Top 10 Turkish Spaghetti Manufacturers: Buy Pasta From Turkey

Turkey is one of the biggest pasta & spaghetti manufacturers in the World. Turkish pasta manufacturers offer very best prices and quality. Some top pasta importing countries from Turkey are: Japan, Somalia, Angola, Benin… Today Turkey is the top destination to import pasta and wheat flour. Check our list of top Turkish wheat flour mills.

As being a large manufacturer, Turkish spaghetti manufacturers export most of their production to almost all the World.

Turkey comes second after Italy in pasta exports of the world.

Some leading pasta manufacturer companies in Turkey:

  1. Oba Makarna
  2. Besler Makarna
  3. Mutlu Makarna
  4. Arbella
  5. Tat Makarna
  6. Nuh Ankara Makarna

Here we take uncooked pasta of HS Code 190219.

Turkish pasta (spaghetti, macaroni) manufacturers list covers Turkey’s top 15 pasta manufacturers and exporters who are active in the business right now.

Before the list see below Turkey’s export values and top pasta importing countries who imports from Turkey.

In 2018 Italy have exported pasta of value 1.9 Billion USD and Turkey has been second with 526 Million USD.

Top pasta importing companies have been for Turkish manufacturers:

  • Angola
  • Benin
  • Somalia
  • Japan
  • Togo
  • Venezuela
  • Ghana
Top Pasta Spaghetti manufacturers in Turkey List
pasta manufacturers list turkey

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1) Alesta Pasta Manufacturer in Turkey

Turkish pasta manufacturer Alesta Chef Spaghetti

Alesta is a leading pasta manufacturer in Turkey. The company started manufacturing pasta in 1985 and located in Gaziantep city.

They have pasta brands; Chef, Örnek, Mum, Sea Sun.

Private lable spaghetti is another good service which can be provided for international buyers.

Alesta Pasta has been number one in our list not for being the biggest and most popular. They are doing a good job for supporting customers, offering solutions and good prices.

When you are importing pasta from Turkey you should consider Alesta to develop a long-lasting profitable business.

chef pasta manufacturer Turkey

Pasta manufacturer Besler Pasta

Beşler Makarna (Beşsan Makarna Gıda San. ve Tic. A.Ş.) was founded on 5 July 2004 as an investment of Beşler Grup in macaroni sector, which is also operational in oil, starch/glucose and feed sectors as well as the biggest flour plant of Turkey. Beşler Makarna plants founded in Gaziantep Başpınar 1st Organized Industry Zone consist of a closed area 18.500 m2 on 37.960 m2 area. With a daily production capacity of 380 tones, it is one of the biggest macaroni producers in our country.

Oba Pasta Turkey Spaghetti manufacturer

OBA Pasta Founded in Gaziantep in 1966 is an industry-leading company with its technological investments and quality production attaching importance to human health. OBA Makarnacılık San. ve Tic. A.Ş. acquired by ÖZGÜÇLÜ FAMILY in 2005 , makes production in facilities with an open area of 110.000 m2 and a closed area of 65.000 m2in Gaziantep 4thOrganized Industrial Area with the latest Italian technology under world standards. Following the investments with the amount of 50,000,000 Euro in 2010 and 2012, it became the largest company in the industry by being the 1st in Turkey and 2nd in the world in terms of 1.500 tons wheat crushing per day and 1.000 tons/day pasta production. The brand of Oba is in the shelves of 86 countries including mainly Turkey, Africa, Middle East, Far East market and Britain, Germany, China, South Korea, India.

Mutlu Pasta Turkey Logo

MUTLU MAKARNACILIK SANAYI VE TICARET AS, established in Gaziantep, has been producing with experince in Semolina and Pasta Plants since 1972. In order to provide a better service and thus contribute to the economy of the country, in order to increase employment, a fast integrated investment has been initiated in 1992 on a plot of 45.000 m2 in the 2nd Organized Industrial Zone in Başpınar district. Our Copmpany continues to investmensts by taking an additional 150,000 m2 of land in Gaziantep 5th Organized Industrial Zone. As of 2019, our pasta factories in a total area of 21.000 m2 and our semolina factory in a total covered area of 16.000 m2 continue to production.

