Best Car Battery Manufacturers in Turkey ( Includes Industrial Battery Manufacturers)

Here we present the top Car Battery (Starter Batteries) manufacturers in Turkey. We have selected these car battery manufacturing companies according to their Turkish market presence, and exports and also we checked many other factors like customer satisfaction in Turkish market.

Turkish car battery manufacturer companies are more than 100 but most of them small manufacturers.

In our list the top companies like Mutlu Battery ( The market leader), Inci Battery and other well-known reliable brands were included.

In Terms of battery sales in Turkey, The top 3 car battery manufacturers are:

  1. Mutlu Battery 
  2. Inci Battery
  3. Yigit Battery
List of Turkish Battery Manufacturers / Car Battery Manufacturers

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1) Mutlu Aku - Leading Turkish Car Battery Manufacturer

Car Battery Manufacturers in Turkey 1

Mutlu Battery is the biggest manufacturing company

Mutlu Battery was founded in 1945. They started to manufacture car batteries in 1955. Mutlu is now the biggest manufacturer of car batteries in Turkey with around 6 million units production capacity per year. In 70 out of every 100 cars manufactured in Turkey, Mutlu Brand car bateries are used.

2) Inci Battery

Inci Turkish car battery manufacturer

Inci Battery Manufactures:

  • Starter batteries for cars, commercial vehicles, military and marine.
  • Traction Batteries
  • Stationary Batteries
  • VRLA AGM batteries

Inci Aku was founded in 1984.

The first factory was established in 1984 in the organised industrial estate Manisa. In 1985 a know-how agreement with Baren followed and with it the equipment of the factory with the latest technology. The INCI car battery was manufactured with the vision of creating a global brand. In 1993 the company entered into a partnership with Ceac, the biggest name in this field in Europe. This was the first step towards globalisation. Two years later, the world leader in car batteries, Exide, bought Ceac which propelled INCI AKÜ onto the world markets. With the support of advanced technology, Inci Akü continues its success story, since 2005 as a 100% investment of INCI Holding. Today, 67% of the company’s production is exported to 80 countries. İnci Akü, meanwhile, is the export leader and the innovation champion title winner in the industry.

3) Yigit Car Battery

Yigit Car Battery Manufacturer Turkey

Yigit Battery Manufactures:

  • Passenger Car Batteries
  • EFB Start-Stop Batteries
  • Heavy Duty Batteries
  • Agricultural Batteries
  • Marine Batteries
  • Motorcycle Batteries
  • AGM Batteries
  • Flooded Long Life Deep Cycle Battery
  • Defense Industry Batteries
  • Gel and Special Series VRLA Deep Discharge Batteries
Car Battery Manufacturers in Turkey 2

Yigit Battery was established in Ankara in 1976 as one of the leading investors in Turkey’s rapidly growing economy. Today, Yigit Battery has an annual production capacity of 7,000,000 batteries by adopting the advanced technology in its factory that is virtually a production base established in an area of 40,000 m2.

Covering an area of 40,000 m2Yigit Aku Battery exports batteries over 90 countries in 5 continents,  including the European, African, Asian, American and Middle Eastern countries.

Yigit Battery provides service with its portfolio of brands which are globally known “PlatinTunçMacpower, and Helden” portfolio of brands that have brand values globally, as well as with its 90 main dealers in the country and 6,000 subdealers. Yigit  supplies batteries to the most prestigious automotive companies, and industries including the Defence Industry in our country and many countries in the world.


4) Akusan Battery

Akusan Battery Manufacturer in turkey

Akusan Battery Manufactures:

  • Starter Battery
  • Solar (Gel) Battery
  • AGM (UPS) Battery
  • F. Terminal Gel Battery
  • Solar Crystal Battery
Feza starter battery Turkey

Akusan Battery was established in 1976 in Kayseri / TURKEY. Akusan Inc. was founded in a small workshop to produce starter battery plates, and today has become an international brand, occupying a total area of 10.000 m².

In 1981, Akusan started to produce ebonite type starter battery and its first batteries are used as OEM battery of Turkish Ford Factory. Since 1983, Akusan Inc. is using its modern plant to produce battery components, in “East Industrial Zone” of Kayseri, has accelerated its growth in certain steps to be an international firm and a demanded brand.

5) Esan Battery

Esan Battery Turkey Istanbul

Esan Battery Manufactures:

  • Automobiles and Light Commercial Vehicles Batteries
  • Military Purposes Batteries
  • Heavy Vehicles Batteries
  • Marine Batteries
  • Gel batteries
Car Battery Manufacturers in Turkey 3

Esan Battery was established in 1978 in Istanbul and started the production of batteries under the title Esan Battery and Materials Industry & Trade Inc. For many years, the company continued manufacturing operations in 4. Levent, as a requirement of increasing business volume and growing need of organizational structure in 1999 a new production facility was built in Ayazaga.

Esan Battery continues operations with its growing sales network and organization with more than 200 dealers and after sale service points in Turkey and has 65% of export rate including more than 50 countries in 3 continents. As Esan Battery, we moved all of our management and operation teams and production lines to our hi-tech facilities located in Gebze in 2016 and we are carrying on our activities with 41 years of industrial experience in domestic and over-seas markets and with the acception of costumer satisfaction and environmental awareness as a principle.

6) Efe Battery

Car Battery Manufacturers in Turkey 4

Efe Battery Manufactures:

  • Starter Batteries for almost all kind of vehicles

EFE BATTERY  has been founded in 1974  in the first small industry and has been dealing with trade and the manufacture of battery materials.

Since 1987 the production of batteries by increasing the volume of business expanding with each passing day the experience and knowledge in the area by creating in 1992 by astim organized industrial products, machine complying with the technology of the day in the park develop and grow as an area of 4000 m2 has been replaced by an integrated facility.

7) Volt Battery

Car Battery Manufacturers in Turkey 5

Volt Battery Manufactures:

  • Starter Batteries for almost all kind of vehicles
  • Industrial batteries

Established in 1989 at a small industrial workshop in Izmir to produce accumulators and materials, Volt battery industry continues its production in 5000 m2 area in Itob Organized Industrial Zone.


8) Nur Battery

Nur Battery was founded in 2011 in İstanbul and specilizes in the manufacturing, development, sales and after selling service of Nur Battery brand lead-acid batteries.

Nur Battery started with Starter batteries but by the ongoing years with both customer demands for new technoly at the same quality and our new attempts presentation for better service, we expanded our product wide with industrial batteries. In our production facility in Kırıkkale Organized Industry Field, today there is production and searching&development of both starter and industrial batteries.

9) Yalcin Battery

YALCIN Battery was founded in 1984 in Ankara and specilizes in the manufacturing, development, sales and after selling service of YALCIN AKU brand lead-acid batteries.

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