Top Underwear Lingerie & Homewear Manufacturers in Turkey ( Turkish Lingerie Brands)

Turkish Lingerie / Underwear / Homewear Brands & Manufacturers

This is a list of top underwear, lingerie and homewear manufacturers in Turkey, prepared by us to provide potential buyers, importers with a reliable starting point to source underwear and homewear from Turkey. Turkish lingerie brands and manufacturing companies serve many European and Global brands for making their own products, as well.

It is not a surprise to find many well-established companies who manufacture underwear – lingerie and homewear in Turkey since Turkey is already a popular country for manufacturing clothing and textile of almost all types. Clothing manufacturers in Turkey are well-known for their quality products and reliable service.

Underwear, Lingerie, and Homewear manufacturers in Turkey are many and choosing the right ones to do business may be a time taking process. So we have presented the top brands, and top Turkish lingerie manufacturers for you. You can buy wholesale lingerie from many brands here.

You can visit websites of the manufacturing companies, and see their offerings.

Panties, Bras, all kind of underwear and lingerie with nice and attractive designs, and quality, and also homewear, beachwear, even socks are all available in offerings of those companies.

Now let us see the list of manufacturers…

Penti Turkish Lingerie Manufacturer

Penti underwear lingerie homewear manufacturer in Turkey

We currently have a total of 300 stores across Turkey, 106 stores in 29 different countries and have exports to 43 countries. The number of stores is continuously growing and being complemented by sales offices located in the United Kingdom, Romania, Ukraine and Spain. We offer Penti to people from numerous nationalities on a vast geography, notably in the EU, Balkans, CIS and MENA.

These achievements and the growth rate has attracted the attention of foreign investors, resulting in a partnership in 2012 with Carlyle Group, one of the world’s largest venture capital, marking yet another milestone towards our goal of creating a global Turkish brand.

Our objective now is to further strengthen our leadership position in the legwear market and achieve the same leadership in intimates and beachwear retailing.

We are the second largest manufacturer in Europe as well as the manufacturer of world’s several well-known brands.

Lingerie, Socks, Homewear, Sleepwear, Underwear

lingerie vendor

Lingerie Vendor is an online Women’s Lingerie, Nightwear, Pajamas, & shapewear wholesaler and retailer located in Istanbul, Turkey.

They offer affordable prices for many Turkish made Lingerie and nightwear brands with international shipping.

Lingerie, Costumes, Pajama, Shapewear for women…

Anil Underwear Lingerie Turkey

Anil Lingerie manufacturer Turkey
Top Underwear Lingerie & Homewear Manufacturers in Turkey: Turkish Lingerie Brands 1

Anil Underwear’s wide range of products includes brassieres, panties, bodies, vests, undershirts, briefs and boxerbriefs for men, women and children.

The company employs more than 250 employees in its factories and sales offices. The manufacturing capacity is over 10.000 pcs/day by fully trained and multi-skilled employees, ensuring production flow with the highest quality possible.

The production covers both ANIL products and ordered customer products under their brand names which are both also being exported to France, England, Greece, Israel, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, U.S.A, Canada and Saudi Arabia.

Lingerie, Homewear, Sleepwear, Underwear for Women & Men

Else Lingerie

Else Lingerie Made in Turkey

ELSE is elevated, everyday lingerie for the modern woman. Our timeless, versatile pieces make you look and feel great, whether you wear them as the foundation of your outfit, or of course—alone. We create these for you, the incredible woman who follows her dreams, defines her destiny and buys her own lingerie—for herself.

ELSE is made for women, by women. Every single piece is made by hand in our Istanbul-based atelier, using modern techniques. We educate women in our community in the art of making lingerie, giving them skills to earn their own living. Our company is staffed by 90% women and is also now a family affair—Ela’s husband, Cenk Turkay, recently joined the company to oversee operations and business development.

Lingerie, Bras, Homewear, Loungewear, Beachwear, Underwear

Bondy Nightwear Lingerie

Bondy nightwear

Bondy is a Turkish Underwear & nightwear manufacturer operating globaly.

Nightwear, Maternity, Lingerie, babydoll…

Doreanse Lingerie / ASRY Textile Turkey

Top Underwear Lingerie & Homewear Manufacturers in Turkey: Turkish Lingerie Brands 2

ASRY Textile company has been manufacturing underwear since 2004 in Turkey. It has been a top supplier for some best European fashion brands since then.


