Turkish Online Shops List

A Grand List of Turkish Shopping websites to buy products online from Turkey 

Are you looking for Turkish shopping websites and online shops who ship Worldwide from Turkey? Check our post and find out now…

Turkish online shops

We have made easier for you to find the best online shopping sites in Turkey under many categories..

  • Top General Shopping Sites in Turkey (Do not ship out of Turkey)
  • Online Turkish Clothing Shops
  • Online Groceries
  • Electronics Shops
  • Turkish Gifts
  • Turkish Jewelry Shops
  • Turkish Leather
  • Turkish Game Sets & Toys
  • Cosmetics & Perfumes
  • and more..

Top Turkish Online Shops (General)

Trendyol (Trendyol.com)

Trendyol is the biggest online shop in Turkey in terms of market share. 

  • Trendyol has thousands of independent seller on its platform.
  • Trendyol is in Turkish language. You need to use Google translate or other tool to translate into your language or English.
  • Trendyol does not ship out of Turkey.
  • Best for fashion shopping in Turkey.

Hepsiburada (Hepsiburada.com)

Hepsiburada is the oldest and perhaps the biggest online shopping site in Turkey. It comes second in terms of market share.

  • It also has thousands of independent sellers on its marketplace.
  • It is a huge shopping site.
  • It is in Turkish language.
  • Do not ship out of Turkey.
  • You can use translation tools to browse.
  • You can use reshipping services to shop and ship out of Turkey.
  • It is the best for electronics, home appliances and genaral shopping.

N11 (n11.com)

N11 has been a big player in Turkey’s online shopping scene but loosing ground day by day.

  • It still has potential.
  • It is a marketplace for online independent sellers.
  • Only in Turkish.
  • Do ship in Turkey.

Amazon Turkey (amazon.com.tr)

It is the Amazon as you are familiar with.

  • Not  as popular as trendyol or hepsiburada
  • Still offers good value
  • Best for amazon lovers

Morhipo (morhipo.com)

Morhipo is a shopping site and marketplace mainly for fashion, acessories, cosmetics, and belongs to Boyner group.

  • Ships in Turkey
  • Turkish language
  • Best for fashion, Home & Decor, and Cosmetics shopping

Turkish Shopping Websites (Clothing)

LC Waikiki (lcw.com)

LC Waikiki is Turkey’s top Fast Fashion retailer and brand. Also known as LCW.

LCW is available for online shopping in many countries:

  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Bulgaria
  • Morocco
  • Egypt
  • ..

De Facto Clothing (defacto.com.tr)

DeFacto is another large fast fashion brand in Turkey.

DeFacto is available for online shopping in some countries.

Check here the locations…

More Turkish Online Clothing Shops

On our post for Turkish Online Shops for Clothing here you will find a list of clothing shopping sites with Worldwide shipping.

Also these lists of shopping sites on our site will be useful.

Turkish Shopping Websites ( Groceries-Turkish Foods)

Stamboul Bazaar

You can buy Turkish Coffee, Turkish Delight, Baklava, Nuts, Turkish Textile products from Stamboulbazaar.com with Worldwide shipping.

  • Turkish Halva
  • Turkish Black Tea
  • Turkish Sujuk
  • and more..

Grand Bazaar Turkish Online Store

You can buy Turkish Coffee, Turkish Delight, Baklava, Nuts, from the shop with Worldwide shipping.

  • Turkish Halva
  • Turkish Black Tea
  • Turkish Sujuk
  • Chocolates
  • Apple Tea and more…

Tulumba - Online Turkish Grocery Store in USA

Tulumba is the top Turkish products online shop in the US.

It is a Turkish Grocery Shop where you can find almost all popular Turkish foods and grocery products..

Online Turkish Stores (Jewelry & Gifts)

Grand Bazaar Jewelers Online Shop

Turkish Silver, Gold & Gemstone Jewellery Direct from the Jewelry Manufacturer in Turkey; Grand Bazaar Jewelers. Shop for Turkish Rings & Earrings, Evil Eye Necklaces, Bracelets, Trendy Tassels, Pendants and Statement Jewels. Genuine Handmade Jewelry by Our Artisans in Ottoman, Ethnic, Antique & Druzy Designs in Istanbul, Turkey

Boutique Ottoman Jewelry

Boutique Ottoman was first founded by S. Gultekin in 1972 in Istanbul as a small antique shop. During that period, while doing commerce of ancient jewelry and antique pieces from Ottoman Time, S. Gultekin studied jewelry art and history between 1974 – 1980. In 1980, S. Gultekin started to design special tailor-made jewelry and become one of the most popular designers of classical style jewelry in Turkey with exceptional design and product quality.

In order to fulfill the rising demands, S. Gultekin formed a team of design and production in 1990 and started to have training. In 1998, she opened workshops and began to work with the masters of jewelry in various regions of Turkey to have a regional production of some local designs such as Kazaz.

Boutique Ottoman activated www.boutiqueottoman.com online shop in 2012 in order to cover the international demands professionally. The online shop started to offer the high-end products of the Ottoman Empire’s luxury and wealthy lifestyle worldwide.

gK Shop Online Turkey (Games & Gifts)

Our shop for Luxury Turkish Backgammon & Chess Sets / Turkish Coffee Makers and more…

More Turkish Online Shops for Jewelry