Top 10 Spaghetti Manufacturers in Turkey: Buy Pasta from Turkey 1

Durum Gıda, the manufacturer of Arbella Pasta, was founded in 2002. It was incorporated with Canadian-based company AGT Food And Ingredients in 2009. Arbella is one of the leading producers of pasta and semolina. Arbella is among the top ten largest pasta companies in the world in terms of production capacity and export potential. Arbella has an annual production capacity of 180 thousand tons of semolina and 160 thousand tons of pasta. Arbella is exporting pasta to nearly a hundred countries in a wide geographical area ranging from African countries to EU countries or from Japan to Canada. Arbella Pasta continues to work without interruption for the demands and needs of consumers in Turkey and the world by using his product diversity and packaging technology.

Tat Pasta Turkey

Tat is one of the top pasta manufacturers in Turkey, located in Gaziantep.

The “Tat Makarna”, growing flavour brand of Turkey in macaroni sector, began to produce these flavour shapes which add happiness into our life in Gaziantep in 1978. “Tat Makarna”, closest follower of technologic development, is producing his 22 different macaroni types without human touch in a top level system suitable to their quality and flavour in the computer controlled continued integrated plants of 18,000 m2.

Selva Pasta Logo

Selva Pasta is one of the Turkey’s leading pasta, semolina and wheat flour manufacturers, established in 1988. Pasta production started in 1994 and has grown to be one of the top companies in Turkey. Selva is consumed in 5 continents & over 80 countries! Selva has been the most important flour, semolina and pasta exporter since it’s establishment. Today Selva is sold in 5 continent and over 80 countries.

Golda Pasta Manufacturer

The Bera Holding Food City project, which attracts attention as the biggest among the integrated projects in our country and in the world in terms of size, is the rightful pride of the Anatolian people rising with the forehead and the eyes, at the borders of the Konya oval of our country. Golda is a company that aims to export approximately $ 100 million per year, which will work for 5000 employees at the end of the project, which has about 1.078.000 million M2 open area and 76.082 M2 indoor area, 70 megawatts power to produce its own energy with its cogeneration system within the boundaries of Kazimkarabekir district of Karaman province. The factory is a gigantic organization of $ 500 million.

Banetti Pasta Acarsan

Acarsan is one of the biggest and oldest companies in Gaziantep with its pasta brand Banetti.

Today Acarsan Pasta Food Industry and Trade Inc that is one of Turkey’s most modern facilities in its field, in 2013 took investment decision in the sector of pasta production with its factory capacity of 700 ton/day of semolina and 400 ton/day of pasta production and entered the service of the Turkish economy with high Italian technology.

Our company by using 100% Durum wheat semolina with high technology and modern scientific methods, at the fully integrated computer-controlled manufacturing facility, untouched before and during production, in laboratory equipped with advanced technology before and after packaging, makes continuous quality control tests. 

Doga Pasta Macaroni Logo

Doga Makarna established in 1956. At the beginning, they have produced flour with a capacity of 15 tons/day. In 1969, Doga has become the second largest producer of flour in the region. In order to expand its fields of activity and assess market demands, they have decided to invest in pasta/macaroni in 1972.

Beslen Makarna Pasta manufacturer Turkey logo

BESLEN PASTA was established with Swiss and Italian technology in Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone and continues to serve the Turkish Economy since 1978. With its investments in a short time, having a production capacity of 400 tons / day of wheat and 175 tons / day of pasta, is one of the leading manufacturers in Turkey. 

Other Pasta Manufacturers in Turkey (All verified companies)

Nuh'un Ankara Makarna Pasta

Nuh'un Ankara Makarna

Nuh'un Ankara is one of Turkey's most established brand in Ankara Pasta sector. Today it continues to serve as the biggest maker of pasta in terms of capacity, starting to taste in 1950.

In 1956, the plant started production at a capacity of 20 tons per day. The factory was opened by an elite group including the President, Prime Minister, Trade Minister, Minister of Finance and senior bureaucrats. The production made with the brand “Ankara Makarna” has been transformed into “Noah’s Ankara Makarnası” which was built in 1961 in memory of Nuh ESKIYAPAN from its founders.

While production was increased to 25 tons per day in 1963, product diversity was increased and production continued in different molds and shapes. Technological investments made in 1965, capacity of 30 tons / day raised, Noah has also arrived in Ankara Turkey’s best quality macaroni pasta manufacturer.

