Chocolate From Turkey: Top 10 Brands & Manufacturers

Where you can find which chocolate brands are the best in Turkey & Contact these Manufacturers of  Turkish chocolate 

Looking for Chocolate from Turkey? This is the list of top 10 Chocolate brands & Manufacturers in Turkey. These manufacturers make chocolate bars, cream chocolates, wafers, cakes, biscuits and more… The list also includes Some Reliable Turkish Chocolate companies which offer specialty chocolates and private label services.

chocolate from turkey top brands & manufacturers

Turkey has many large chocolate manufacturers and brands with a large variety of products to pick from for your business to import from…

Chocolate Bars, Wafers, Biscuits, Cake Bars, Candies and more can be found from the listed manufacturing companies..

Here are the Top Turkish Chocolate Brands & Manufacturers:

  1. Pladis/Ulker
  2. Eti
  3. Solen Chocolate
  4. Saray
  5. Melodi Turkish Chocolates
  6. Nin Chocolate
  7. Mabel Turkish Chocolate Maker
  8. Detay Chocolate

and more companies..

Ülker/Pladis Makers of Most Popular Chocolates from Turkey

ulker top chocolate brand Turkey

Ülker has always been one of two favorite brands in Turkey for all types of chocolate, biscuits and snacks..

Now operates as a multinational corporation as Pladis, having international brands like Godiva, Ulker is the number one Chocolate brand in Turkey.

Turkey’s long established, strong, domestic national brand: Ülker

‘Ülker,’ one of Turkey’s oldest established, strongest domestic national brands, has a history dating back to 1944. Established by the late Ülker brothers, Sabri and Asım in Eminönü’s Nohutçu Han, the strength of the Ülker brand has grown through time to our resent day. Representing both the traditional and the future at the same time, Ülker is a brand that proudly adapts to the sociological and economic developments of the society where it was born, such that, Ülker’s renewal and change are like a never ending-journey.

Eti Biscuits & Chocolate Turkey

Eti is Turkey’s second largest and second most popular Chocolate and confectionery brands, which was founded in 1961.

Eti is also a multinational company mainly producing chocolates, biscuits and other popular kind of snacks in Turkey and in some other countries.

See below some of their most popular chocolate labels..

Eti Turkey, Eti Romania, and Eti Poland are some of their companies..


Solen Chocolate

Solen Chocolate is a large Turkish Chocolate Manufacturer and has very popular brands as follows:

Established in Gaziantep in 1989, Şölen has been serving its rich product portfolio in the categories of snacks, children’s products, gifts and treats with over 30 years of experience.

Şölen continues its activities by focusing on food safety, hygiene and quality with its innovative vision.

Incorporating brands such as Biscolata, Ozmo, Milango, Boombastic, Luppo, Lokkum and Nutymax, which have achieved formidable success worldwide, Şölen exports over 200 product types to over 120 countries from the USA to Belgium, from Japan to the Maldives. Şölen also has regional offices in Dubai, Algeria, Azerbaijan, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Germany and England; and regional directorates in the Levant Region, Canada, China, Latin America.

Saray (Chocolates & Biscuits)

Saray Biskuvi was founded in 1961. The journey started in karaman/Turkey.

Saray manufactures and offers many kind of snacks, and confectionery. They are mostly known with their biscuits and has many chocolate bars.

Saray Biscuit export its products which are produced in state of the art facilities in Karaman and Kırklareli factories which are among the most modern and high capacity factories in Europe to more than 110 countries. Saray Biscuit also triggers the new investments by contributing the establishment of new subsidiaries.

Saray Biscuit which is one of the biggest companies in the snack market of Turkey is continue its journey towards globalization. With its tenacity and belief, its innovative behavior, fast and dynamic decision making is approaching rapidly to its goal to become a world company.

Melodi Chocolate

Melodi is a chocolate maker from Turkey, was founded in samsun, in 1957.

They have very nice options in Madlen Chocolates.

Melodi’s journey started in Samsun in the year 1957. Kemal Taşar learned the art of chocolate making in his father’s chocolate shop, carried this tradition to Istanbul and continued to practice it throughout his life under the name of Melodi.

We combined the world’s best cocoa beans, seasonal fresh nuts and naturally extracted colors with new techniques. We were the first supplier in our country to

introduce products like dragees, chocolate coated almond candies and pebble chocolates.

We participated in feasts, weddings, special celebrations; we took part in sharing, friendship and conversation in the precious moments of life; we became a symbol of giving and accepting gifts. We have grown together and became the chocolate supplier of premium food brands in our country and in the world.

Nin Chocolate

Nin Chocolate is a specialty and Madelen Chocolates manufacturer and brand based in Ankara Turkey.

Having a modern 8000 sqm factory, they offer a variety of high quality chocolates.

Chocolate From Turkey (Top Brands & Manufacturers) 4

Mabel Chocolate from Turkey

The foundations of Mabel have been laid by Mihail Payotis and Haralambos Küçük Anastasiadi in Karaköy, İstanbul on 1947 in a small workshop. The great alternation story of the brand has started when it was bought by Ahmet Tatlıcı in 1981.  

Tatlıcı, who strenghtened his experience on the dessert and pastry industry, taken over from his family with the education taken in England has improved the foundations of chocolate story, inherited from generation to generation with strong steps within years.


Detay Chocolate

Detay Gida is a subsidiary of Altinmarka group specialized in manufacturing of Chocolates.

Detay offers private label chocolates for their customers and also serves to Horeca.

They have a large variety of products.


Today Altınmarka is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial cocoa and chocolate, and a trusted solutions partner to leading global brands in over 50 countries worldwide.

In 2012, Altınmarka was honored with “Europe’s Best Cocoa and Chocolate Factory of the Year” award, presented by the European Candy Kettle Club.

Our state-of-the-art production plants in Istanbul encompass cocoa processing and industrial chocolate production facilities with a combined annual capacity of 270,000 tonnes, making Altınmarka the 6th largest producer of cocoa and the 2nd largest producer of industrial chocolate in the world.

We supply highest-grade cocoa powder, cocoa butter and cocoa mass while our chocolate product offer ranges across literally hundreds of liquid or moulded chocolate recipes for chocolate ingredients, inclusions, decorations and finished chocolate products.


Aroha is a Turkish Chocolate brand manufacturer with exports.

Pelit Chocolate

Pelit is a manufacturer and brand of Chocolate from Turkey based in Istanbul, having many stores in Istanbul and Ankara.

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