5 Best Sliding Systems Manufacturers in Turkey for Furniture Industry

Sliding Rails, Sliding Mechanisms, Rail Systems for Wardrobes, Cabinets, and more

The best sliding systems manufacturers in Turkey list covers the top 5 companies who make mechanisms, accessories for furniture sliding applications.

Sliding systems manufacturers in Turkey

These are the manufacturers you can trust.

Best Sliding Systems Manufacturers in Turkey are:

  1. Cemobsan
  2. Albatur
  3. Samet
  4. Mepa
  5. Yeniler


Cemobsan sliding systems and mechanisms for furniture

In 2017, Cemobsan embarked on the production of sliding systems, fasteners, and furniture accessories. Since its inception, the company has been dedicated to two main goals: establishing a prominent international presence in the industry and bolstering its contribution to the nation’s economy. This commitment stems from Cemobsan’s recognition of the significance of innovative and high-quality manufacturing processes.

Janus aims to open the door to a new era in the furniture accessories industry with its innovative motion technologies and architectural solutions that add value to living spaces.


  • Sliding Systems
  • Connector Solutions

Established in Bursa in 1976 as a Sole Proprietorship, Albatur initially focused on manufacturing spare parts for the automotive and motorcycle industries. In 1994, the company underwent a transformation and became ALBATUR Anonim Şirketi, marking its transition into a corporate structure.

In 2002, under the brand name ALBATUR, the company diversified its production by introducing sliding systems for the furniture sector. Through its innovative and proactive product development, the company swiftly generated added value within this domain.

Operated within state-of-the-art integrated facilities spanning 5,500 m2 in Bursa Çalı Industrial Zone, every facet of production—ranging from design, mold production, hair forming eccentric and hydraulic press lines, plastic injection lines, metal processing CNC benches, Electrostatic Oven Paint Line, Wet Paint line, Aluminum processing centers, to product assembly automations—is meticulously overseen by skilled engineers to ensure strict quality control.

With over 150 registered Albatur-branded products, the company’s footprint extends across 57 countries and continues to grow, complemented by a network of more than 250 sales points throughout Turkey.


  • Sliding Systems
  • Door Hardware
  • Furniture Accessories
  • Wardrobe Equipment

Established in Istanbul in 1973, SAMET A.Ş. stands as Turkey’s premier brand in furniture accessories. This leadership role has been sustained through its 49-year journey, during which it has harnessed technological advancements that align with contemporary demands. With a portfolio encompassing over 6000 product variations, the company maintains its prowess in the furniture accessory sector.

Operating from modern and high-capacity production facilities spanning a total area of 80,500 m²—of which 32,000 m² is enclosed—SAMET A.Ş. employs more than 1,150 professionals. These facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring efficiency and innovation throughout its operations. The SAMET R&D Institute, led by a team of 88 engineers, remains at the forefront of the industry by pioneering inventive and design-focused production methodologies.

With a presence in more than 80 countries across five continents, SAMET A.Ş. boasts a network of over 300 active dealers. This expansive reach encompasses both the domestic market and international destinations such as the USA, Russia, Germany, England, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Slovenia, and China. Firmly established as a global leader, SAMET A.Ş. commands the forefront of the furniture accessories industry, both within Turkey and worldwide.


  • Hinge Systems
  • Drawer Systems
  • Lift-Up Door Systems
  • Sliding Door Systems
  • Accessories and Fitting Systems

Mepa employs cutting-edge technology, a focus on functionality, innovative vision, practical design, and seamless integration to craft its range of products. Specializing in high-quality sliding door systems, table systems, and mechanisms catering to diverse functions, Mepa is committed to delivering excellence. The company firmly believes that each piece of furniture warrants an inventive outlook and pragmatic solutions.


  • Sliding Door Systems
  • Folding Systems
  • Sliding Door Systems
  • Desk Systems
  • Complementary Accessories
  • Brake Systems

In 1996, Yeniler commenced its operations with a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, swiftly establishing itself as a prominent force within its sector in Turkey.

Yeniler’s scope of operations encompasses the production and distribution of furniture hardware adhering to international standards. Our core product categories encompass drawer runners, sliding mechanisms, hinges, table extension rails, fasteners, and furniture handles.

Through strategic investments in technology and personnel, the company has consistently expanded its production capabilities, evolving into an adept and dependable entity within its domain.


  • sliding door mechanisms
  • Externally Operated Door Systems
  • Internally Working Cover Systems
  • Lid Straightening Tensioner
  • Sliding Door Mechanism
  • Rail Cabinet Systems
  • Bi-fold door mechanism
  • Drawer Rails
  • Telescopic Rails
  • Brake Telescopic Rails
  • Table Rails
  • Cup hinges
  • Hinge Brakes
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