As a result of rapid urbanization and growth, it is inevitable to shift production to new areas, and a modern factory built on a 46,000 square meter area is being built in Xingan Organize Industry Zone. Thus, Turkey’s largest capacity have been accessed.

Today, Noah’s Ankara Makarnası is the world’s largest and most modern factory. 16,000 tons of durum macaroni and 15,600 tons of pasta are produced in the production facilities in Sincan. In addition, the flexo printing facility, which meets 80% of the annual packaging requirement, is still in operation. The brands produced by Nuh’s Ankara Makarnası are exported to many countries and are among the known brands of the world. Noah’s Ankara Pasta produced with the brand Veronelli pasta sauce ready-self for the first time in Turkey. Presently, the production of Classical, Vitamin, Vegetable, Kepekli and Veronelli brands is continuing. Nuh’s Ankara Makarnasi San. Tic. A.S., as well as the high technology and modern scientific methods in Turkey continues its high level of education and experience of staff with activities as ambitious and professional organizations in the sector bearing the macaroni culture to Turkey.

Filiz Pasta Logo

Filiz Makarna / Pasta Manufacturer

Filiz Makarna was established in 1974 in Bolu Turkey. A leading manufacturer of Pasta in turkey. Filiz has been a well known macaroni brand for many yaers.

Berrak Makarna Pasta Turkey

Berrak Makarna Tekinak

Tekinak Food Industry and Trade Co. Inc. first ventured into the industry with flour production in 1984, and since 1995, the range of products produced under three different brands, namely “Berrak Pasta-Flour-Semolina”, “Gül Pasta”, and “Pasta Rino”, have been reaching consumers in Turkey and around the globe. The resources allocated for infrastructure, the renewed production facilities, the quality control units, and the Anatolian durum wheat, all come together to help Berrak Pasta to produce delicious tastes with high standards and make Berrak Pasta an essential ingredient of memorable meals. In addition to reaching consumers in every corner of Turkey thanks to a network of over 60 dealers and distributors spread across the country, Berrak Pasta exports its products to more than 75 countries. As the volume of pasta export from Turkey steadily increases, Berrak Pasta continues to be the number one pasta exporter in the region, which also calls for setting higher goals on our behalf. Berrak, as one of the few companies in Turkey doing business in pasta, flour, and semolina industry with integrated production, follows the industry trends and keeps its facilities up-to-date. With added machinery in 2012, our production capacity has been significantly increased.

Oli Pasta Logo

Oli Macaroni

Oli Pasta Macaroni founded in 1990. It is a pasta manufacturer and exporter in Turkey.

Oli Pasta Turkey products
Hak Makarna Altınbasak

Hak Makarna Altinbasak Pasta

HAK MAKARNACILIK SANAYİ ve TİCARET A.Ş. operates in Gaziantep, a favoritecity in pasta production of Turkey since 1978 without compromising on its quality At its huge world-class facility the company produces primarily ClassicPasta, as well as Wholemeal Pasta, Whole Wheat Pasta, Gluten-free Pasta,Semolina, Wheat Flour and Wheat Bran. Products are kept in stock warehouses and the demands are met immediately. All of these productions are made from 100% hard durum wheat by our expert team with full automatic, integrated system production facility as untouched by human hand. In addition, as HAK MAKARNACILIK SANAYİ ve TİCARET A.Ş., we present the best quality products to our customers with pre- and postproduction quality controls in our laboratories. We prove the importance we attach to food hygiene and human health with our ISO 9001, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000 and HALAL certificates.

Kavukcu Group Pasta

Kavukcu Group Dost Pasta

Established in 1920, Kavukçu is one of the leading wheat flour and pasta producers and exporters of Turkey. In 1920, Ahmet Araboglu, our founder, set up the first modern flour mill in Havza. Through out the years, Kavukçu setup and operated numbers of flour mills and pasta factories. Today Kavukçu is a significant player in flour milling, pasta production, grain and FMCG trading.

Doyum pasta Turkey

Doyum Pasta

Doyum Pasta Factory in other words, Ugur Food Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company which takes the name of shareholder Ugur Velicangil. The factory was established under the leadership of shareholders; Ugur Velicangil, Osman Yerebakan and Kadir Gönülaçar in 1982 and the following year in 1983, the firm started the operations. In 1983, the first activity area in Doyum Pasta Factory was semolina and the additional product was flour. By the 1986, pasta production took place with the other products.

Doyum Makarna Pasta Types
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