Lingerie, Bras, Homewear, Underwear

Gecem Lingerie / Underwear & Homewear Manufacturer in Turkey

gecem underwear homewear lingerie Turkish manufacturer

GECEM GROUP is One of the long-established companies of Turkish underwear sector has been established in 1978 .The company is developing the export to the countires of the world more than 50 with its own brands and with this energy of itself ,  going on to be a lobal brand surely.

The biggest feature of us is the quality of fabrics.They do not show the deformations as stretching,fraying and softening.It is different with the cuttings, moldings and models that are specific for itself. It has the today’s fashion color and the lines.Our products address to consumers from all ages.

Our purpose is ; being on the agenda with our quality, novelties and our price policy and serving to our customers ideally.

Lingerie, Bras, Homewear, Underwear

La Vergine Lingerie

La Vergine Lingerie Manufacturer in Turkey

Lingerie, Bras, Homewear, Underwear

Koza Underwear

Koza Underwear Turkish Brand Manufacturer

Established in 1980, Koza  has taken the first step in the underwear sector. Koza Wear is established on superior quality, design concept, reasonable price policy and the value it gives to its customers. Koza Wear manufactures women’s, men’s and children’s underwear and pajamas. It has become an exemplary company in underwear sector with high developments in textile sector.

Our company, which provides labor force to 1200 people, operates in a closed area of 8000 square meters. Along with the 70 outsourced workshops, the production capacity of it is 250.000 products, which is in line with the EU standards. Using contemporary marketing techniques and current technologies, we export our products to our precious international customers in 15 countries with fast, regular and high standards.

Lingerie, Bras, Homewear, Underwear, Bras, Underpants, Pajamas

Cift Kaplan Underwear

Top Underwear Lingerie & Homewear Manufacturers in Turkey: Turkish Lingerie Brands 3

Established in 1928, Cift Kaplan is a top manufacturer of Cotton Undwerwear for almost all age groups for children, men and women.

Homewear, Underwear, 

Maranda Lingerie

Maranda Lingerie Nightwear Fantasy Nightwear and homewear from Turkey
Maranda nightwear homewear and lingerie

Homewear, Underwear, Fantasy Nightwear

Miorre Turkish Lingerie

Miorre Lingerie
Top Underwear Lingerie & Homewear Manufacturers in Turkey: Turkish Lingerie Brands 4

Homewear, Underwear, Lingerie, Beachwear

Miss Fit / Simteks Seamless Underwear

Top Underwear Lingerie & Homewear Manufacturers in Turkey: Turkish Lingerie Brands 5
Miss Fit Turkish seamless underwear manufacturer

 Underwear, Seamless Underwear, Tights

Kom Lingerie

Kom Swimwear and lingerie
swimwear by Kom Turkey

 Underwear, Beachwear, Homewear

Dagi Underwear

Top Underwear Lingerie & Homewear Manufacturers in Turkey: Turkish Lingerie Brands 6

Dagi is one of the most popular and largest underwear & Homewear manufacturers in Turkey. Dagi Underwear established in 1984.

 Underwear,  Homewear

Suwen Lingerie

Suwen Lingerie Turkey underwear homewear manufacturer

Suwen Lingerie is a brand from Turkey, established in Istanbul in 2005. 

 Underwear,  Homewear

Ten Lingerie

Top Underwear Lingerie & Homewear Manufacturers in Turkey: Turkish Lingerie Brands 7

One of Turkey’s largest and well-established companies in lingerie fashion, TEN started its
textile manufacturing journey in 1956, with a boutique workshop in İstanbul Aksaray, launched by Atilla Orhan.

TEN, which is selected by men and women at various ages thanks to its striking various colors and models in lingerie fashion, especially corsets, became one of Turkey’s leading lingerie manufacturers of Turkey with more than half a century of experience in the industry.

TEN is way above its competitors in corset fashion and in 2015, it launched an innovative
product and introduced women to “New Generation Corsets” non-chafing corsets fit for casual use and reduce the size by one.

TEN has a wide range of products from classic to modern trends and it always aims to maintains its status as a pioneer of lingerie fashion by combining top quality materials with advanced technologies.

TEN manufactures lingerie without stitches, using a new and innovative technology called
sticking which is used by very few textile manufacturers in the World while it continues to invest in R&D for ongoing development.

TEN has four different store locations at four prestigious shopping malls in Turkey and you can also visit our e-store for online shopping or contact our customer representative for direct sales.

