Turkish Solar Panel Manufacturers Top 10

As of 2023, there are 37 solar panel manufacturers in Turkey. This will continue increasing since demand for renewable energy rises everyday. Countries are looking for cleaner energy resources, and this naturally creates higher demand for good quality and efficient solar panels.

Solar panel manufacturers in Turkey

Here are the list of top Turkish Solar Panel Manufacturers:

  1. Kalyon PV
  2. CW Energy
  3. Elin Solar
  4. HSA Energy
  5. Alfa Solar Energy

Kalyon PV

Kalyon PV Solar Panel Manufacturer in Turkey

Kalyon PV was founded in 2020 in a 250.000 sqm area with one of the highest production capacities of solar panels. Kalyon PV factory is an integrated facility manufacturing most components of PV Solar panels.

In the company around 2000 staff is employed.

Products of Kalyon PV:

  • M10-144-GLASS-GLASS
  • G1-72 GLASS-BA

CW Energy Solar Panel Manufacturer

CW Energy is one of the biggest solar panel manufacturers in Turkey with a production capacity of 1.8 GW. The company was founded in 2008 for serving to solar energy industry and has become a large supplier in Turkey soon.

Besides being a top solar panel manufacturing company, CW Energy entered into the list of Turkey’s 500 largest companies list as Turkey’s 408th biggest company.

CW Enerji’s scope of products comprises solar power plant investment and technical consulting, projecting, system design, solar power plant installations, licensing and operation, as well as licensed and unlicensed production regulations for solar power plants projects planning, designing, financing, implementation and general maintenance.

Products of CW Energy:

  • Solar Panels
  • Inverters
  • Charge Controllers
  • Solar Packs
  • Electric Vehicle Chargers

Elin - Sirius Solar Panels

Sirius Solar panels are manufactured by Elin in Ankara Turkey in 2 factories having a total 100.000 sqm production area.The first production of solar panels has started in 2017.

Products of Sirius PV:

  • Monofacial Solar Panels
  • Bifacial Solar panels

HSA Energy

HSA Energy is a leading solar energy company in Turkey, manufacturing PV Solar Panels and investing in technology development to manufacture cells. 

HSA manufactures solar panels in their 20.000 sqm factory located in Manisa Turkey with a workforce of 450.

They produce New Generation Half-Cell Monofacial PV Modules.

Alfa Solar

Alfa Solar Energy is a Turkish PV Solar Panels Manufacturer with 6000 m² high-tech robotics production line. They provide a 25 years guarantee for their line of solar panels.

  • Solar Panel Production capacity: 1.3 GW – 2.5 Million Panels
  • 40.000 sqm closed manufacturing space.
  • 750 Employees.

Products of Alfa Solar:

  • Half-cut solar panels
  • Monocrystalline solar panels
  • Polycrystalline solar panels


Smart Solar

Smart Solar Technologies has 3 production bases in Türkiye; Gebze, Dilovası and Aliağa. It expects that the annual production capacity for solar module is 2.9 GW and solar cell capacity is 2 GW, respectively, by Q1 2024. As to date, the company has more than 1,000 employees and has been certificated as the responsible company in the sphere of human rights at work.

Smart Solar Technologies is listed on the BIST50 Board of the Istanbul Stock Exchange in 2023.

Ankara Solar - Turkish Solar panels Manufacturer

Ankara Solar is one of the biggest Turkish solar panels manufacturer located in Ankara.

Gazioglu Solar

Gazioglu Turkish solar panel manufacturer, located in Tekirdag, near Istanbul, was founded in 2011. They offer 2 product lines, monopower series, and polypower series of solar panels.


Mirsolar Energy provides positive added value to the dynamics of the national economy by producing domestic photovoltaic modules in Sakarya province with its high-tech industry 4.0 production line with an annual production capacity of 200 MW.

In the factory with 5.000 m² closed area;
Mono – Perc
Half Cut
Black Panels are manufactured.

Plurawatt Solar Panel Manufacturer

Sunlego Enerji Sistemleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. was established in 2009 as an R&D company in the renewable energy sector and started its module factory investment in 2012.

After the completion of the facility and the preparation of the necessary studies, Sunlego Energy Systems Inc., brought a new breath to the solar energy sector of Türkiye with the Plurawatt brand in 2013 with an assertive position in the field of PV module production with its experienced and visionary management staff and annual capacity of 600MW.

Unlike many brands, Plurawatt only produces panels with its two facilities located in Ankara. In this way, it spends all its efforts to produce the most efficient and high-tech panels. Thus, in addition to offering high-efficiency panels to its customers, it stands out as a dynamic brand in an ever-changing sector by improving its facilities and perspective.

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