facilities in 17 regions received their diplomas by completing their basic education in the project, “Hands Reaching the Medal from the Street by a Silky Touch”, in which our honourable Chairman of the Executive Board, Saffet Arslan especially was interested and attached great importance. Our project has been going on continuously and extensionally.

Turkish Furniture Brands & Top Furniture Manufacturers in Turkey 6

10. Konfor

We are pleased to provide true comfort with our trendy collections, which combine modern lines, technology and quality. We stay closer to our consumers by saying '' your house is your identity '' in our concept stores that we developed with the purpose of presenting all collections together in an elegant concept. We are closely following the world consumption trends and improvements and are growing with a global vision of harnessing the aesthetics by bringing the collections we produce to many points of the world.

living room furniture Konfor

Operating since 1978; We are rightfully proud of becoming a brand that started from İzmir then grown rapidly and now exporting its innovative and trend designs to many points in the world. We believe that our enthusiasm for our business lies at the base of this achievement.

Yes. Turkish Furniture is actually good quality and there are really countless options and styles to select from the manufacturers. Importing ans selling Turkish made Furniture can be a lucrative business.

Turkey is a famous country for Furniture making and it is a huge industry in Turkey so you can find almost any furniture you wish from Turkish brands.

There are very good and large places in Istanbul to buy Furniture. The biggest areas for furniture shopping where you can find hundreds of showrooms of brands are:

  1. Masko
  2. Modoko


Masko is located in:

Masko Furniture City Masko  Ikitelli / Basaksehir / Istanbul


MODOKO is located in Asian side of Istanbul, in Dudullu/Umraniye.


Here we have to mention a city Inegol/Bursa, a large Furniture making area, where hundreds of Turkish Furniture companies operate.

If you are looking for sourcing Turkish Furniture you should visit Inegol and spend there a few days.

Inegol is literally a city of Furniture.

Top Cities in Turkish Furniture Industry

The Turkish furniture industry is mostly atelier type, small-scale, mostly working with traditional methods.

However, especially in recent years, the number of medium and large-scale enterprises has started to increase.

The number of companies engaged in furniture manufacturing is increasing day by day.

Important furniture production regions according to their share in total production;

  1. Istanbul
  2. Ankara
  3. Bursa (İnegöl)
  4. Kayseri
  5. Izmir
  6. Adana

Although the furniture sector in Istanbul is distributed to various places, the two most important centers are İkitelli Masko, located in the Organized Industrial Zone and the furniture industry site in Ümraniye is Modoko.

Ankara has always been an important center in furniture production. According to TURKSTAT data

it comes after Istanbul in terms of total employment level and number of enterprises. In Ankara

the furniture industry has become synonymous with the Siteler district.

The region includes many small and medium sized furniture producers.

It is estimated that the number of companies in Siteler is over 10,000. But these enterprises are labor-intensive, and the number of companies engaged in large-scale production is few.

Bursa-İnegöl Region is also a region with high development dynamics.

Inegöl, today is a furniture center. Bursa-İnegöl furniture sector employment level comes after Ankara. However, according to the exports made in the sector, it ranks third after Kayseri and Istanbul.

Bursa-İnegöl is on the way to become an important international center in furniture shows.

The rise of the furniture industry in Kayseri started with sofa, armchair and bed.

Turkey has become an important furniture center.

According to the figures from TOBB and TURKSTAT export data Kayseri contains the biggest exporters in the sector. About 400 of furniture manufacturers in Kayseri are export-oriented companies that can make fabricated mass production.

Kayseri is the most important furniture production and export center of Turkey.

İzmir region ranks 5th after Kayseri in terms of employment level.


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Turkish Furniture Brands & Top Furniture Manufacturers in Turkey 8
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Turkish Furniture Brands & Top Furniture Manufacturers in Turkey 14
Burotime Office Furniture manufacturer in Turkey
Turkish Furniture Brands & Top Furniture Manufacturers in Turkey 15
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Turkish Furniture Brands & Top Furniture Manufacturers in Turkey 17

Luxury Line Turkish Luxury Classical & Modern Furniture

Turkish Furniture Brands & Top Furniture Manufacturers in Turkey 18

Inegol Sofa / Luxury Classical Furniture & Sofa Sets

Turkish Furniture Brands & Top Furniture Manufacturers in Turkey 19

Gabba Home Classical Luxury Furniture

Lucca luxury home furniture and sofa sets

Lucca Classical Luxury Home Furniture

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