TEN also served as a contracted manufacturer to many worldwide brands including Warner,
Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur, Myla and Ralph Lauren’a.

Lingerie,  Underwear,  Swimwear, Corset Tights

Ay-Yıldız Lingerie

Ayyıldız Lingerie Swimwear Turkey

Ay Yildiz Lingeris is one of the top brands in Turkey for underwear, swimwear and homewear. With an experience of more than 60 years, Ay-Yildiz  lingerie has been one of the leading manufacturers in Turkey.

Lingerie,  Underwear,  Swimwear, Homewear

Miss Claire Lingerie by Ferah

Miss Claire Lingerie

The Company started to produce marriage portions for women in 1960, and it also begun to produce and export women underwear in 1980. After carrying out contract manufacturing for famous companies from throughout world (such as Triumphe, Oysho, Etam, Chantelle, La Senza, etc…), our company started to produce and marketing under its own brand name Miss Claire in 1997.

Lingerie,  Underwear,  Swimwear, Homewear

Blackspade Underwear/Homewear by Narkonteks

Blackspade Underwear by Narkonteks Turkey

Established in 2005 in the city of Izmir in Turkey, Narkonteks Tekstil AS produces underwear, nightwear, sports wear and swimwear for ladies, men and kids. It’s one of the very few companies around the world that can produce products of 4 different types for all members of the family.

Our company is shown as one of the best examples of being a trustable and long term business partner by the naturally gained customer satisfaction and happiness thanks to its very fast and reliable service level compared to the sector’s average for very wide range of products of perfection containing various technical details on and offered with unique fabric qualities and different accessories choices.

Lingerie,  Underwear,  Swimwear, Homewear

Cuhadar Underwear/Homewear

Cuhadar Textile underwear homewear brands

Cuhadar Textile is a underwear, and homewear clothing manufacturer and exporter based in Turkey. Established in 2002 and has around 100 staff for its activities.

Cuhadar has brands like: Siyah İnci, Black Pearl, Sexen…

Lingerie,  Underwear, Homewear

Monamise Homewear Turkey

Monamise underwear manufacturer

Monamise was established in Istanbul in 1997. The company has a manufacturing facility of 6000 sqm in Eseyurt/Istanbul. Main activity is manufacturing of homewear and sleepwear for Women & Men.

 Homewear, Sleepwear

Nurteks Underwear/Homewear Intimo Donna

Top Underwear Lingerie & Homewear Manufacturers in Turkey: Turkish Lingerie Brands 8

Nurteks established in 1983.

Nurteks has an annual average capacity of 500,000 pcs and exports 40% of its total production, continues its technological investment. The management staff, which is focused on quality and customer satisfaction, act to serve both domestic and international standards.

 Homewear, Sleepwear, Lingerie, Underwear

Ilke Underwear Manufacturer & Exporter in Turkey

Top Underwear Lingerie & Homewear Manufacturers in Turkey: Turkish Lingerie Brands 9

We perform wholesale of underwear products for men – women – children as ILKE IC GIYIM TEKSTIL SAN. ve TIC.LTD through the knowledge and the experience that had been accumulated within 26 years. We endeavour to manufacture always the best by expanding our product range day by day with regards to the requirements of our customers. The greatest factor behind the fact that we have been the company, which had made a name for itself in the textile sector in a short period of time, is the “quality policy” we have adopted and the “sales policy” that is applied in conjunction, without any doubt.   

Underwear for Men, Women & Children

Sahinler Lingerie, Underwear & Homewear Manufacturer & Exporter in Turkey

Top Underwear Lingerie & Homewear Manufacturers in Turkey: Turkish Lingerie Brands 10

In 1969; Mehmet ŞAHİN established the company, under the brand “ŞAHİNLER ÇAMAŞIRLARI” and it started manufacturing in a small workshop in Yeşildirek. Meanwhile it started to present its products to underwear market through its wholesale store.

By 1988, ŞAHİNLER ÇAMAŞIRLARI had proven its success in underwear market, continuing its operation by extending its production line in 4. Levent area to be able to fulfill the increasing demand in the market.

Today, Şahinler Textile successfully continues business operation at its own building of 5000m² in Seyrantepe with the brand Şahinler Çamaşırları and our exporting brand Mel-Bee manufacturing pajamas and combed-cotton group products within Oekotex standards.

Underwear for Men, Women, Lingerie, Homewear

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